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What to prepare for a holiday table? " salad; Royal

Cookery are a true art. A little imagination, patience is necessary, good mood - and on a table the next work of art, creation of your hands will appear. It will give pleasure and to you, and your guests. I want to tell about preparation of such masterpiece to you.

I will make a reservation at once, salad turns out quite expensive and is not suitable for daily preparation. It for special festive cases: anniversary of the family, a celebration friends or other holiday expensive to heart when there is a wish to make something special, have a birthday of darling or darling for this purpose mood and, of course, financial opportunities. Therefore salad also received such name - Royal kings should live according to the status expensively and beautifully, and to eat tasty and elegantly.

It is also approximately possible to characterize and salad - it is expensive, refined, tasty and nonconventional though about traditional character it is possible and to argue. Red caviar which was always considered as traditionally Russian food is a part of salad. You remember? Caviar red, caviar black, " caviar; overseas - aubergine... - the well-known phrase from a masterpiece of the Soviet cinema Ivan Vasilyevich changes a profession . Yes, now for many red caviar on a table is a holiday in the house. Here therefore I speak about this salad as about a dish for especially solemn occasions. And such recipes have to take place to be in a treasury of our culinary secrets.

Itself learned this recipe not so long ago. Being on a visit at friends on New Year`s Eve, tried it royal salatika. Many guests tried it for the first time too - and salad and to taste pleased all. It is possible that someone knows this dish under other name? You know how in the people culinary recipes of the name change. However, is also such which for all times, are, for example, all darling " Russian salad; but now the speech not about it. So, it is time to acquaint closer you with the recipe of preparation of refined salad.

Besides a jar of red caviar, it which iron, grams on 140, will be required to us grams of 500 cleared shrimps. It is a product not from cheap too, but I right at the beginning said that salad expensive, but tasty. I hope, at you the desire to prepare it was not gone yet? I hurry to report that all the rest, and there was a trifle - only a boiled kartoshechka and eggs - all quite on a pocket. For gas station we will lay up traditional mayonnaise. That which to you is more to taste is better to choose sauce. Someone loves olive, someone with lemon juice, someone exotic - with quail eggs.

So, we will start. First of all, we will prepare a beautiful salad vase in which we will stack salad layers. It will be good to look a vase from transparent glass as salad turns out bright, beautiful. However, any will approach, lovely and expensive, but rather volume as quite big portion turns out - we prepare for a solemn feast, but at desire it is possible to reduce a portion if guests are expected a little.

Decided on a salad bowl, we prepare products. We boil 4 pieces of potatoes. For salad it is better to cook potatoes in a uniform that is crude because vitamins B it is mute valuable remain and potato tubers do not boil soft, it is convenient when cutting potatoes in salad. Further we boil shrimps. I think, you know that the frozen shrimps after boiling it is necessary to cook no more than two minutes, otherwise they will become rigid. Word we boil here, perhaps, incorrect. They are on sale already boiled, and we simply warm them in the boiling added some salt water. It is better to buy the shrimps cleared - it will accelerate a preparation time, but will be slightly more expensive. Here to decide to you what to prefer. Process of cleaning of shrimps rather laborious also takes a lot of time.

All ingredients are ready, it is necessary to lay out beautifully them in a salad bowl. The first layer we stack one part of shrimps on a bottom, grams 250, and we cover with mayonnaise. Then we put a layer of potatoes grated on a large grater and again we cover with mayonnaise. Here who as loves, it is possible to put more, is possible less, the main thing - that salad became impregnated with sauce enough. The following layer - the eggs grated on a large grater. We put on a layer of the eggs soaked with mayonnaise the remained shrimps, they do not need to be cut, they in salad are good entirely. Shrimps also we cover with mayonnaise, and from above as ornament and the last chord - we spread red caviar from a jar. That`s all. Prepares quickly enough.

Here we also stopped preparing a small masterpiece by the hands, I hope, it was pleasant to you. Unfortunately, century Royal " salad; it is short, it will be quickly eaten, but memoirs will remain the most appetizing. Good to you holiday!