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A story about a gift with sense or What grenades are?

of the Grenade (who does not know!) happen different. Including, terrible - a pineapple, for example But it at all not on our subject. Also the southern tree which is (marvelously blossoming) and its fruit with sweet kernels is called but also it has only indirect relation to the story. And here stones! Yes, about them the speech will also go.

This year, only - only we celebrated St. Valentine`s Day as the husband began to congratulate me with coming i.e. since March Eighth. Comes somehow from work and from a threshold declares: To You - a gift, with coming . Also stretches a tiny suede sack of cherry color in which - perstenek with couple of granatik on a thin rim of a gold ringlet. Having tried on, at once understood that there is no wish to remove it from a hand at all.

And my blessed tells meanwhile how felt that at me shortage of pomegranates in an organism which needs urgently to be filled up, without waiting for approach of a holiday. Sly fellow: for few weeks before he asked what stone would like to have, and I, without thinking, answered that pomegranate. Why - itself I do not know.

Having received a gift, I about this crystal began to read everything that is possible. At first, of course, took an interest in the name. Granat received it from Latin granatus or of granum , i.e. granular or grain, " grain; i.e. on similarity to the southern fruit of the same name. And called it as speak, the alchemist Albert Magnus in 1270.

But the mineral has also other names. So, Pliny Sr. preferred to call it an anthrax (from Latin carbon , i.e. coal) from - for flickering gloss. By the way, also called this stone and in Russia sacred, however, adding other verbal designations: chervets, venis, becheta, etc. Here is how wrote about it, for example, in one ancient book: Karfunkulos the stone is taka naritsay, very much drags, an izha to all stones mister, a look like coal, a noshchiya shines... .

Having reached symbolical values of pomegranate, I learned that this stone kozerozhiya i.e. astrologically accompanies the Capricorn what my spouse is. But also to Lev too, by the way. And still very much it was pleasant to me that pomegranate, appears, a stone of love and friendship.

When it became clear that in ancient times it was given to lovers for luck, just lit up. Ridiculously? Fondly? Well and what, but is pleasant. Whether it is worth refusing pleasure only on the ground that it is superstitious or not strictly scientifically proved?

Went to information entirely " further; binary oppositions i.e. about and " office;. Both in plus, and in minus. On the one hand, it is a symbol of heavy passion (here, as they say, God forbid), and the excited person should not carry pomegranate that did not exhaust it desire at all, with another is a crystal of incarnate honesty and fidelity. Besides, experts on a mineralogical simvologiya do not order to have it at themselves to people lazy, sluggish and weak, but advise to stock up to travelers and women in labor.

But they call pomegranate not only the defender from otherworldly evil forces and from terrestrial enemies, but also a source of huge energy which will saturate the owner with force in fight against difficulties. Besides, as it becomes clear, it is capable to give tranquility.

Cultural traditions of people of the world attributed to this stone various qualities. So, in Persia it was called a royal stone and the patron of the country; in China - recognized as a fun symbol, besides saving from a malefice, bad dreams and treachery; in India - correlated to concepts of love and devotion.

Long since connected salutary forces with pomegranate. Red called the doctor of blood: was considered that it helps at warmly - vascular diseases and normalizes a blood pressure. Saluted pink pomegranate positive influence on respiratory, immune and gastrointestinal tracts. Yellow and brown stones used in treatment of diseases of skin and an allergy.

So, it is clear that grenades happen different coloring. In addition to mentioned red, yellow and brown orange meet, it is red - orange, is violet - red and even green. The last are found in the USA, Canada, Finland, the Republic of South Africa. And without Russia - the mother did not do, - in the Urals are found emerald color of the grenade too. Besides, they are colourless and even black (well, almost).

And how many lyrical stories are connected with these minerals! And not only literary. Garnet bracelet A. I. Kuprina - not the so only example. It is known that seventy-year I. V. Goethe presented to the beloved, eighteen-year-old Ulrike von Lewetzow, fonts from a necklace, two bracelets, a buckle, earrings and a ring in which there were 460 matchless pomegranates.

And in general, with grenades in the history of mankind it is connected as it appears, much, in one story of all and not to count. But also my history did not come to the end with one perstenk. The ear rings handed with a naughty smile and the same playful saying were already added to it: With coming!

The eighth of March - such holiday which can come in any other day according to a calendar. With come, and let does not come to an end!