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What legends fanned history milk?

Nobody will argue with the fact that milk - the most ancient product feeding and feeding the person from time immemorial and hitherto. Praising it, historical memory carried by a set of the myths, legends, legends and fairy tales connected with miracle properties of this drink through series of centuries.

Who did not hear since childhood about the dairy rivers with a land of milk and honey?! In any case the rivers - in the Indian mythology powerful Vishnu adjusted gods and asur to pakhtat the whole dairy ocean to create the sun and the moon, and also a number of wonderful objects and even an elixir of immortality: to an amrit (or to som). And the milk mixed with Somme in Vedic sacrifice symbolized a life stream.

It was allocated with sacred sense and in the Ancient Egyptian rituals devoted to Osiris`s revival. But not only. Milk was understood as knowledge drink, an embodiment of spiritual food. Images on which Isida nurses the Pharaoh of the remained, or he drops to an udder of a heavenly cow, as in that, and in other case means receiving the divine power.

At shumer this drink - a symbol of fertility and prosperity. Was considered that lords of a kingdom are raised by pure milk of the goddess - mothers Ninkhursag. And such esteemed mythological character what was the divine shepherd Dumuzi, not only had a body is more white than sheep " milk; but also possessed surprising physical properties: from his hands cream dripped.

Orphic ceremonies of initiation in Ancient Greece provided that the examinee symbolically enters Mother`s belly - Earth, revives from it and receives maternal breast milk. Other myth also is connected with chest feeding.

The kid Heracles, already in infancy differing in remarkable force, too strongly pressed on a divine breast of the feeding Hera, stately in the Olympic meeting, but executing the first maternal functions in relation to the baby in the same way, as any commoner of all times and the people.

The mother Hera, having felt the most severe pain caused to it by the child involuntarily rejected the little son, and its precious milk spilled. But there is no it, not to see to us the Milky Way because quite so, on antique representations, it also arose.

Neighbors of ancient Greeks, Romans, treated to milk of the Thunderer of Jupiter during sacrifice ceremonies, remembering that he is raised by a divine goat Amalfeey. However, they presented the inhabitants of heaven patronizing fertility, a child-bearing, shepherds, their herds and many other as a sign of honoring with this product too.

In Christianity the image of the feeding Virgin is the embodiment of idea of Rescue: its milk at the same time symbolizes both sacred grace, and the God victim of Christ in the future.

However, milk to milk discord. And for a long time paid attention to it. Aristotle claimed that he the best milk - at mares, on the second place put asinine, on the third - cow and on the last - goat. Pliny Sr. considered cow as the most valuable and advised not to disdain pork.

By the way whether knows you that in Ancient Rome asinine milk was considered as the most suitable means against wrinkles? For example, certain Pompey (for a minute, the second wife of Neron), took baths from him and when it happened to it to travel, in a marching procession also the herd of these animals of 500 regularly to provide the grandee - the lady conditions for carrying out necessary cosmetic procedure moved.

Concerning excellent qualities of cow`s milk with Pliny Starshim the Avicenna considering it especially useful to children and people of respectable age was solidary. And as argument declared, as at cow, and at the human tribe the term of incubation of a fruit is similar, close. This legendary Aesculapian claimed that " milk; reduces ugly spots on skin and if to drink it, very much improves complexion also advised to use with sugar.

Hippocrates appointed milk the consumptive patient, i.e. the suffering tuberculosis. But he gave preference to goat and spoke so: Drink goat milk and without effort you will live till hundred years . And why? It was really known to Hippocrates that on the structure it is the copy of breast women`s milk?

There are people who cannot drink milk. Is such that without it cannot live. The speech not that for whom it is possible and is impossible what advantage and whether there can be a harm who in what is right or is mistaken. And about what?. Well, read once again heading.