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In what advantage of essential oils? Peppermint.

a peppermint belong to perennial grassy plants whose upright reddish tetrahedral stalks reach up to 1 meter in height. Treats family gubotsvetny and its blossoming falls on June - July months.

The peppermint was widely adopted also coverage of the countries where this plant can be met, is quite big. These are the countries of Europe, Ukraine, Belarus and, of course, Russia.

For receiving essential oil of a peppermint, its leaves subject to steam distillation. The received oil contains the following organic components: menthol, citrene, tsineol, is linear, the cop - furan, timol, karvakrop, kariofilen and others. It is easy, fluid and colourless. On a smell the legkouznavay invigorating, cold, fresh, menthol notes.


Essential oil of a peppermint a remarkable sedative which will help you to to restore the forces , will remove nervous overexcitation , and also will help with fight against a depression .

It received great popularity at addition as one of ingredients in various cosmetics. Is the big assistant in hard fight with the withering skin , will help with leaving for the mixed skin , and also will improve complexion , the greasy luster will eliminate , will reduce manifestation of a vascular setochka , will help to get rid of acne rash . Raising protective functions of epidermis, your skin at use of the cosmetics containing essential oils of a peppermint, will gain elasticity, velvet and tenderness . Also it is applied to removal of an inflammation of gums .

Essential oil of a peppermint will be irreplaceable at odor removal of a sauna and bath therefore going to a sweating room, do not forget to capture him with yourself to sate the room with magnificent aroma.


1. Inhalations

Warm inhalations: Take a small pan with warm water, drop 1 - 2 drop of essential oil, bend over capacity and cover the head with a towel. Having closed eyes, inhale the proceeding couples for 5 - 7 minutes.

Cold inhalations: Place 1 - 2 drops in aromamedalyon or apply them on a kerchief. Steam inhalation time same, as well as at warm inhalation.

2. Air aromatization

Drop 5 - 7 drops of essential oil on the top part of an aromalampa, and in lower place the lit candle. As a rule, oil evaporates in 15 - 30 minutes. It is enough for holding one session.

3. Massage Take

any oil (1 - 2 tablespoons) for massage or massage cream and drop 3 - 5 drops of essential oil of a peppermint there. After that put and rub in problem parts of the body before full absorption in skin.

4. A bathtub

Fill a bathtub with water which temperature should not exceed 37 - 38 degrees, add to it 5 - 7 drops of oil, and also 1 tablespoon of any other ingredient: for example, milk, honey, sea or table salt. Lie down in such bathroom of 15 - 20 minutes. After reception it is not necessary to be rinsed - be just wiped by a towel.

5. A sauna

Being in a sauna, take a bucket with 1 liter of water and drop in it 5 - 7 drops of oil. Then sprinkle a little such water in air, avoiding hit on heating devices.

6. Compress Take

the liter container with water of room temperature, drop in it 15 - 20 drops of essential oil, mix. Then take a cotton towel, moisten in this water, wring out and impose on a sore point. From above put kompressny paper (or cellophane) and cover with something woolen. You hold a compress of half an hour till 2 o`clock.

7. Cosmetic procedures

Looking after face skin and necks, use such mix: take 1 teaspoon of any vegetable oil and add to it 1 - 2 drop of oil of a peppermint, carefully mix and rub the easy massing movements. If your purpose is to clear skin, then moisten a tampon in such mix and just wipe skin.

8. Care of hair Take

1 tablespoon of shampoo, balm or a conditioner and drop in it 3 - 5 drops of oil. Then rub this mix in head skin, wrap up the head a towel and leave for 2 hours. Upon termination of procedure hair need to be washed out shampoo.

Apparently, range of use of essential oil of a peppermint rather big. But before application experts recommend to prevent possible allergic reactions, to hold testing .

As oil cannot be used in pure form at contact with skin, take 1 drop of oil and mix it with any vegetable oil, then put for an ear and if after 12 hours of allergic reaction it is not observed, you can safely use it in all above described ways.