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How to learn to speak so that you were not asked to become silent?

Dear readers, admit that each of you had to address some audience: to do the report, to prepare the message or just to express the opinion. It seems, what is simpler: learned by heart the text, lectured it, broke a storm of an applause and sat down on the place.

However that is easy to act publicly not so-. Each of us wants that listened to us that we made on surrounding good impression of the strong and confident person that the storm of an applause was sincere, and people would admire our eloquence.

How to make it? How to learn to speak so that your listeners did not ask you to become silent, and on the contrary, is interested would listen to you? I will tell you about slightly effective and effective receptions.

Before performance. So, you are faced by a complex challenge. It is necessary to make the report. Nervousness just overcomes you. You do not even know how to get it together. Relax, breathe deeply, make a breath - an exhalation. Read the material that his nobility perfectly well to be the expert in this question.

And now to train in front of the mirror, before acquaintances, to train in the thoughts. Present how you sure, harmonous, with the straightened shoulders leave before audience. As all sitting look at you delighted eyes and listen to you.

One couple of minutes prior to an exit consciously for a while hold the breath, relax all muscles of a body, feel the thawed ice cream. This exercise will help to stop nervousness a little. Present that you should give the report to your friends to whom it is very interesting, and forward .

During performance. to Act you leave, slowly and without looking back. Having come to a tribune, a scene etc., wait several seconds, let`s audience prepare for your performance. Throw all the look, let know that you here main. When all are ready, declare a subject and forward! During performance try to look in the center of the hall, it is not necessary to look at the first or last ranks, and also the burning brunette (the blue-eyed blonde) in the third row on the right.

The main secret of successful speakers is a vigor with which they tell what is known. Therefore material has to be pleasant to you, interest you, then you will be able to present it to others. For example, I wrote course " recently; Leadership and the power in human resource management . Many dissuaded me to take this subject, said that very difficult. But she so interested me that to look for material on a subject and it was a pleasure to write, and to protect - even more interestingly

to interest listeners use evident and distributing material, you draw schemes, show various drawings, use in the report more interesting facts and figures, tell a vital story which is closely connected with a subject of your report. It considerably will recover listeners and will interest them in a report subject.

In the performance use various gestures. Never do protective gestures: skreshcheniye of hands, skreshcheniye of legs. It will give your uncertainty, and will be taken a detached view too not really. The best gesture at a public statement are the hands put by a lodge, that is each finger connects to other fingers of other hand. This gesture characterizes the confident person. During the report it is possible to part hands aside and again to connect also. Such gesture is often used by TV hosts and politicians.

Do not allow to relax audiences - ask questions, you joke and intrigue. For example, ask a question right at the beginning, force to think listening, and tell the answer only at the very end of the report. What distinguishes us from the charismatic leader? Think up some interesting and original question. Let your audience will be not just the observer, and the active observer therefore constantly ask questions, be interested in opinion of listeners.

Each person is anxious only in person. And any person when listens to the report, thinks and that he useful learns and that it is useful to it from this report. Therefore squeeze words in the speech more often: you yours for you etc. One more council when you prepare the report, think and whom in general what I wrote interests?

If to consider a voice of the speaker, then he has to be sure, loud, equal and vigorous. It is possible to do sometimes pauses, to change tone and a rhythm of a voice, to do it is intentionally louder, is more silent. It will help to draw attention of listeners.

At public statements complex takes big place, in our case it is fear of audience. The mirror will not help us here. Therefore it is necessary to train, overcome the fear. To specially put itself in such situations: Time I am afraid, so I specially will go to act, I will specially do that I am afraid . After the second - the third attempt any audience to you will be will not be terrible.

At the end of performance once again look at audience, take an interest whether there are no questions to you, thank for attention and quietly leave.

I hope, you will be helped by my councils! I wish good luck, dear reader!