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How to prepare broth from medicative herbs?

our ancestors did not know any pharmaceutical preparations and used for the amendment of health only gifts of local flora. Natural grasses are considered in some cases as the best means also today, than chemistry .

But grasses will help, only if to collect them in time, correctly to dry and skillfully to use. If to collect and dry up plants citizens usually are lazy, preferring to buy in drugstores, then it is necessary to prepare gifts of the nature for the use nevertheless.

In the people it is noticed long ago that the same grass is effective differently if to use it one or assembled with other plants. Usually collecting is more effective, but to pick up the necessary structure independently for forces not to everyone, it is necessary to consider not only medical effect, but also side effects, especially if the person suffers from the whole bunch of diseases.

You should not lower hands. Recipes and recommendations about their application it is enough in literature and in the Network. In a drugstore of a grass sell both without additives, and as a part of already ready collecting.

Medical preparations on the basis of plants use for intake or outwardly. In the first case use juice, broths and pressures, extracts and powders from the crushed herbs. In the second use the bathtubs, enemas, obvorachivaniye, compresses, lotions etc. based on the preparations received as well as for intake.

The easiest drugs for house preparation - broths and pressures. A difference between them small, but basic. Matter in the useful substances which are contained in plants. Not all from them maintain boiling therefore broth is good not always, it is necessary to apply softer form of extraction from grasses of useful ingredients.

Preparation of broth is begun the day before. Collecting the crushed herbs preferably in enameled or pottery is filled in with unboiled cold water, and left for the night for swelling. It is desirable that the ware was not herbs, aluminum or steel for an exception of contact, with metal. Proportions - about four tablespoons of mix on one and a half liters of water.

In the morning infusion is put on fire, brought to boiling and boiled minutes 5 - 7. After removal from fire broth about half an hour more has to stand covered, and only then it is filtered through a gauze. The grass which remained after boiling can be wrung out, and then to throw out. Repeated boiling is inexpedient.

Usually boil the mixes containing bark, tubers, seeds, berry, wood and leaves. Track that plants which cannot be boiled did not get to collecting. For example, the roots of a comfrey or berry of a dogrose containing vitamin C and other unstable substances.

Napar prepares similarly and in the same proportions. The collecting prepared and filled in with water put for the night in even the hot, but already switched off oven. Languor till the morning replaces boiling. If there is no oven, it is possible to use heating on very slow fire, but not to bring mix to boiling at all.

Using herbs for treatment, consider that in broths and pressures concentration of medicinal substances small and to regulate their reception by increase or reduction of a dose as in a case with usual drugs it will not turn out.

Feature of grasses - in a regularity and duration of treatment. It is necessary to drink broth long, only then it is possible to reach medical effect. Kind health.