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How Karelians cook a fish soup? I somehow already told

About a characteristic, fish bias of the Karelian cuisine (see the article What main feature of the Karelian cuisine? ) . But that at the wide range, frequent and universal use of fresh fish and there was no fish soup? Unless it is possible? Quite right - it is impossible! Therefore fish soup (kalaruokk) is a dish without which the Karelian national menu is simply impossible.

But, fish soup to fish soup discord. In the north of Karelia it is cooked at all not as in the south. And if suddenly you manage to try fish soup in Kestenge, then it will differ from vidlitsky. Of course, not as the sky from the earth A basis - that one nevertheless. But it is very strong.

The matter is that on northern the Karelian and their traditional cuisine Finns and Sami intensively affected, on southern - Russians. Therefore if to distract from so-called fishing fish soup which is cooked directly at a reservoir on a fire, for Karelia two options of preparation of this fish dish are possible. Northern, more focused on Finnish cuisine, and southern which is closer to traditional, Russian fish soup, to the national peculiarities.

But before to tell about different recipes of the Karelian fish soup, it is not enough about the general for all republic - fishing. On fishing usually the fish soup is cooked from what managed to be caught. And therefore the set of fish can be different, seasonally, a reservoir and other factors. Including... from good luck! Respectively, fishing fish soup does not have what certain technology and the recipe. The main thing that its broth turns out very concentrated from - for uses of a large number of fish in relation to water. I This fish soup is not eaten. It is drunk from mugs. Because no vegetables when cooking are used. Only fish It is a lot of fish! Water and salt to taste. Of course, the general rules for any fish soup should be observed, but about it a bit later.

If about North - Karelian fish soup option, then it is very close to traditional Finnish cuisine. Yes, yes! Something very similar on kalakeyto, but, besides, with the features.

All hassle is that potatoes, equally, as well as other vegetables, in the north of the republic and now badly grow, and before them did not grow up at all. Therefore to make fish soup more dense and nourishing, several minutes prior to the end of cooking added to it earlier and add a flour podboltka now.

For this purpose it is necessary to take from a quarter to a half of a glass of cold boiled water in which it is necessary to stir a flour tablespoon carefully. Karelians use rye more often. But it is possible also wheat. That flour dispersed evenly, shake up it in a glass and slowly, at continuous stirring, pour in a podboltka in the soup boiling on silent fire. Without stopping stirring slowly, boil fish soup with a podboltka of a minute more two - three. Then in soup it is possible to pour in a floor of liter of milk and again to bring it to boiling. And besides - to stir slowly, slowly. Still couple of minutes and In total. Finnish kalakeyto with North - the Karelian flour podboltka is ready. The fact that it still should allow to be drawn, did not forget?.

If who has no warm feelings to milk, then it can and be not added. The main thing in North - the Karelian fish soup - a flour podboltka. And milk - it not only on the fan. But also - whenever possible. Cows - that not all the year round are milked.

And now, about it is southern - Karelian option of this nice fish dish.

If someone thinks that it is simple to prepare it, then strongly is mistaken. To cook good fish soup in Karelia was always considered as business difficult. Istudi kylyd ei lambiteta da selgin kalad ei keiteta - so Karelians speak. If in a literal translation, then - Sitting, the bath is not heated, a back (to an oven) the fish soup is not cooked .

And therefore, for a start, of several general ushiny governed .

The first. Fish soup has to cook in open (!) to ware on small fire. Rough boiling cannot be allowed at all!

The second. Fish is put not in cold, and in already boiling water in which the whole cleared lukovichka is previously put. Both the lukovichka, and slow fire have to promote preservation of transparency of fish broth.

The third. Fish soup cannot cook in oxidized, aluminum or pig-iron, to ware. Only in enameled or clay.

The fourth. Unlike fish soup, for preparation of fish soup not any fish is used. On the one hand, fish has to be freshen. The less time passed since that moment as it was caught, the better. With another - for fish soup only that fish whose meat possesses both glutinosity, and tenderness is used. In Karelia carry to such a pike perch, a perch and a whitefish. It is possible a burbot or a pike, but them it is better not to use one. Here, as additive to a pike perch or perch Another matter. And small fry or the bream in fish soup it is better not to put in general. From this fish it will be with a taste of bitterness. Of course, if there is no stamp, then it is possible also on idle time, but then it is necessary to know how to get rid of this bitterness

A now - the recipe.

For preparation of fish soup it is required... Correctly. First of all - fish. Fresh. And already further, on its kilogram - 1,5 - 2 l of water, an onions head, 2 - 3 potatoes, 1 bay leaf, 4 - 5 peas of pepper, salt to taste.

When water with a lukovichka will begin to boil, the drawn and carefully washed up fish falls to it. Unlike all other fish, do not clean a perch. Scales, it, as pork houghs that do a jelly by a jelly. Here and scales. It gives to fish soup so valued glutinosity in it. At small fry that fish soup did not taste bitter, cut off the head. Fish to cook minutes 15 - 25. Depending on its size. Before the end of cooking it is possible to add several laurel leaves and a little peppercorn.

As soon as fish will cook, she from broth is spread on a big dish and strong prisalivat, that it was better caught " further;. Only after that in the boiling broth the cut potatoes are put. Fish soup is salted and cooks even minutes 15 - 20. To readiness of potatoes. And as it is ready, fish soup can be set aside from fire and it is obligatory to give it even minutes 7 - 8 to be drawn. Here the cover will not prevent.

And fish soup will be drawn - it is possible it on plates. Spoons in hands and Fire! And fish That prisolenny on a dish. Did not forget? Fish - after fish soup. As Karelians - " speak; Ei kaloi liemeh jateta - Fish in an ear is not left . Something like ours Best is oftentimes the enemy of the good .

And some more enough important points. But it - already almost an open classroom. On the fan.

I so real, Karelian I consider as fish soup that its option when before laying of potatoes, after white fishes (perch, whitefish, pike perch), the second fish portion falls to broth. Already red : salmon, paliya, trout. Then bay leaf needs to be pulled out together with the first party and before the second is ready, to throw a two-three of new leaves into broth.

Minutes for five before the termination cookings of potatoes in fish soup it is possible to pour cold vodka at the rate of 50 drops on liter. At this technological operation it is several functions. In - the first, vodka adds a certain savor to a dish. In - the second, addition of cold vodka in the boiling broth lightens it, does purer and is more transparent. Besides, forty-degree beats off a muddy smell which some fishes can have. For example, at a burbot.

And if all - in any way not to avoid, and among fishes from whom fish soup prepares there are those types which can give a slightly bitter taste, then During boiling it is possible to throw two into broth - three birch pieces of coal. Of course, when fish soup prepares on a fire - any problems. Put in a kettle for a minute a burned brand and all. And how there is no fire near at hand? Stock What stock on such case should be had. It will not delay a pocket...

Here, perhaps and all. And that, after that someone will try to cook a fish soup a back to an oven ? Well - well Personally I - do not advise.