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How to become Dj without rising from - for the computer? Or farewell blamed! Forgive to CD!

If you read this article, then for certain represent how DJ works. In general it looks as data of compositions on CD or Vinyl + addition of effects on a mixer. Everything is simple. But what is necessary to become Djem and to submit dance floors? Unfortunately not only feeling of a rhythm and simple skills of the handling of the equipment. The equipment is necessary. Minimum set: 2 Cdvinil of the player, mixer and earphones. Cost averages 50 - 100 thousand rubles! Agree it not all on a pocket...

BUT! For quite some time now we can fully write, reduce and play music on the computer, that is are not necessary to us players and the other expensive equipment , everything will be in electronic (a digital format)!

So, let`s consider 3 main and most famous programs allowing to work with a sound:

1. Fruity Loops - the Most famous program for work with a sound. In it it is possible both to write own sounds (samples) and to process others compositions. FruityLoops can be used for obtaining completely ready song, all necessary components are present at it. A set of effects and not difficult as in a consequence it becomes clear, the interface:)

COUNCIL: be not FRIGHTENED sets krutilok and vertelok which you will see for the first time having started the program, since you will get used.

2. Ableton Live - the Most fashionable (if it is possible to be expressed so) the program for live game, that is it is specially created to work at it during performance. But as well as Fruity Loops is suitable for writing, the data and addition of effects, besides perfectly supports external devices, that is it is possible to connect MIDI - the keyboard and to create a hit!)

COUNCIL: Use only the English version! Only in original language it is possible to understand functions and their interaction among themselves + English it is useful to learn and it is necessary who knows where further you will go with the DJs - sets...

3. ACID Pro - the Serious program with serious functions. Supports practically any sound cards and it is created for work mainly with Magnifying glasses (that is with prevalence at the heart of composition of cyclically repeating short sound fragments).

COUNCIL: do not read textbooks, often they are written in language, difficult and not clear for the beginner. An ideal method of training - Tyk`s Method)) Twist, twirl as want!

even if you will bring down all settings the program it is possible just to reinstall!

And for those who only just began to get acquainted with electronic music I advise to address the program - entertainment E - Jay . The program represents a set of the samples broken on styles from Hip - Hop to Techno. Your task consists in that to pick up sounds and to build them in a certain order, press Play and listen to the first track. Beautiful easy and interesting program. the Author of article began

with it many years ago:)

All programs can be found in the Internet, but Remember responsibility for use of piracy versions! It is better to buy!

In end the MOST VALUABLE ADVICE: Work of DJya at the beginning of a way is not easy and demands a lot of time. At the beginning it will not turn out as at Tiesto, the sound will get off and sound as an udyra on a basin, but remember WORK, PATIENCE AND TRAININGS!!! Dance floors of the World wait for you!)