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You want to write etudes? Councils of the layman

all people have a hobby. Someone is fond of cultivation of guinea pigs, someone collects cars, someone just collects bank notes of this or that country. I like to draw rather to communicate with the Nature. When to me year was executed, mother gave me a brush, put paints and showed how to apply color spots on paper. So several minutes I sat quietly, being engaged in business .

Then mother examined scribbles also selected to it the corresponding name. Thus, in three years for the drawing Summer in mountains I got the second award at a city competition of children`s drawing. I did not become an artist, but with pleasure at first watched reproductions of the famous artists, and then went to exhibitions.

Now I live in the beautiful town near Boston. Near our house the real virgin forest park. Rich palette raznotravya. In foliage small animals potter about, and on branches squirrels jump. As well Sunday spring morning to take clean air when the sun only begins to warm!

So, we go to write etudes. On one shoulder the box with a palette, paints and brushes, hangs on another - a folding-chair and a tripod. We go on in advance chosen place. We settle more conveniently and carefully, slowly, after careful consideration we begin to draw contours and shadow spots of a landscape so far only one diluted paint, for example, ultramariny. (Mistakenly put paint can be erased the rag or cotton wool moistened with turpentine). It is necessary to distribute on a canvas everything correctly. On right drawing it is easier to work. The etude should be written which - as, and by all means on perfectly .

The next day if weather and lighting same, we continue the same etude already by all paints. We begin with that subject which plays a major role in the etude, gives the main spot. It is possible to write without pressing in trifles. If lighting solar, we begin with the lightest places, then already we pass to half tones and to the most dark places, comparing the relation of light, average and dark stains to nature all the time. Often we depart from the etude on distance, comparing the work with nature.

We write the sky after when all landscape is generally already made. When the sky is written, we check the attitude of all landscape towards him, we strengthen or we muffle solar spots on the earth and on trees, we look out for bluish reflexes from the blue sky in shadows.

After that it is possible to be engaged in detailed development of some part of a landscape. Often departing from the etude, it is necessary to compare written with nature that the detail did not stick out from the general tone.

I write etudes several days, slowly. With pleasure I come to the chosen place. 4 - 5 begun canvases always hang on walls of my room, except the ended etudes. Depending on time of day and weather I take this or that etude and I go to continue it. Never I finish the etude of the house. I value that I noticed directly in the nature, and I do not touch to it " any more; to the documents brush. I do not prikrashivat the house, I do not smooth.

If prevents to write the cloud which ran on the sun not to waste time, it is possible to be engaged in correction of drawing of trees or to write which - what details in shadows, without receding from the color relations planned at the sun. When writing clouds it is necessary to make 3 - 4 tones on a palette: light, average and shadow - and these paints on a pure canvas to strive for transfer of a characteristic form of clouds, observing their perspective removal and to immediately surround clouds with blue paints of the sky.

In the afternoon on the next clouds this world happens cold, and a shadow warm, in the distance on the contrary. (Call warm it is red - violet, red, orange, yellow, it is yellow - green tone, and cold - Xing - violet, blue and it is bluish - green tone). If at once it was not succeeded to give the necessary form to a cloud, it is necessary to remove right there it from a canvas a rag and to write again.

The summer passed. Over the squeezed fields packs of daws and crows rush. Often falls intermittently a drizzle. Do not despond. The nature was decorated with new bright paints. Trees dappled with all flowers what can only be thought up: lindens and birches turned yellow, aspens flared fire, maples brightly reddened, and oaks grew brown. Among these paints there are fir-trees and pines are allocated with green silhouettes. Winter fields became covered by beautiful velvet greens. Eyes run up from abundance of motives for the etude. The pack of swans flies to a sunny day on the high blue sky on the South. Among a gold landscape on small rivers and lakes the ripples brightly become blue. Days became short.

Do not waste time - write etudes. When the contour is outlined, it is better to begin with the brightest yellow spots. To put them it is not dense that they did not mix up with the subsequent dabs of surrounding tones. Count on one session since. in the fall weather happens unstable... Cold October winds will blow off the last leaves from trees. The woods will become gray, sad, and only oaks still will keep the rzhavo - brown leaves. On the sky gray rain clouds will rush.

In such weather I like to wander about a forest park, to rustle with fallen leaves. In a forest park warmly and well, smells of a moss and a rotten leaf. Birds it is not heard any more, only titmouses peep fussy, preparing themselves a forage for the winter. Yes the motley woodpecker beats off fraction on rotten to a bough.

Here winter. Everything is white, only trees and houses as if dark silhouettes. There is a wish to write etudes also in the winter? Why not? Only it is better to choose motive for the etude simpler that it was possible to write it for 1 - 2 session. To begin to write better from the dark mass of trees or a separate tree, and snow and the sky - later.

Whether it is worth writing etudes when there is a camera and it is possible to stop a moment if it is fine? But not the result, but Creativity process is important. It seems to me that this wonderful hobby. It is possible to stay alone with the nature. It is possible to carry away the friend or to go all family. Not for nothing in Japan the slightest shades of color surely learn to draw and distinguish children.

Try, at you surely it will turn out!