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Holiday romance and its consequences or Why he does not call?

Almost all people, being on vacation, are inclined to change something in the life, perhaps, to afford something that they are deprived on weekdays, but what so deeply and long ago needed. It can be clothes style, a diet, a day regimen, habits etc. But first of all, of course, relationship. The person - a being social. We are inclined to get on vacation new friends and even to try to establish new professional connection, but most of all problems usually arise with relationship love.

And such problems are formed initially as the person usually presents himself at new acquaintances on vacation not it what he is in ordinary life, and it what he would like to see himself. Subconsciously understanding that stay terms in the resort are limited, the vacationer begins to play that role which is pleasant to it most of all, obviously knowing that such - that short term it will hold on, so to speak, at the high level of flight . What, as a rule, is impossible in ordinary real life.

As a result exhausted with continuous getting of money, women, regardless of the number at them of children and unsoluble problems, beautiful mysterious strangers with faultless manners of true ladies become household and professional chores of the man on vacation unusual heartbreakers and gallant gentlemen, and.

Here to you and one of versions of the answer to a question: Why he does not call? . Perhaps, just because having, as well as most of men, the developed logical thinking, came to a conclusion that will hardly be able in actual practice the hometown, burdened professional, and it is very probable, as family obligations to remain the same self-assured man so well it was successful whose role on vacation in your eyes.

Most likely, it is pleasant to it to remember time spent together with you: joint walks under the moon, night bathings, own gallant courtings and improbable sex. But at the same time he quite realizes that all this is only the fine fairy tale which repetition in the conditions of everyday life is impossible and it is even undesirable. The intensity of emotions is too high, the male role is too difficult in this fairy tale.

But to you it is not necessary very much to be upset about it. Arguing sensibly, you will understand, as your belief in what you love his any, is not quite justified too. To you it is necessary not any namely that: quiet, sure, affable etc. And its, it, perhaps, just does not exist in the nature.

Therefore it is the most reasonable to use all positive emotions and advantages received by you in the resort in own life. And there is a lot of them.

Let your partner had no aspiration and an opportunity to remain for a long time the embodiment of your dream, but you had much more important advantage: you felt attractive and desired. Now all this treasure - yours. And to take away to nobody it from you! Present yourself, such new, beautiful, sexual, to the constant partner. It is quite possible that the result will surpass all your most courageous expectations.

It is an excellent way to turn any your relations from quite tolerable in good and even very much. Not incidentally you are familiar with this person so long. It is quite probable that will be enough only a small spark that the fire of your feelings flared with a new force. And possible as such spark your new, acquired during rest, the feeling will also serve. Besides the secret which is carefully hidden by you will add mysteriousness to your eyes that will make you even more attractive to your darling.

Perhaps, today for your relations it is just that recipe which will keep their existence for long and happy years. Perhaps, it should be used, if circumstances developed thus?

It is necessary to tell that except the sudden termination the holiday romance has also one more negative moment which you, fortunately, avoided. Not always and not all men perceive harmless flirtation of the woman on vacation quite adequately. Very often happens so that the slightest signs of attention are perceived as the obligation of proximity. In such cases business can reach use of force. And instead of the brought fairy tale - one more psychotrauma. Both only very competent and reasonable behavior of the woman where it is verified, perhaps, intuitively, each gesture, each look, each told word, can help to avoid similar troubles and to make so that everything occurred only in a voluntary consent of the parties. You managed it brilliantly? It can be considered as positive circumstance too.

Thus, in so-called average history of a holiday romance good it is much bigger, than bad. The main thing that did not change you wisdom and common sense, and then wonderful transformation from fairly all and themselves cloyed the grumbling bore in the charming sexy woman will make a holiday each weekday of your life.

And who knows how your one and only man will change in response to these changes? It is possible that it will manage a role of the prince charming much better, than to the resort admirer and not only during holiday. Will not be upset and consider then himself as the victim either an occasion, or the reason at all.