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Telephone hotline. For whom and what for?

Ya think, most of people on light felt once mental anguish, melancholy, offense, a hopelessness when the problem seems unsoluble. At such moments just you do not know where whom to ask for the help. Close people sometimes do not understand, they have no time to listen or they is just far. And not with each problem you will go to mother or you will call the girlfriend. In such cases can support telephone hotline .

What happen telephone hotlines

Specialized. the children and teenagers, women suffering from violence in a family, the people testing dependence can address Here (alcoholic, narcotic, game etc.) people with nonconventional orientation.

Crisis. the psychologists helping those who endured an acute pain of loss and tested a heavy grief work Here.

Hot lines of the general direction. Are those who will listen and will understand. If experts need to solve a problem, will give phone numbers, addresses where you will be helped. Here will prompt how to look at a situation in a different way, and, I will repeat, will listen and accept you such what you are. Will not condemn, will not wave away, will not begin to criticize. Sometimes it is even simple to be uttered, voice the trouble - already big business .

Who on other end of a wire

generally by a telephone hotline to you will answer

psychologists, more rare it is lawyers, workers of the social sphere. You can be sure is experts. There are telephone hotlines where volunteers on a voluntary basis work, but also they completed obligatory courses and training. On specialized telephone hotlines people who came up against situations, troubles of the one who calls more than once are ready to support you. They advise, try to support, at the critical moments do everything that became the person though it is a little easier. Perhaps, to you will not give the unambiguous recipe or advice, but by means of the person on that end of a wire, you will be able to feel that it is not the vital deadlock that there is a sense to look for and find a way out.

what handle

Most often a reason for the address become of the relation in a family . Now in Russia the violence in a family assumed a considerable scale. In various forms and manifestations violence, unfortunately, often found phenomenon, and here the help from people who it have to is not necessary to help and support, wait. The violence is not only household knifing and beating of weaker family member, this use of force with the purpose to establish the power in a family and total control. The people who underwent violence most often do not know how to them to arrive and where to address, telephone hotline for many of them becomes rescue.

The questions concerning of health - mental and physical are on the second place. Many call to learn to what expert it is necessary to address, eat phones for people with a serious illness of a certain profile, if necessary you will be able to dial number according to which will consult about prevention of a disease.

The third place is taken by calls from children . These are the children who underwent violence in a family or victims of ill treatment of more adult children. Seldom who addresses to law enforcement agencies from - for fear or mistrust. Little citizens need a view of a problem of the adult and the understanding person. Consultants are always ready to prompt and the address of a special shelter.

That you receive, having dialed number telephone hotline

In - the first, real-life communication, free ears who listen to you attentively. On that end of a wire of people which at this moment thinks of you to your problem and it is ready to wait until you have a good cry until you gather with spirit .

In - the second, this person knows that you will be able that you will cope that everything will change that there are those who will become your support. Also the same person, as a rule, has a base of contacts. It is ready to provide information and a phone number as the nursery ambulance and the next narcoclinic.

In - the third, you do not need to hesitate, to hide some details. Your address will remain anonymous, you can not be ashamed of own feelings.

In - the fourth, telephone hotline - it is always a quick help. If you have no opportunity to meet personally the psychologist or that who is ready to render internal consultation. Keep in mind

Telephone hotline - it is a saving tablet, the beginning of a solution. After the address, you will be able to begin to look for without excess uneasiness and tension a way for a way out. You should remove the address cause all the same. But it is always much easier to make it, knowing that you are not lonely!