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What is the pleasure?

Happiness are pleasure without repentance.

Lev Tolstoy.

Pleasure Pleasure No, not so: on - slazh - - - e Sweet, promising word.

What associations at you arose when reading these words?. Any?! Probably, read just like that as any other. Try to say them aloud. What does the first come to mind?. You like your association?.

And one more question. When last time you felt pleasure?.

For some reason when I ask this question all are confused or experience constraint from the fact that they are asked about sex, about sexual pleasure (though if to re-read a question once again, all of you - will not see the word " there; sex ) And it is not accepted to tell about it aloud

Here and it turns out that we can have a pleasure only of one format, one look, and about it it is impossible to talk, it cannot be sounded, same the tabooed subject, this very personal In total it is a pleasure. About which it is necessary to be silent Well we live.

And the pleasure happens not only and not just sexual. How happiness? Holidays? Fun? Pleasure? Compliments? Admiring? Harmony? Relaxation?. We allow ourselves to derive pleasure from all this? Or are as usual busy? Are busy with preparation for a holiday of life and household cares, work and career, close and their destinies, production of money and success It is possible to continue infinitely long this list, and a conclusion will be one - we are very engaged with everything at light to find time for receiving pleasures and all - to begin to enjoy life Now I will ask

one more intimate question: in what the purpose of your life? Only. For the sake of what you live?

To build the house? To grow up children? To make successful career? To earn a lot of money? To gain recognition of people around? To prove everything that you it is better?. It is possible to realize all this list and not to feel happy (yes will forgive me men, I am a woman and I write with the termination - oh it is so more pleasant to me :). Why to you in that case these purposes?. If they do not bring desirable pleasure?. It is possible to want to build the house to feel at home to plunge into the atmosphere of security and comfort to feel a family as the uniform organism gathering at breakfast, a lunch, a dinner to put a garden and to enjoy blossoming of trees, tasty fruits, delights of friends and relatives to feel like the hostess (owner) of the hospitable house and situation to enjoy space and t. e You felt that here everything very subjectively and there is only not enough acquisition of the house obviously for achievement of the purpose? And behind all these conventions only one desire, only one purpose is looked through - I want that to me it was good!. I want to be happy.

Happiness cannot be understood (though activity of bark of the left prefrontal lobe of a brain is responsible for a condition of happiness), it cannot be explained with reason (though exist happiness hormones - so-called endorphins). Only to feel Happiness is a condition of absolute satisfaction with life, feeling of the highest pleasure, pleasure (so speaks Explanatory dictionary of Efremova ) . Happiness is a success, good luck. It is a happy occurence, happy combination of circumstances. This luck, is good luck. It is freedom. This state when it is very good I think, each of you is what to add this list, each person has the definition to eternal values.

If you thought of the version of how to take pleasure from life how to learn to be happy, you for certain faced the Parable about Happiness.

God stuck together the person from clay, and there was with him an unused piece.

- What else to stick together to you? - God asked.

- Stick together to me happiness, - the person asked.

was answered Nothing by God, and only put to the person in a palm the remained clay piece
Happiness is very subjective

. I absolutely agree with Wikipedia (The free encyclopedia, not advertizing, the quote): happiness is an emotional state (feeling) at which the person tests internal satisfaction with conditions of the existence, completeness and intelligence of life and implementation of the appointment. Again feelings, isn`t that so?.

It is possible to try to see a difference between happiness reasonable which we to ourselves think out that easier and more quietly was, and simply happiness . Say aloud and with expression: I am happy! - if you woman and I am happy! - if you man. Answer yourself a question that now you feel. And now close eyes, inhale. Feel how fresh light air fills your breast, gives you forces which you accept. Feel how many heat in you how many light And now say the same phrase: I am happy / is happy!

If not so long ago you endured leaving of the loved one or feeling of a grief and melancholy, it will be very heavy to you to tell yourself that you are happy. Norm of our culture are that that having endured something sad, we a certain period cannot feel externally pleasure or happiness, it is not got, will condemn And loss experience - not minute process, usually we long its feather - zhivay Why since young years teach us to

and edify to endure pain and losses ( suffer, will pass " soon;) and absolutely forget to teach us to derive pleasure from life?. Here to hear from young mummy: Synul, go here, substitute cheeks to the sun. You feel how it gently tickles them? The sun heats and gives heat Instead regularly I hear: Do not roar. On the machine, go be played. No, of course, in the second case we raise the man - man strong in spirit, tempered in fights, courageous Happy?.

In any case boys, us, girls, raised not Turgenev young ladies too, the purpose of many maiden lives is still the marriage (ideally - successfully when you ask to decipher this phrase - are confused, lost, do not understand ). Where here about thin feelings and deep experiences, not before, there is no time to be distracted by any pleasures, the destiny should be created! Then to become happy! And to enjoy life

I Reduce these two concepts ( happiness and pleasure ) in something synonymous for several reasons.

Epicureans during a Hellenism era just identified happiness with pleasure - it is the first, philosophical, the reason. Second reason in some way mental : the highest degree of happiness can pass into a condition of ecstasy. Ecstasy (from Greek extasis - admiration) - the term recorded in antique literature for designation of a special condition of consciousness in which borders between external and internal are lost. This state is followed by feeling of enthusiasm, intoxication, detachment from reality, ignoring of real external feelings. The third reason - mine: when I am happy, I always feel pleasure, I enjoy life and I cannot differently, I do not want.

How often you derive pleasure? I sincerely believe that this process first of all depends on ourselves: I derive pleasure if I want to receive it; I do not derive pleasure if I want / cannot receive it. Other question is in what is frequent, pursued by sense of guilt, a debt or offense, I to myself forbid to receive it (from the sad " series; The People of Africa starve, and I enjoy here!?. ) Naturally, such pieces very much prevent to live - as it is possible to enjoy life if to someone it is bad? Utopian ideas. There is a lot of us on the planet. Always there will be someone to whom it is bad, agree? And there will always be someone to whom it is good (in a basis - idea of harmony, integrity and balance). Dare to get to this state well .

The highest pleasure - to make that, by

of what, according to others, you cannot make. Walter Bedzh

Is remarkable exercise which is called Paradise garden . Its main goal - to investigate existence of own barriers in receiving pleasures. Its essence is simple too: it is necessary to imagine that you are in a paradise garden where to you is permitted to do the favorite thing. Where it is authorized to you to enjoy. Any restrictions within half an hour. Only you - and your business (or did not put) bringing pleasure I know from experience of carrying out this exercise that the majority of us does not know how to behave in this situation - situations of a possibility of receiving pleasure. An opportunity is, conditions are, the purpose is, resources are - and there is no pleasure. It only seems a simple task. And to use the imposed stereotype, that the pleasure brings to the person coffee cup, tasty cigarette and easy communication - it is often simplest. We run away from pleasures, it is as if sad did not sound After this exercise many understand that, probably, to allow himself to enjoy is an ability which needs to study. And, probably, they are right. If I am not able, I do not allow myself to derive pleasure from life (and very often I am even afraid to admit to myself it) why I cannot learn it? I very much want to be happy! In the new built house with a garden. With the family gathering at breakfast, a lunch, a dinner. With happy children. And with the new car. And of course from own success!...

P. S. Very much I love psychosomatics. Allow themselves to enjoy, the pleasure and pleasures is a prevention of a large number of diseases (here both viral infections, and diseases of airways, and blood diseases, and skin diseases, and diabetes, and eye diseases ) Good luck and remember that the pancreas is sweet lives; anklebones - a symbol of ability to pleasure; heart - the center of love and safety. Warm love to you and sweet pleasures!