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To fry - not to fry? How this issue is resolved by Karelians?

It is impossible to enter one river twice . As - that davny - was told long ago by Heraclitus. And correctly told. Very much it is even right.

We do not stand still. We change. And ourselves, and the world around us. And changes - such funky piece. Here slightly the small screw tightened Fuel mix already enriched goes to the combustion chamber. And krivoshipno - shatunny already absolutely in other mode works.

Only touch - and system to keep a stable, equilibrium state, right there changes practically all the parameters. And we still are guided by what was before. So it is absent. In total. Kayki to a lopp as our neighbors speak. Came if in a free translation.

There are good, informative articles and books about the Karelian cuisine. And such there dishes interesting And here I Already it is more than twenty years in Karelia, and so never also tried turnip. And not one I am such. Threw for experiment a call here Not. So - that still remembers the people as this root crop looks. In the Abc-book, it seems, the picture was. But here is how to prepare this turnip Everything, dead stupor. All acquaintances, acquaintances of acquaintances are silent, as in a water mouth. Guerrillas have just a rest.

It is forgotten, now turnip is forgotten almost at all. That which took very important place in food not only the Karelian earlier, but also many other people of the Russian North. Pressed it. And already very long ago.

In 1765 in Karelia for the first time tried to grow up potatoes. Not at once, not everything turned out, but In 76 years this root crop was sowed already by 20% of country farms of the Olonets province. And in 1842 the governor in general by order ordered to have on one tithe of potatoes at each volost board. Also went, potatoes to the Karelian table went slowly. Also it was pleasant to it on it. Also it forced out turnip from it finally and irrevocably.

However, it is sure, there would be no it if it was not to the taste to eaters Karelian.

Or dried " cottage cheese; . Here in eyes did not see it. Also could not. After Burenkas in a mass order from a personal farmstead removed on collective-farm, and then state-farm dairy - commodity farms, from where surplus which not only today or tomorrow on a table, but also for the future it is possible to prepare? If where in economy there was also what only wet nurse, so not before already. And everything that from state-farm herd, so - to the city. On dairy plant. And who where saw TU or GOST on such dairy product as dried " cottage cheese;?

But there cannot be it that time and all. There is no more Karelian cuisine. How? Karelia - is. Karelians - here they. And kitchen? Has to be! Of course, is. With the, only to it inherent lines.

Only Also the truth can, turnip, dried cottage cheese once were traditional dishes of ethnic cuisine. But there passed time. We changed. The fact that around us changed. And kitchen - too. Became a little another. Other than that, postponed in someone`s memory which in turn presented to many readers pleasure of a meeting with such interesting phenomenon as the Karelian cuisine.

I had a meeting too. Which struck me and remained in memory. Here about it I also wanted

Somehow in the summer, almost at the very beginning of mine Karelian lives, I got to Vedlozero. One of the Karelian villages in the south of then still the autonomous republic. Good earlier there the state farm was. And just they introduced interesting system of compensation of repairmen. Which depended not on time spent for repair, and not from the quantity of the repaired knots. And from that how many and as will fulfill in the field the tractor which passed through state-farm workshops. I also went there to look. To adopt experience. And something, it is visible, attracted to men. Because to the dining room for lunch they did not release me.

Here so there were I at a table in the most usual rural house. And the beginning did not foretell what non-standard too. Fish was for lunch. And sharply expressed fish bias - the most striking, characteristic feature of the Karelian cuisine. Without it, darling, in Karelia - anywhere. And the frying pan in which fish was served on a table - big pig-iron - except pleasant flavoring anticipations of any amazement did not cause

Here only. What associations arise at us, Russians, at the sight of a frying pan? And? Correctly! To Fry . In a frying pan, as a rule, fry. All other culinary technological operations with this ware - already an open classroom.

But Fried fish I did not manage to try that time. No. Fish was tasty. Also went with a bang. But not fried it was, though prepared in a frying pan.

It then I learned that in the Karelian language and words - that it is to fry - no. Even pies which fried on oil are called keitinpiiroa: Boiled (in oil) " pies; if literally to translate. Why so, definitely I cannot tell. It seems, the developed dairy animal husbandry, and, respectively, and butter, in the Karelian villages were. However, besides. Karelians did not eat unsalted cow oil. It was always melted with salt.

Perhaps the type of the used Russian of the furnace affected that, as to extinguish, both to pripuskat and to cook and to weary, and the furnace All these culinary operations both are known, and are widely applied in the Karelian cuisine. And here to fry Very much and very seldom. So, in the form of a rare exception.

And that nobody accused me of prooflessness Here retseptik. Better - not one. So, for the additional argument.

Fish on - Karelian

to become nearly real Karelian it is required - 500 g any, but 2 average potatoes, 2 bulbs, 1 bay leaf, 4 - 5 peas of pepper, 2 tablespoons of sunflower oil which can be replaced creamy are desirable fresh fish.

Fish to clean and to wash up carefully. Then - in a deep frying pan its row, a tail to the head, the head - to a tail. Already on fish - the cut potatoes, bay leaf, pepper, melkoposhinkovanny onions. To salt and fill in all this wealth with cold water so that only to cover contents. As waters poured, a frying pan - on fire. And water, fire will begin to boil to lower and add to a frying pan is sensitive sunflower oil. Fish has to slowly, slowly - slowly to boil 30 - 40 minutes. Will boil how many it is necessary, it is possible to eat. And in a hot, and cold look - it is very tasty.

of Parenaya fish (hawottukala)

They say that it is the old Karelian dish. But also today it can be tried quite often. And not only where in the Karelian remote place. Come to Petrozavodsk. Be convinced.

And there is no desire where to go, take 500 g of fish, 2 tablespoons of butter, 1 bulb, salt to taste. For this dish the small fish is necessary medium-sized. If there is a ryapushka - better it. Well, and is not present, then - any. About fresh - did not forget? Then put in a big, deep frying pan fish, add onions, salt, it is a little fat or butter and water. Liquid needs so much that fish in finished form all was in sauce. Densely close a frying pan a cover and you cook on slow fire. There will quite be enough minutes 30. You will not find a good, deep frying pan, take a saucepan. Fire small. Liquid has enough. So will burn nothing.

But at the exit Fingers can be licked still before you get a frying pan or a saucepan from the shelf of a locker.