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In what main feature of the Karelian cuisine?

Distribution . There was such concept earlier. You graduate from the institute - and you are sent Far - it is far. And so. There is enough for a long time. If precisely - for three years. Like, the country was spent for your engineering training? It was spent. You are obliged before it? Now also work on Fatherland as the young specialist. There, where native Minvuz will send you. Will Or rather, distribute.

Here me to Karelia and distributed . On the TPO " Kemsky sawing plant; Karellesoeksport . There were then such organizational structures - territorial production associations. Like present joint stock companies, Ltd company or, we will tell there, MUPOV. Only I am more solid than

Well, on Murmansk fast and Already next afternoon, till a lunch, I leave in Kemi. Building of the station of a silicate brick, greyish. A rain so tirelessly, it is visible that to the most white flies it was adjusted, drizzles. And clouds.

Clouds. On over the very best earth It is direct for television antennas that on roofs, were hooked and hang, hang And help their, corpulent, everything arrives and arrives. And where I got?.

I then about this Karelia - neither a dream, nor spirit. Even did not suspect that the main, characteristic feature of the Karelian cuisine is But. That is then. And then Then I three in such panic was day that and did not come into shop even. What for? And then matches, I remember, ended, well, I also came inadvertently. Matches - that, I hope, at sawing plant not in deficiency?

I come into grocery. And there Fishes What is only not present. Regiments just break! And smoked on - cold, and smoked on - hot, and a spicy and not spicy salting, and a sushchik, and And with a pepper - a lavrushka, juicy is called, and without it. Yes eyes just run up. Generally sea, of course, like a crash, a haddock, a grouper, a hake

generally, fishes of that And different - though be filled up with everyone!

Well, a flounder there, herring - a mackerel, I, so far a student was, and in St. Petersburg on counters saw. And here I watch that for a miracle - yudo it?! The muzzle zdorovushch - shchy, on sominy is similar, but moustaches, it seems as well as is not present. Som - not som... And on the price tag it is written - burbot . Not smoked, not salty, not frozen. Also it is visible that not very long ago floated, even slime did not dry up.

I money in cash desk, a burbot of it in a newspaper and - home... Just at that time the wife was fond of different pastries. With yeast, as well as many other, the ambush full was, so it on kefir. Give, - says, - from this giant we will make the closed fish pie! Pie, so pie

my business small - to clean and draw, and further the hostess. However, hitch at me small came out. I to clean it, and there are no scales - that and at all. All right, to and fro a knife drove, washed away slime, drew. Here and with drew on the first time I, of course, missed a chance! From where to me then was to know that the liver of a burbot is a delicacy still that? Well, whether it is bad, good, drew, cut on portion pieces and in pie. And pie - a small egg on top and in an oven!

We sit, we lick lips and we glance behind process - as a crust golden whether appeared? As appeared - from an oven pie, and with a heat to heat yes on a piece! But

I Only began to cut it, I feel: something not that... Smell. Not just began to smell, and for - apa! And not that that opposite, and some rather specific. Well, on the fan. And that the annoying, house mine with fans did not samoidentifitsirovat themselves It was necessary most to destroy by

to me this pie. And it is such. It turned out big. I what here to waste time on trifles, not the smallest burbot bought! And when ate up the last pieces, pie already so, we will softly tell, dried up a little. It was necessary its soup there or tea to soak

I was only eaten up by me pie, just anniversary Great October. Well, and by the tradition started yet not by us, the people who that has, brought with himself for work and on a table threw out. And time threw out, not back everything kindly to bear it? But in a sukhomyatka. Not, not that... Not that! Generally, drank, have a snack, conversation went for life - bytyyo... To the people, by itself, it is interesting how beginners - that, Karelia which was not smelling on the new place is equipped. I also told about this pie and a smell specific

Here and it became clear. That the burbot - that is not cleaned! And a skin from it, poor fellows, naturally remove. Do a cut behind the head and flat-nose pliers - to a tail! A skin that, but not a liver - on a garbage can, and the burbot already exempted from it You want - fry, you want - soar. There is such fish! And to a smell... - - to - go!

And a liver - in a saucepan a makhonka and waters slightly - slightly on a bottom. Will begin to boil, removed a skin, a pepper there, a lavrushechka, prisol, znamo business, and hulks to himself on a spark weak. Better treskovy by eight times!

Yes. The burbot is something! My it is just behind ears peeps! As if do not eat, and for a collar throw. And to train him - all - it is not necessary to clean, to potter with scales too, - it is simpler, than a pike perch or a whitefish. Skinned, cut off the head, separated a loin from ridge, rasplastovat it on portion pieces, prisolit and - in flour. From flour - in a bowl with the shaken-up egg and on a frying pan

Somehow was not in the market of an average burbot. Only large. It was necessary to buy. Cut, prepared... The big, deep frying pan with top turned out. Well, I think, in day off, on couple of pieces, both on Monday, and on Tuesday will be enough and on Wednesday has to remain... Generally, half-weeks on a dinner it is possible and not to take a steam bath.

On Monday evening I come from work - to the refrigerator. And there... Two pieces on a frying pan. Two! To the father and mother. For dinner...

The rest - in a day ate. Together. And fish was kilogram on four! I thought, to them it will be bad... Not, anything. Are live - are healthy. Fie - fie...

And here to an ear from a burbot I am not really But on fish soup separately. Next time.

What - that? And - aa Main feature ? And about what I went to bat just so much?

Characteristic feature of the Karelian cuisine is a sharply expressed its fish bias. Better beskhlebya, than absence of fish . So speak also in the south of the republic, in Zaonezhye. And in its North, in Pomorze