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How a feather - to live crisis?

Here world financial crisis also came to us. Or we to it as it is pleasant to whom On the Internet the joke walks. Crisis over the world flies. Flies by by America:

- You look how well live! I will land, I will stay a little

Flies by over England:

- Aha, is good it here! I make landing

Flies by over Ukraine:

- did not understand, who here to me worked!?!

In psychology there is such concept as rationalization . It is the mechanism of psychological protection which works in us when the world becomes uncontrollable, illogical, not predicted, clarity and transparency is lost, knowledge of the world and of themselves becomes painful for understanding. In response to the arising chaos, consciousness tries to create, think up, invent such picture of the world which would be internally deprived of contradictions which will be able to provide to the person at most of comfort today. The world has to be operated, regulated, predicted in the development. The person wants to know that each his step is logical, it has cause and effect.

Often the person does not want to face the truth, it forces to leave illusions. And process this painful. Rationalization is directed to saving the status kvo to a life situation, to removal of tension at experience of discomfort by means of creation of the various explaining constructs.

Is given to me, in a present situation of crisis, the world is most uncontrollable, and the desire to leave illusions that our country (and we together with it, of course) develops, becomes richer and gives the mass of opportunities for development of the person - at all does not arise. There is a strong wish to believe that everything will be good. As if absurdly this thought did not sound. We can create to ourselves any installations ( to me crisis only on advantage all have a crisis - I have a blossoming and so forth. ), but if they are not strong at the basis, any contact with society which in the majority is filled today with panic where passive where active (separate thanks of mass media) - leads to cracks of similar installations. Unfortunately.

I do not like to give advice. Therefore I will just tell what did as soon as it was sated with own fears and powerlessness. Rage and rage apropos Why this crisis comes while my business still lives a formation stage!!! it is overcome quickly enough - as soon as you begin to consider (it I about money)

First that I decided to make - to remember and learn that represents crisis. Psychological approach that crisis is a necessary stage of development of all and it conducts everything - to improvements, at a meeting with esoteric trends (about big hunger, a flood and regeneration of races) there was a strong wish to fill with positive emotions. That it was easier to live. I began to fill.

Crisis 3 - x years. the Child becomes uncontrollable, contradicts everything, harm reads off scale - it seems, it will never end! Passes. Besides, the child becomes rather Independent personality, and he needs to endure this crisis.

Crisis teenage . The child has a formation, hormonal explosion, fight of a self-assessment, need for acceptance, the first love, one-way love Parents have a fear - what to expect how to worry?.

A children grow then, find good work, make a family and grandly come on a visit to parents on family celebrations. Everything is adjusted. Any crisis in the relations nobody remembers.

Though is still options when teenage crisis smoothly passes into drug addiction, alcoholism or prostitutions. And then it is rather stable, get used to a situation, and I on you, as in the war speaking about life But here we can tell what everyone chooses as to it to live. And what to do if I did not choose any crisis?. I do not want to be afraid and to convulsively think how Ukraine will worry winter. Russia will give gas or will not give. Will raise once again tariffs for everything or not on everything. All will be reduced and all will close or only 80% of the population will remain without work and below the poverty line. Will be global holodo-and Famine-Genocide or all - we will worry Such questions infinitely much. There is no wish to think of them. We have a government which receives quite good money for solving similar problems. Let solve. And I will continue to do crisis for myself not such terrible.

Having gathered in the searcher crisis is I found the following responses to my inquiry.

1. Any crisis is new opportunities.

2. Financial crisis - it is favorable?

3. Crisis is your chance!

4. Financial crisis is not a doomsday.

5. Crisis what cool and disgusting word.

6. Crisis is time of problems and opportunities.

7. Consumer crisis is a folding of the consumer market.

8. Current crisis is a crisis of confidence in liquidity, with economy everything is good.

9. Crisis is a God`s trial of a human lie.

10. Crisis is a slow death or a big victory?.

How many people, are so much also opinions, not differently. We have an option. The choice of how in general treats crisis.

So, crisis is  Ancient Greeks, thanks to them Thought up definition, we know now as such remarkable situations are called. In translation, crisis is a court, a change, revolution, it is time a transition state. Is considered from the point of view of a phenomenon (how many we do not try to explain it, and we cannot open essence). Its functions: manifestation of the hidden conflicts and discrepancies (present how much it is suppressed in the world if our crisis of such scale!), updating of the economic reasons (here it is a phenomenal explanation of world financial crisis: just like that has to be ), mass selection of effective owners (all who will be closed - are inefficient almost a positive), restoration of adequacy of process of reproduction (I do not know what, but the word adequacy gives hope) and updating of ideology, policy and elite (!!!) . It absolutely agrees with the last point. You remember a joke how terrorists occupied the Verkhovna Rada and demand repayment, and otherwise will set fire. You could help us, we collect at all who than can - Well, liters of the 5th gasoline I will be able to give

Besides the aforesaid, crisis has types. Economic, political and social. Each of crises for certain attracts other types, otherwise, than will explain that at us this three look was weaved together?.

As you already guessed to cease to be afraid of crisis, I decided to get acquainted with it closer. To me it is so simpler. Especially as to forget about it (to force out) it will not turn out, and to sublimate and begin to write verses (a picture?) on the subject Crisis on production I too will hardly be able.

So, than for me this three types of crisis in the country are personally fraught.

1. Economic crisis. It is disturbing. Terribly: to be left without work. Without money. Without housing. Without means of support Short the chain turned out. It is terrible to be left without existence. It is terrible not to exist. Key emotion - fear. In particular fear of the termination of activity (fear of death).

2. Political crisis. Has to alter a political situation in the country. Well. This lawlessness and lawlessness bothered. There is a hope. Question second: as. It is good if process of change of ruling elite takes place softly and without serious consequences. And if the people, i.e. us, an eternal raising of the prices and impossibility of further existence force to go on Maidana again? Besides, it is good if all this is without civil war and bloodsheds. Again it is disturbing. Because, if war - see above. Thus, key emotions two - hope (on rescue) and fear (the future, freedom).

3. Social crisis. it is terrible when nobody trusts in anything. It is terrible to lose values and reference points in life. What to trust in, when there is no trust?. Deformation of social values leads, as a rule, to change of a valuable picture of life of each person. Hi, personal crisis of development - withdrawal pains of vital ideals, aspirations and depressive trends!. But on the other hand, it is chance for our people, our nation to rally and survive. And to become stronger. Mighty. To begin to respect at last itself. To live properly Key emotions - fear (senselessness, isolation) and hope (on positive permission of a situation).

Thus, we receive prepotent emotion - fear, accompanying - hope.

The main reason of hope and fear - our inability to be accustomed to the present and a habit to transfer our thoughts far forward. So the anticipation, the greatest of the benefits given to the person, turns in the evil. Animals run only at the sight of dangers, and, having escaped from them, do not feel fear any more. Torments us both future, and last. From our benefits many harm us: so memory returns us to the endured fear torments, and the preimage anticipates torments future Lutsy Seneca. Still Seneca writes that often we begin to be afraid of future misfortunes long before they really overtake us, and these fears we spoil to ourselves life: It is probable that there will be a trouble. But not this instant! And as often unexpected it happens! As often expected does not come true! Even if the suffering is necessary to us that advantage to run to it towards? When it comes, you will begin to suffer at once, and while count on the best. What you on it will gain? Time! Sometimes among the fire the road to flight opens, the failed house softly lowered some on the earth, the hand which brought a sword to a nape sometimes took away it, and the victim managed to endure the executioner. And the evil destiny is changeable. Perhaps, the trouble happens, and maybe does not happen; yet it is absent, and you count on the best . Fight of hope against fear. And depends only on us that we will choose.

We come to ways of this research that that unclear internal alarm which we test, beginning - to chew a feather crisis, is transformed to quite sure fear. On the one hand - it clear and subject, with another - deep and in panic inexplicable. Fear of essence. Fear of existence.

Here we also reached so-called existential fears. Their of everything 4 (fortunately): fear of death, fear of freedom, fear of isolation and fear of senselessness. Let`s get acquainted with them (the enemy should be known by sight ) .

Fear of death . It would seem what we are afraid of? We are afraid of obvious. What was seen and that we cannot explain. Now we exist, but there will come day when we cease to exist. On this fear world religions are formed. Trying to explain himself a death phenomenon, people go to sects (about it separately). The religion rescues - she offers an explanation that awaking with me after death of my body. The soul is immortal. The question is in where it will get - to paradise or hell. And how to live that all - to paradise When I am living - there is no death for me. When it comes - I will not be any more! Whether so silly to be afraid of what I will never meet?

Fear of freedom . This fear is less obvious. We got used to believe that freedom is a positive phenomenon. We aspire to it. But in this case, freedom is an absence of the set structure. We come to the created world, we are trained to live in it (to wake up in the morning, to brush teeth, to take a shower, to have breakfast, put on - all this structure), and we never reflect that this structure is created by us, we it create every day it. We have no soil under legs. Ourselves create to ourselves this soil

Fear of isolation (loneliness). As if we did not seek to approach other person, between us there is always something insuperable that allows us to feel lonely. I remember time of a sharpening of this fear when in crowd (especially in crowd) suddenly I was pierced by acute sense One Nobody, except me could muffle it. It besides did not depend on external factors. It was just bad Each of us alone comes to this world and alone leaves it

Fear of senselessness . All of us will die. Ourselves create the space, the life. All of us are lonely. In what then meaning of life?. Why I live? For the sake of what I live? What for? As to me to live?. I create the life - for the sake of what?. We ask similar questions and we cannot answer them. Here crisis of the middle of life is also based on such existential questions. We were lucky more: thanks to the appeared suddenly world crisis and the panic which came for it we have a chance to ask themselves these questions before arrival of personal crisis. Or right after it. The key phrase - to us was lucky! 

Why I write about existential fears. In - the first, it is fears which are not connected with any vital events, they are connected with the essence of the person. That is, it is those fears which are in us always. Now they just have under themselves a certain soil for more active manifestation. In - the second, these fears are inherent in all people without exception. Therefore we are so easily connected to fear of colleagues, employees, neighbors And so easily we share the terrible emotions with them. In - the third, these fears as I already mentioned, intrinsic, i.e. from - for the depth and not concreteness they do not give in to full eradication. They in us are always. I will not tell what pleases. But I will remember that everything that does not kill me, does me stronger . And thus, we come that it is possible to live with these fears long. The main thing that did not read off scale (then to experts - to reduce fear level to accepted when to live it turns out, there is a wish and it is could). As help I will tell that the fear provides self-preservation of the individual. We need to see real threats of our life to live. We need to be afraid of changes of the social status to live. Eventually, we need to be afraid to die to live

to Whom simpler to live in this situation? To the one who at least once in life asked himself a question - for what I live? To the one who can think of it. To the one who created life priorities. Probably. Hard that who, having faced questions of the life, having faced life - preferred to get away, escape. In work (now it suddenly became less or did not become at all). In food (in large quantities write about hunger in connection with a rise in price of products - what to do?). In the relations (all attended to primary requirements - in food, a dream and so forth, for some reason). That it was simpler to live now, all - ask yourself a question - for what I live? What most important value in your life?.

If you noticed, by our reasonable reflections, we reduced the general level of alarm in a body a little (I hope!) .

Still I believe that rather just to cease to be afraid of crisis  Important just to get acquainted with it

Small recommendations as it is simpler - to live a feather crisis.

1. Remember that we live Here and now. Enjoy in the afternoon. Everything that was - the past. Everything that will be - the future. Everything that is - the present. And it is also life.

2. Support backs - buy a bag of potato, sugar and fat (if to you is so quieter)  Be not zealous especially - stock up on the near future (today - for tomorrow, tomorrow you will think about the day after tomorrow) Though if your strategy - to stock up on all of life - buy everything wholesale. The main thing that it was breathed easier. And there was a wish to live.

3. You do not watch constantly news. At most - once a day, after food. Let the brain fly into a rage, it is better for stomach and intestines not to panic  Read less fried information from the Internet.

4. Unite. Meet friends, create labor unions, support each other, give help Having united, it is easier to endure both fears, and crises, and other negatives.

5. Esland it is possible, look for financial aid at the state (yes, at our country!). And suddenly!.

6. Occupy yourself by in what there was a wish to be engaged long ago, but there was constantly not enough time. Master a new profession, get an education. Remember not what is fashionable, habitual, monetary, and about in what really you want to be engaged. The professionals devoted to the business are always demanded. So are provided.

Well and finally.

Two twins in a maternal womb: - Listen to

, to me something is frightening You do not know what is there, behind a wall?

- No, I do not know From there still nobody came back.

With faith in you, and with optimism!