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Stole the cell phone. What to do?

Not palatable fact, happen Often ourselves are guilty of it, we provoke thefts. It is especially amusing to observe how young people get the sotik to brag of new brand, design. Nakhodka for the thief.

At once I remember the childhood when bought me a new doll. I was in such indescribable delight that I wanted to tell of it to all indifferent world. I bragged of a doll to the unfamiliar boy on the street, he snatched my charm gryaznyuchy hands and tore off a touching bouquet of violets from her gentle dress To my grief there was no end!

Alas, the mobile phone is stolen. At first the sticky fear and terribly mean condition of dullness will paralyze will. It is a pity so as if in your trembling soul spat and wiped about it boots. Then sobering up comes. What to do? Here when you will begin to think, it is time to work.

The first action - to submit the application to Department of Internal Affairs on a crime scene. At first to call (wow, mobile phones - that is not present!) by the payphone or to use carefully kept friend`s phone, to learn where there is this police station. Then to pay visit. To write the accurate application, without emotions and sorrows. In the established form. With the indication of the place, time and circumstances of stealing. Your statement has to be recorded in the book of the accounting of incidents and crimes.

Then call the operator - important to manage to block phone. In it there were so many contacts! Whole small life. Yours this - the card will not be gone, it will be restored, in any case number will remain for you, and here correspondence and contacts

Most often steal phone for the purpose of its further resale. However and among thieves there are unprepared bejans who can allow a dangerous miss and to call from your untimely left owner of the favourite. Having left request for identification of calls to the operator, it is possible even to calculate the address to which this number is registered also the identity of the thief.

Only such good luck drops out extremely seldom - usually from the stolen phone this - ku throw out first of all.

Whether will find your phone? The question is interesting. Within ten days after submission of your statement the militia holds primary expeditious events and makes the decision on initiation of legal proceedings.

In each phone there is the unique serial number, IMEI. In it 14 figures. It is written down on a back cover of phone under the battery - check! This number is specified also in your warranty card. This number it is sewn up in the program of the device it is also easily distinguished at registration of phone in a network. That is it means that anyway even if in your phone will change THIS - ku, it can be found as soon as it begins to work again. For this purpose it is necessary to send inquiry to all local operators with the indication of number IMEI with a request to tell you if phone is activated.

How to secure itself and the phone against theft? Or at least to create an essential obstacle to thieves? Not to throw phone anywhere, not to put in a pocket from where it is easy for everyone to get. There are more sophisticated methods - establish a special code of protection on the phone - today it is offered by all operators. It will complicate use another THIS - ki and considerably will reduce phone cost at the buyer of stolen property as the unblocking will find loss at once.

There are special programs - SimWatcher, PhoneSecure and to them similar. In case of performance of certain actions these programs instantly send SMS - messages on the set numbers or block phone. It is so possible to learn number of the thief or found.

Make secure - in literal and figurative sense. It is possible to insure expensive device, in case of theft or losses to you are offset its cost. And it is possible to put under the battery or a back cover a note for the thief - the offer on repayment with your contact information. And suddenly you and really just dropped the mobile phone? So you will specify the shortest way of your phone home.

Let ever nobody steals anything from you!