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What to take with itself in a trip in the winter?

Soon New year and many decided to celebrate it abroad or in rest houses and sanatoria. For a start we will define that you were going to go there where there is snow and it is a little cold. The direction of a trip is clear - it was necessary to solve, what to take with itself . Everything depends, naturally, on a way of life and on a type of rest (a bath, a banquet, mountain skiing). Also I will add that this article is more for female reflection because men everything somehow manage to manage man purse instead of a suitcase...

So. Of course, the best option the case with an adhesive tape and all it with itself can only be simple to paste over and to transport, and in hand luggage - a dresser. But as we should drag all this only and the penalty for an overload enough noticeably will cost a pretty penny which can be devastated with much bigger pleasure in Duty - Free, we are forced to refuse this brilliant idea. And at the car wheels can part.

For a start we need to a suitcase . Big. The biggest. Also we decide what to take. Consider that the washing machine is not provided in numbers so on a trifle you should erase independently in the afternoon (in the evening you not washing have to do, to it - to God!). Therefore it is necessary to take things beautiful, but practical (evening dresses it is not counted!)

Now look at purpose of your trip and the company with which you will go and if you managed to go in proud loneliness, then at the average mass of people who will surround you (to estimate it easily and according to reviews about alleged rest, and, actually, at the rest price). It will be silly on a camp site every evening to put on a magnificent evening dress and an emerald necklace, or jeans with a jumper on a secular reception.

Means, we take clothes according to the outlined actions. If there are walks on a frost - sweaters, jeans, it is desirable waterproof trousers and a sports jacket - and suddenly someone in spirit will put you in a snowdrift? If there is a banquet - then not to do without evening dress. What it will be - here already the imagination of fashion designers and designers is boundless and everything depends on your desires and preferences and councils of astrologers.

Further we take jackets and blouses - to go to the bar, skirts and trousers - with the same purpose. The balance can change in this or that party besides for the above-named reasons - the status and the purpose.

What to take from footwear? In what to walk down the street, to solve only to you, but here on the room in boots - not the best option. Not only that it is inconvenient, but also from them water and snow will be carried on all house or number. It is better to leave them to dry in a corridor, and with itself to take slippers.

Keep in mind that even at the accuratest laying of clothes in a suitcase something will be rumpled. On this case I advise to take small marching iron . Will not take the place much, and advantage weight. The hair dryer for high-speed drying of hair also to us is necessary as the breath of life - naturally, folding. The darling professional it is possible to leave temporarily at home.

Cosmetics . I suspect two kilograms this type of baggage to you all - has to be enough?

, It seems, I specified all moments, vital for the woman, and I hope that my small sketches will be useful to you. Successful way and pleasant rest!