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As subjugator of the Caucasus went against the will of the emperor and what from this left?

on March 9, 1879, 130 years ago, in the Swiss Geneva stopped heart of one of the most outstanding people of the XIX century, the general - the field marshal Alexander Ivanovich Baryatinsky. Years for 20 to this event the prince felt the first symptoms of the approaching illness which was considered aristocratic in those days - gout. Ever since she bit his joints and even from time to time, said, the state of health served as a reason for leaving of the general - the field marshal from military service. But there were also other judgments - no doubt the illness progressed against strong homesickness: once, having gone to restore health, Alexander Ivanovich did not return to Russia.

The last day of his life was awful. After the next faint the prince suddenly jumped from the chair which became hated and exclaimed: Prick to die, so standing! This reckless act only accelerated death

the Code of the prince?

the course of life of Alexander in the first quarter of the 19th century began

A. His father is prince Ivan Ivanovich Baryatinsky, the hero - a rubaka, married rather late. Everything a lack of time was. Since youth in a saddle, the colleague of the general Yermolov and the generalissimo Suvorov. Alexander Vasilyevich personally handed to the prince in 1794 the Order of Saint George for bravery and courage at capture of Prague. But not Czech, but one of districts of the Polish capital. Unlike old Myast which in modern Warsaw can be considered decent, modern Prague rather lumpen area. But the military leader storming fortress hardly thinks of its future!

So, only after military affairs the prince Ivan Baryatinsky had an occasion to think of family life. He very much waited for the son, and the spouse gave it a gift - their firstborn was born on May 14, 1815. And right after the birth of the son who was called in honor of the emperor - Alexander - the happy prince made the program of education and development of the successor. Now it, maybe, seems ridiculous and naive, but Ivan Ivanovich registered everything very carefully, to trifles. And as he was Suvorov`s colleague, in a basis pedagogical poem the basic principle laid down: morality - a support of the personality, lie and immoderation - the main defects of the person.

It is a pity only that the father did not happen to see the matured son, he died when Sasha was only 10 years old. But in the same 1825 on the way to Taganrog to the village of Ivanovskoye where lived Baryatinskiye, the emperor who even found time 10 - to the summer teenager came around on a visit. The essence of conversation was as follows: it is necessary to serve Fatherland as it was done by his father!

Oh, also played tricks Baryatinsky with Lermontov


moved to the capital of the Russian Empire in the following, 1816. Mother long hid the will of the father from the son and showed it only when 16 - summer Alexander decided to register in School of Guards subensigns and cavalry cadets, with transfer in a cavalry regiment. In the will it was in black and white written down concerning Sasha: I ask as favor not to do of it neither military, nor court, nor the diplomat. At us there are already a lot of heroes decorated boasters, kurtizan. Russia - the big giant, a debt of the people elected on the origin and wealth really to serve and support the state . The father dreamed to see the son the financier or the agronomist.

It does not matter " any more; - only also the young prince answered mother. Also went to school. History loves somersaults - in several months the cadet Labe - a Guards regiment Mikhail Yuryevich Lermontov was admitted to this school. Future the general - the field marshal and the great Russian poet became friends. Moreover - they were always ready for the different acts causing displeasure in the administration. So once Mikhail talked profusely that the person is ready to suppress the sincere sufferings, and physical is not able. In reply Baryatinsky grabbed from a table an oil lamp, compressed the heated lamp glass a palm and slowly passed from one corner of the room in another, without having uttered a sound. The hand healed after that more than two months

I one more detail: when Baryatinsky had financial difficulties, one of the first to it Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin who suggested to talk over with the necessary people to the aid hurried to help out the prince

Only in the Caucasus can improve?

A in general, living in St. Petersburg, the young prince was still that troublemaker. And not incidentally the emperor Nicholas I who replaced on a throne of the died elder brother breathed sigh of relief when Baryatinsky was forced to go to serve for the Caucasus. The prince special had no choice: or a breast in crosses, or the head in bushes!

It was brave to madness. Once 20 - summer Alexander at the head of one hundred Cossacks jerked in bayonets on superior forces of mountaineers. The last even in a bad dream could not present that the young officer will make up the mind to such step. Fight was frying. In its heat Baryatinsky felt how the gun bullet sideways stuck. He slipped on the earth and, considering that he dies, croaked with the last bit of strength: The People who were with me on freedom (from a serfdom - a comment of Yu. M.) to Kolyubakin - the gun, to Trubetskoy Sasha - a ring, Mountain - a carriage and a horse - the voronova covered, to Trubetskoy Sergey - the weapon, to Golitsyno also fainted.

Here strength of mind! Dying, thought not of himself, and of companions!

The regimental surgeon did not manage to take a gun bullet which got stuck in a bone. All considered that days of the prince are considered. And it is even more - friends bought it a smart coffin which stood near tent, waiting for the future inhabitant . But the old woman - death did not manage to take away Alexander. The young officer got out. And the coffin as soon as got stronger, split in chips with the nominal saber with the inscription For bravery which it was handed for a feat!

And further Baryatinsky did to many rustle in the Caucasus. He became one of young commanders of a regiment, and, it appeared more than is worthy glories of the father: it was exacting, strict, penetrated into all trifles of life of soldiers and officers. And never expected until the regimental cashier throws money - if something was necessary for needs of a regiment, bought everything on, blood.

to Marry is not toys!

Here only to subdue

it break - the head nobody managed. Even to the sovereign - the emperor. In 1850 Nicholas I wished to participate samolichno in destiny of the prince and offered him as the wife one of the ladyloves - 38 - the summer princess Maria Aleksandrovna Stolypina. Agree to it Baryatinsky - and he would be expected by an outstanding career in the capital. But he it is proud refused, having explained then to friends that he even from an imperial table does not eat up scraps

as a result - again the Caucasus. But at the beginning of 50 - x years it were not that enthusiastic young man any more. It was well known and not only friends, but also enemies respected. Caucasian war lasted decades, but only Alexander Ivanovich managed to pacify her. The famous imam Shamil agreed to give up only to the prince Baryatinsky, under his word of honor that will treat him on advantage. And Baryatinsky kept the word - Shamil with a family lived in Kaluga and some more years wrote letters to the former enemy

As the field marshal and the colonel battled on duel?

A here Alexander Ivanovich got to other captivity. Very much fuse on the spouse of the aide-de-camp colonel Davydov. Here is how legendary Sergey Yulyevich Witte described this history: ... Among his aide-de-camps there was a colonel Davydov; he was married to the princess Orbeliani. The princess Orbeliani was low growth, with quite ordinary figure, but with very expressive face of the Caucasian type... Baryatinsky began to look after the wife of the aide-de-camp Davydov. As in general the prince Baryatinsky very much liked to look after ladies, nobody thought that this courting came to an end in something serious. This courting (actually) in the fact that one fine day Baryatinsky left the Caucasus terminated, having to a certain extent kidnapped the wife of the aide-de-camp .

Neither it is more, nor it is less! With mountaineers to live - on - mountain to arrive! And, that nobody took away from it darling, it was shipped on treatment outward. However, their offended husband calculated and once rushed to the prince with the revolver in hands, demanding a satisfaction. Duel between the field marshal and the colonel took place, and it was only in rough Russian history when the person of so high rank defends honor of the lady up in arms!

With the princess they lived nearly 20 years. But it is already other history