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Flowers fragile creations of

How to keep cut flowers longer? What flower shops and floristic salons store fresh flowers in?

Many millennia flowers represent the special magic beauty filling soul and heart with unusual, delightful feelings at people.

Tradition to use flowers as ornament originates in an extreme antiquity. People always tried to decorate with flowers not only festive and gala days of the life, but also everyday life which, as it is known people have much more that it is fuller to feel pleasure of short-term life on guilty Earth.

Today practically any celebration does not do without flowers, whether it be birthday, a wedding, a friendly party, a campaign on a visit. There would be only an occasion to decorate the life with beautiful flower compositions, each of which helps to express an essence of the celebrated event, decorates a holiday table and pleases the gathered guests. Each flower, is shrouded in illusive and mysterious aura, that magic mood with which it endows all people without exception, whether it be the man or the woman, the small child or the elderly person.

Flowers give to the person that wonderful world, getting to which feel happy and favourite.

However, the flowers which especially are cut off - are short-lived, they rather quickly wither therefore demand special, attentive leaving.

At the cut-off plants the normal cycle of vegetation is interrupted, they lose a support and the power supply. At the same time, in the winter and at the beginning of spring the flowers which are grown up in greenhouses as they were not prepared for new conditions of keeping - in rooms, too dry and warm for them, with a central heating especially quickly wither. Most often flowers wither because of long stay without water, and also difficulties of its absorption - not roots, but stalks.

For certain the situation when the presented magnificent bouquet of flowers literally in the eyes begins to wither is known to all of you and in several hours demands reanimations . There is a set of ways to keep beauty of cut flowers.

To prolong life and to keep appearance of these so fine whimsical live gifts, special refrigerators for flowers which are established in shopping centers, flower shops and floristic salons help. Such chamber has glass walls from one or several parties, the glazed door for an entrance of the seller - the florist. Refrigerators represent air devices which have a frame or beskarkasny design, a heat-insulating protection from sandwich panels, facing from noncorrosive steel.

Also exists a number of ways of preservation of cut flowers in house conditions. Care of flowers in many respects depends on their version. For example:

- the ends of stalks of roses, lilacs, chrysanthemums, a mimosa and other flowers with a dense stalk it is necessary to split a little. Such way will allow a flower to absorb more moisture, so, will prolong the term of its storage.

- violets entirely immerse in water and only, then put in a vase.

- flowers do not love direct sunshine, drafts and a cigarette smoke.

- it is also possible to refresh tulips which quickly faded by means of hot water. After this simple procedure flowers will get freshness at once. It is necessary to update cuts of stalks only in advance and to densely wrap up them paper. It will promote straightening of stalks.

- faded roses should be lowered in water at several o`clock or to take a rose stalk cut in very hot water several seconds. It is useful to cover roses for the night with a plastic damp bag.

Following these rules, you will be able to prolong beauty to svezhesrezanny flowers much longer!