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What is represented on a flag of the Republic of Korea?

On a flag of the Republic of Korea are represented strange mysterious symbols. Let`s try to understand their value.

the Great Limit

the Flag is called Flag of the Great Limit or on - Korean Tkhegykki (Ki - a flag). Concept Great limit (on - Chinese Tye - Ji, on - Korean Tkhegyk) it is connected with mystical beliefs of Ancient China. But these beliefs belong to cultures of the majority of the countries of Hugo today - East Asia. A symbol of the Great Limit is the bichromatic circle in the middle of a flag. In a look more habitual to us this circle is turned by 90 degrees and its color is black - white. Often at the habitual image there are two big points of opposite color. On a black half - white, and vice versa.

On a flag of the Republic of Korea the Great limit is represented in is red - blue option. Value of a symbol from it does not change. One of flowers (red, the top part) Yang represents mysterious energy. Such concepts as fire, top, hardness, courage, the sky are associated with it. The list of associations is huge. Other half (lower, blue color) means the opposite power beginning of Ym (on - Chinese Yin). It is water, a bottom, softness, feminity, the earth. The list can be also continued.

Together, the connected in a circle, two beginnings symbolize the Universe in unity and conflict of opposites. They are in continuous opposition and create all real. Trigramma`s

Around a symbol of the Great Limit settle down the hyphens grouped on three. These are so-called trigramma. They also treat the ancient tradition coming from China. On - Chinese they are called oh gua . Such symbols exists eight. They symbolize the most various objects. For example, elements. Still they can symbolize various objects, the phenomena, and also people and animals. List quite big. Each of eight trigramm corresponds to one of power there began Ym or Jan.

They settle down traditionally in a certain order, around. In total there are two such arrangements. One of them symbolizes the past, another - the present. The past in such arrangement idealizirovano - trigramma are ordered as figures of a binary code. The whole line means 1 interrupted - 0 . The present is presented by the mixed trigramma.

So-called hexagrams can be made of these trigramm. Two trigramma are formed one over another, the figure from six lines turns out. A certain sense is also attributed to each hexagram. Traditional value of hexagrams is given in the Chinese initial book And jing Book of Changes. For all symbols value in general and for each line separately speaks. Values are very foggy. In total there are 64 hexagrams. They are used in tradition very widely. It is guessing, medicine, magic and so forth

the Most widespread application is a guessing. Guessing on yarrow stalks is used usually. Various combinations get out of fifty stalks according to a certain scheme. Such combinations - six. Each of them defines one line. The hexagram is drawn and its value is determined by the Book of Changes.

Other interesting application - drawing hexagrams on different household objects mixed up with hieroglyphs. Thermoses, ashtrays and others. It is difficult to explain purpose of such images. Most likely, it is magic wishes. Such practice in 60 - x years of the 20th century was especially popular. Then traditional beliefs were actively propagandized. There was a revival of elements of national tradition. Including medicine.

In medicine each hexagram also meant something. In initial books, for example, in The Treatise about difficulties of the Chinese medicine numerous schemes of a ratio of hexagrams, bodies and other elements are provided. It is supposed that sheets of this book were mixed still in the ancient time so a lot of things remain up to the end misunderstood. In the ancient time a large number of physiophilosophical literature was purposefully destroyed Together with philosophers. Only the mixed sheets of medical treatises remained.

One more application is use of symbolics oh - a gua in tradition the hair dryer - Shui. In this case trigramma can designate parts of the world and a lot more interesting. These symbols usually have on a special compass.

the Flag

is located

On a flag only four trigramma around a symbol of the Great Limit. They mean elements: Sky (at the left above) and Earth (on the right below), Fire (at the left below) and Water (on the right above). These symbols also represent the Universe in unity and conflict of opposites.

White color of a flag represents purity and peacefulness. In general the flag speaks about aspiration of the people to live in harmony with the Universe.