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What nezamerzayka to choose?

With cold weather approach each motorist think of timely acquisition of nonfreezing liquid for the iron horse. However at the choice of this production it is necessary to be careful and even vigilant.

Having come to shop, motorists often ask a question: what goods to choose? That the most interesting, having taken cheap liquid, you will not be disappointed in its quality as it will well clean your glasses, will not freeze even in the most severe cold weather, but there will be one, but very big minus - there will be a headache after penetration of vapors into inside of the car. And here expensive chemistry will have a disgusting smell and will not sustain the frosts declared on a label.

As to choose the least harmful and qualitative nonfreezing liquid?

Strangely enough, the first sign of counterfeit liquid for washing of automobile glasses during the winter period is lack of a smell at it. Majority nezamerzayek is made of methyl alcohol which practically not pakhuch. But vapors of menthol are so harmful and dangerous that they cause a headache in the person, and also can lead to irritation of eyes and airways. And at daily contact with such evaporations, there is every chance to catch such chronic diseases as bronchitis and asthma.

From - for the harmful effects on an organism, methyl alcohol it was forbidden to use as a component of nonfreezing liquid for automobile screen wipers.

So, in the Resolution No. 47 of July 11, 2007, the Chief state health officer of the Russian Federation specified that methyl alcohol (methanol) is the most dangerous toxic substance, on organoleptic properties we will practically not distinguish from ethyl alcohol and, in case of its use as substitute alcohol, leads to a lethal outcome . And point 3. 1 this Resolution the ban on " was imposed; delivery positive sanitarno - the epidemiological conclusions on the means on care of motor transport containing methyl alcohol (methanol) .

Today producers have a small choice of the alcohol resolved to to the use in composition of nonfreezing liquid. These are ethyl and isopropyl alcohols.

Liquid with the ethyl alcohol which is contained in it is more preferable to consumers, but because in 2006 turnover of this substance owing to fight against counterfeit alcohol was toughened, it became difficult to producers to work with such raw materials. The accompanying continuous checks and paperwork frighten off them.

Therefore most of producers use the second option which is allowed by state standard specification. But isopropyl alcohol possesses huge minus as has the pungent smell reminding acetone. Somehow to minimize an unpleasant smell, producers try to disguise it by addition of various fragrances. But these fragrances smell not of apples and pears, also causing a headache.

There is a wish to note that the cost of isopropyl alcohol is much higher, than methyl or ethyl. Respectively, a conclusion right there arises that liquid worth below 150 rubles for 5 liter capacity should not be bought - you will get a fake.

By the way, one more shortcoming nezamerzayka on the basis of isopropyl alcohol - it is loss of consumer properties even at a least frost: from - 15 degrees and below. And all because this alcohol freezes much quicker than the fellows.

Therefore if on a label of such washer it is specified that it can be used also at - 30 degrees, then it should be added 10 - 12 degrees safely. Buying on trust, you risk at - to face 20 degrees unpleasant surprise in the form of deaf hum instead of vypryskivayushcheysya from liquid nozzles.

Thus, upon purchase and use of nonfreezing liquid for automobile screen wipers, it is necessary to read everything that is written on a label with great attention, to remember what alcohol is allowed for use, and also all above-stated nuances. And most important: buy such goods only in specialized shops, but not on disorders in the middle of the road.