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How the team of employees is formed?

Once for me and still for my many acquaintances such concepts, as corporate culture and " team; could be formed in the organization only by means of corporate parties. Further the thought did not go, respectively, in this direction no work was conducted.

When I began to deal more densely with this problem, it turned out that everything is not so simple, and corporate parties are even not a top of an iceberg, but only the tool, only one of and, many heads make an enormous mistake - continue to use only this isntrument.

The head or the owner of the company tries to connect all staff of the organization in a whole, and here its expectations from this connection often disperse from what from it employees wait for. The task of creation of team extremely seldom belongs to the list of important issues. We will make all this, but not today. We forget that not only money, but also the activity implementation environment, and also partners with which this activity is carried out, are motivator for employees.

We really forget that to undergo the changes happening in the market, to work in crisis situations and only the team is capable to try to obtain success. One tractor and one cow, I`m sorry, not a farm, one employee in your company is not all company. Only the team is capable to carry out many tasks, and differently, sorry, why you do not work and do not carry out all functions from the secretary to the CEO? You what, are not capable of it?

Team work is often confused to work performance by group of employees and if it seems it is possible to deal with team, then with cooperation there are problems. It is heavy to unite all. In each department there is something special, there is a teamwork, and on any corporate holiday it is possible to allocate small groups. Notice, all sit down departments because is so more comfortable. But it is groups, and whether here team? As a rule - no.

As a rule, in each section of the book - the managements the first question sounds so: What to begin with? . In this case I did not allocate it separately because it is possible to answer this question with one offer: it is necessary to begin not with corporate culture, and with development of the system of company management. Without accurately constructed control system and smoothly running interaction the team will never be created. Heroes of the fable: the swan, cancer and a pike will become the main characters in your company.

Should consider that it is possible to create team on the basis of at least three primary indicators: purposes, ideology, corporate culture. What here to tell, about the purposes and corporate culture it is written much, and here it is necessary to deal with ideology.

The fact that the ideology is primary it is clear. But what is ideology? Perhaps, here not to do us without accurate definition. Ideology (from idea - concept, representation, and logos - the word, the doctrine), system of political, legal, moral, religious, esthetic and philosophical views and ideas at whom the attitudes of people towards reality are realized and estimated. The ideology is based on culture and the created values.

Revolutions are connected with ideology in our country. Unfortunately, it was already postponed in consciousness of many, teach it at school. Formation of team will pass through revolution therefore, notice, already much in common too. People with different views and understanding will never work well together, in the same way as exclusively honest and decent person will not be able to work with the thief (let and not obvious) and the idler.

Only when the foundation of koroporativny culture is at least laid and formation of ideology begins, it is possible to start formation of team.

The team can be formed by carrying out team works, statement of the purposes allowing to reach not personal (personal can be including), but also command results. We applied such reception when declared a possibility of receiving 13 - y salaries to each employee, but for this purpose was it was necessary to reach the planned financial performance. All participated. Everyone understood that receiving that financial remuneration depends on its work. But it was the " team; one day . It is no more. Only during this period one employee helped another, only during this period the conflicts and disputes disappeared - everything was carried out. It is favorable to use such method at those moments when in the small company (or department) it is necessary to make big breakthrough.

One of techniques of creation of team is based on creation in the company of the confidential atmosphere. But with this phenomenon it is necessary to be accurater. Trust - trust, and execution of direct duties - it is perfect other. I will give one small example. Once the cashier working in our shop is slightly more than a month, asked for leave for a couple of hours in institute. In a type of specifics of business the role of the cashier can be transferred to the manager or the senior manager without violation of technology of work. The cashier transferred a key and left. On a question of the administrator of shop why clause of the working instruction demanding transfer of cash desk and signing of papers with the indication of the transferred sum was not implemented and the number of the carried-out documents the answer was received: yes here all work at trust why it was necessary to do it? The example is clear. The trust in this case opens a way to violation of the established rules. It is necessary to teach to distinguish personnel trust from responsibility, temporary delegation from direct execution.

As the team is a tool for achievement of the objectives, many trainers, for example, offer carrying out various actions of the " type; summer lightning (who remembers Soviet period remembers also similar actions), campaigns and other, even with extreme elements. Within this action the department or all small team leave on the nature where receive command tasks of any contents. It is considered that when performing the tasks which are not relating to work (and in fact simple tasks), the command spirit is formed. It is impossible to break the company into departments at all and to hold competitions between them - the chain falls. In the same way, the popular paintball or soccer can be used only when an opponent is the staff of other company, but not yours.

And now about the main thing. About what ruins team. Unfortunately, the competition which is provoked often by the management for identification of leaders, and also some requirements and rules established in the organization. For example, the staff of departments is obliged to point to mistakes not only to the colleagues sitting with them in one office room but also the staff of other departments, making the corresponding entries about discrepancy. Employees can and will perceive it normally, but only when the top management presents this process as really necessary and necessary and will confirm it with the real facts.

Anyway, formation of team is possible only when there is a leader whom people are ready to follow, and here existence or absence of this leader - a question of staff recruitment, actually the same question, as well as structure of this team - who in it will be whether these people will work well together. The team will be team only if team work is supported by the management, but does not come to an end with the phrase: We need team that we were the best (unfortunately, even such good phrase does not work). And the last, forming team, listen to those who in it are your partner. Dictatorship in this case will not work!