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How it is correct to feed fishes?

the Choice of a suitable forage for your fishes are the key factor defining their health and life expectancy. It should be noted that there is no universal forage which would be suitable for any fish. If you follow simple rules, then will not be mistaken.

Type of food

Owners of fishes often do not reflect and do not know how their fishes in the nature eat. The gastrointestinal tract and teeth of a cow are intended for a grass, and teeth and a gastrointestinal tract of a lion for consumption of meat. Also, different types of fish are adapted for different food. Learn an origin of your fishes and what food they prefer. Whether they are omnivorous, herbivorous or predators? At some species of fish very specific tastes.

When and where Try to learn

where and when your fishes prefer to eat in the nature. Though the majority of species of fish take food from a water surface, some look for it at the bottom. Also, though the majority of species of fish prefer to eat day time, some eat at night. For those who look for food at the bottom of an aquarium buy the sinking forages. Fishes who will only be active to eat at night after lighting is switched off.

How many

the Overeating - the most widespread mistake of owners of fishes. The reforage litters the filter and the forage decays and becomes harmful and dangerous to fish. In the nature fish eats when she is hungry or has access to food. If there is a lot of food, then fish will eat several times a day. On the other hand, if there is not enough food, then fish will transfer several days between meals. Therefore fishes adapt and I will always eat when there is a food. They will eat even if they are not hungry. Fishes who and when brings food quickly remember, and will even jump or approach a water surface, being even full.

There is a golden rule, fish should give so much food how many she will eat less than in 5 minutes.

As it is frequent

the Frequency of feeding depends on type of fish. As a rule, for the majority of species of fish feeding is optimum once a day. But the thicket because they have insufficiently big stomachs to store a lot of food should feed herbivorous fishes. In the nature they eat plants the whole days without a break. It is necessary to feed young fishes and especially whitebaits more often.

A variety

In independence of type of food of your fishes, is important to change forages from time to time to provide the balanced food. Alternation of the dry, frozen, fresh forage will provide the balanced food.

The expiration date

On sterns for fishes is very often not specified an expiration date though it at them rather not big. Forages in the form of flakes lose the majority of the useful properties in a month therefore do not stock up with sterns for a long time. Shortage of vitamins and defective food very strongly influence immunity of fishes.