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How easy to sew and simply? A sewing corner of

If to argue logically, then sewing corners can be divided on stationary or mobile, economical or magnificent, convenient or cranked (if it is necessary to sew on a knee ) .

For example, very powerful irritating factor for not sewing family members - detection of needles, scissors, tapes, pieces of fabric, paper, a flizelin and other sewing pleasures in all room territory, especially when the machine is not cleared the table under a pretext I will finish " tomorrow;. Well, well, not tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow, or even in two days is to me everything again to display?!

This situation describes a mobile sewing corner, when lack of the free area forces to occupy any flat surface under sewing: from kitchen and a desk to a bedside table the size about the sewing machine.

On the one hand, difficulties temper and give additional incentive. On the other hand, sewing on a knee without long-term experience can give to a product such curvature that it will be possible to carry it only in black - the black room without light.

Therefore irrespective of whether there will be a space for sewing lifelong or temporary, the working surface has to be sufficient that on it took place at least - the sewing machine, a maximum - an overlok, tools and accessories, magazines or books on sewing.

Minimum admissible size of a table - at the installed machine on the right is 5 - 10 cm to the table edge, before the machine can be arranged both elbows, and at the left all fabric or the sewed details cleans up.

The support of hands has key value for quality of lines: having only rested elbows against a table it is possible to advance evenly fabric under a pad that is important for performance of direct lines. Holding hands suspended, equal lines cannot be received, fabric will be to walk here and there. Leads lack of a table under the sewed product to the same result. Under weight it slips aside. And, together with the laid line.

At some sewing forums it is possible to meet council to use as a table the removed door. By the size - yes, it agrees, almost raskroyny table which the truth is slightly more of meter will turn out 2 - 3. Only I am puzzled always by a question where this door should be taken or from where to remove? Or at any dressmaker always has to be spare?

We go further.

Choosing option of a mobile sewing corner, it is necessary to reconcile to thought that pleasant process to approach and sew can be complicated by need of long preparation. Creative and expansive such procedure causes a toothache in natures. However, sometimes it is not necessary to choose, then it is necessary to try and think up a number of cunnings.

For example, it is possible to make easy shift and to try to bring closer a table to a window. Will carry if it can be made without additional coordination with the husband and if builders provided wide window sills.

In this case the sewing place will be well lit, and on a window sill it will be possible to organize convenient system of storage of all necessary. For this purpose various boxes will be ideally suited: in one - scraps of fabric and threads, in another - tapes, elastic bands, in the third - scissors, pencils, rulers etc. After completion of work everything is closed by covers, the machine hides under a table and - voila! - an ideal order at a minimum of physical efforts.

If you managed to otmezhevat to yourself couple of meters of a floor and a little money, it is possible to go further and to create to itself almost normal sewing corner. For this purpose will need a rack with the developing table-top, behind which can hide equipment.

Other part of a rack can be opened, then in the public eye to leave better only than the folder with magazines, piles of cuts of fabrics and a box with accessories that there was no feeling of a clutter, or to be closed in any way: fabric blind in tone to an interior, the horizontal or moving blinds.

At the modest area allocated under sewing, such option will allow to place optimum all necessary with observance of all esthetic requirements. Finally

I will tell

to you about the dream, a sewing workshop, can to someone else it will be pleasant, too it will want and it will be more cheerful to me to suffer.

The organization will require the room with N - m the number of square meters.

About a window - a big table, 1,52 meters in size. At the left over a table - the local lamp with the changing angle of lighting. On a table the sewing machine and an overlok that it was possible on a chair with castors to move between them. When cutting all equipment moves and the huge plain surface turns out (in principle if absolutely on - to the adult to dream, then it is possible to covet a separate raskroyny table with the zakroyny car).

On a wall about a table - a shelf for boxes with any tapes, threads, needles, pads, buttons etc., hooks for scissors, measuring rulers and zakroyny accessories.

About the left wall - a big ironing table and the iron with the steam generator, about the right wall - 3 sliding dummies on several sizes: female, children`s and man`s.

On a short wall - racks with fabrics, folders with patterns and magazines. Here - the computer with the printer for construction and the press of patterns precisely by the customer`s sizes, data on which are stored in electronic base with the indication of a contact information, overall dimensions and photos of the sewed models.

And as a final chord of the sewing symphony - a small chair and a coffee table where the thick folder with photos of the executed orders lies, the secretary receiving calls and 2 girls - assistants for performance of simple works.

Here is how - that so.

From everything told it is possible to draw two conclusions:

First. Who wants to sew, will always find the place.

The second. to the True artist of the found place have always not enough.

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