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Why for the whole world Lidiya Skoblikova became Russian lightning and queen of skates ? The legendary sportswoman is 70 years old of

on March 8 the outstanding sportswoman Lidiya Pavlovna Skoblikova notes the 70 - the anniversary. For world speed skating she became a live legend for a long time, its phenomenal achievement remains not repeated 45 years. The probability is high that it not will not be able to be repeated at all.

Lida was born in 1939 in Zlatoust. The girl since the childhood sought for leadership and always tried to boss in childish sports. Indulged in sport, and achieved quite good results in different types, but gave preference to track and field athletics. Lida won competitions among school students more than once. In 14 years also the first outstanding success - a victory in run came to 800 meters in the track and field athletics championship of Chelyabinsk region among women.

Perhaps, Lidiya would become the outstanding athlete, prerequisites for this purpose were, but she decided to try the hand in speed skating. The girl passed a way to a skating Olympus promptly. Still studying in the tenth grade, Lidiya won the championship of the area, and then in Moscow on superiority of TsS Spark (there was then such sport society) took the general third place, having won two most difficult distances - 1500 and 3000 meters.

Sport was strongly included into the girl`s life, and on leaving school it in 1956 arrived on faculty of a physical education of the Chelyabinsk teacher`s college. At the beginning it was very difficult: intense trainings, study, and it was almost necessary to starve - a grant - that only 22 rubles. She remembered subsequently that she for the first course grew thin almost for 8 kilograms. But was not to occupy Lidiya`s persistence, trained persistently and sports results constantly grew. In 1957 she became Master of Sports. For the first two years of study at institute Skoblikova managed 8 times to update records of the USSR among girls.

In 1958 to Lidiya the real sports success came, on a winter Sports contest of the people of Russia in fight against eminent skaters of the country it occupied 3 - e the place at a distance of 1500 meters and 5 - e on the all-round sum. The leading trainers who were engaged in training of skaters paid attention to the girl and invited in the national team.

The next year the World Cup took place almost in the homeland of Lida, in Sverdlovsk. It is natural that many Ural residents were ill for the compatriot, and Skoblikova did not bring. The bronze medal of a world championship for the debutant is more, than success, it was the sensation in the world of speed skating.

And literally in several days Lidiya won the Sports contest of labor unions, having confirmed that its success in Sverdlovsk not accident. To rest on laurels was once, from the trainer she heard words of which any athlete dreams: Let`s prepare for the Olympic Games, ahead of everything year . The special importance was added also that the first Winter Olympic Olympic Games at which women - skaters will perform were coming. Year passed in laborious trainings.

Shortly before the Olympic Games the scheduled World Cup in speed skating in the Swedish Estersunda took place. Lidiya presented sensation again, having occupied 3 - e the place in all-round. Not the result was sensation, from it waited bigger, and the fact that she could ascend to the podium, having fallen at one of distances - the rare occurence in the history of the international competitions in speed skating. This championship showed that potentially Lidiya Skoblikova is very strong, and not just can, and has to win.

The Olympic starts are not only wrestling, but also fight of nerves. Preparing for the first start at a distance of 1500 meters, Lidiya knew that the Polish sportswoman whose result only concedes fractions of a second to a world record is in the lead. And it means, for a victory it is necessary to break the world record established in 1953. Lidiya could be adjusted on a victory and came for start with confidence that the record will be broken. The stadium met Skoblikova`s finish by the standing ovations which confirmed that the new world record is established. Now result 2. 25,2 it does not seem so improbable, and then it was the break which showed that in female speed skating there ascended the new star, which name Lidiya Skoblikova.

Lidiya won the second gold in the last day of female skating competitions at the longest and difficult distance in 3000 meters. This time the world record resisted, but Skoblikova approached it closely.

After the VIII Winter Olympic Games of 1960 journalists for the first time began to exercise the wit in epithets, describing victories Russian lightning as began to call Lidiya Skoblikova.

After Skoblikova`s Olympic Games gave the rank Honoured Master of Sports of the USSR handed an award of the Labour Red Banner. Waited for it not only grand welcomes, gifts and flowers, but also tails advanced to collect at institute. Lidiya refused the proposal of the rector to take the academic vacation. It was very heavy, it was necessary to endow a dream, but Skoblikova caught up with classmates, having successfully passed all examinations and tests. On the termination of institute of Lidiya suggested to remain in it is mute the teacher.

There is a lot of time and forces took away sport. In female speed skating medal events at four distances were traditionally held: 500, 1000, 1500 and 3000 meters. Naturally, as the equipment, and tactics of run at sprint and stayer distances is various. Lidiya perfectly ran long distances, and here over short it was necessary to work seriously surely to apply for absolute superiority.

Persistent training work yielded result. Soon on a high-mountain skating rink in Alma - Ate Lidiya established a new world record at a distance of 1000 meters. And in 1963 in Japan for the first time won all four distances at the World Cup, having become the all-around champion and having updated the world record at a distance of 1000 meters.

Triumphal for Lidiya Skoblikova of steel IX the winter Olympic Games of 1964 in Innsbruck, not for nothing newsdealers will christen them Skoblikova`s Olympic Games . Did not assume it who. Lidiya surely won all four distances, and three first with the Olympic records. If not sharp warming whether slightly water stood on ice, it could finish also the last distance with record time. But you will not argue with weather.

Seldom when the all-around champion manages to win all distances. In any case, at the Olympic Games Lidiya Skoblikova`s result all are that no which of skaters could repeat. By the way, any of skaters has no six gold Olympic medals too.

Practically at once after the Olympic Games the World Cup in Sweden where Lidiya won all distances again took place, having become the all-around champion. Twelve victories in a row in the World Cups and the Olympic Games - result phenomenal. From now on Lidiya Skoblikova also became for all recognized queen of skates .

After the Olympic Games Lidiya decided to leave for a while big-time sports, it was time to think of the child, she was married to Alexander Polozkov, the athlete, the world record-holder on sports walking for a long time. On March 14, 1965 she gave birth to the son.

In 1983 the International Olympic Committee awarded the outstanding sportswoman Lidiya Pavlovna Skoblikova with a silver sign of the Olympic order for a contribution to promoting of the Olympic ideals and outstanding achievements in sport . Its official titles and awards can be listed long, but for the whole world it remains already many decades queen of skates - it is also its main title.