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Great Russian engineer Patton: how he built the bridge of own life?

the Famous bridge builder, he created 50 bridges. But the bridge of his own life became the most unsurpassed. Evgeny Oskarovich Patton was born on March 5, 1870 in, then Italian, Nice in a family of the Russian consul. The grand duke Vyacheslav Konstantinovich became his godfather. Here, in blissful French riviera where the bright sky over a red tile of roofs becomes blue, the bridge of his long life begins.

This bridge lay over silent Elba, - there he studied in the Dresden Polytechnic University. This bridge passed over dark waters of Neva where Eugeny Patton, in the St. Petersburg institute of engineers of means of communication, finished the education. This mighty bridge rested the other end against the right coast of wide Dnieper where it died on August 12, 1953, without having lived everything three months up to start-up of the main thing, an ingenious construction - the bridge of his name - Patton.


Over a high water of revolution and civil war

1916. A backwater of the professorial apartment of newlyweds Patonov (his spouse - 31 - the summer teacher Natalia to Buddha) in silent, in gardens, Kiev. Somewhere there is a war. People destroy. And Patton builds. Behind his shoulders already bridges through the Kura in Tiflis, Ros in Korsuna, Tyasmin in Zvenigorod. And he by right admits the best bridge builder of the Russian Empire. It soon has two sons.

And here the hard times flood begins. But the bridge of life of Patton is strong and indestructible in the bases. In hungry time of a national distemper when in Kiev sixteen times were replaced the variegated authorities, Eugeny Patton taught, wrote scientific works. Though the family, generally was fed from a kitchen garden at the house.

At last, there comes the peace time. Send away Belopolyaki, having blown up Nikolayevsky Bridge. Patton begins to work at Bolsheviks. It builds the new bridge on the place of destroyed. The person is extremely apolitical, the engineer to the core, he does not even read newspapers. It all in the projects. It builds the bridge over the unpredictable river of life. Only bridges, only development of arc welding, only revolution in equipment. Let outside 30 - e years and at night the city fades, expecting knock at a door. Only flit on deserted streets of a shadow night voronok . Patton sleeps the sleep of the just, and he dreams openwork fantastic designs.

Ice drifts and freeze-ups of the Great Patriotic War

In three months prior to war Patton for the invention and introduction of arc welding under gumboil got the Stalin award. Speed of welding increased by 7 times, together with big improvement of quality. Having a presentiment of approach of tanks of Guderian to Kiev, Patton initiates evacuation of the Institute of electric welding created by it to Nizhny Tagil. Thus, vital Patton Bridge lay also over great Evropeysko - the Asian watershed. Here, at spurs of South Ural, the victory of the Soviet Army was forged. But, we will add, it not only was forged, but also cooked heavy-duty welding of Patton.

Patton and his small research team (many left on the front) for the first time in the world began to weld the most weak spots of tanks - where sheets of armor connect. Automatic welding much increasing durability of seams was developed.

In September, 1941 - go the evacuated Kiev residents were shocked by delivery of Kiev. They worked, 8 seniors of research associates and as much younger, polusutka, and in shops 14 - 16 summer teenagers worked. In total for the front! In total for the Victory! .

The Crossing, a crossing - the coast left, the coast right

Soon after New 1942 - go years on the sparkling hrustky snowball near Nizhny Tagil was rolled out by the handsome - the tank which is completely worked by a method of welding of Patton. Alas, he was doomed, he was shot, testing, nearly in an emphasis, armor-piercing shells. He died adequately, having surpassed much survivability of the riveted fellows. The armor burst, but seams maintained! From now on steel German monsters on rivets were doomed. The electric arch of patonovy welding created a triumphal Kursk arch.

Germans destroyed. Patton did not build yet. He created the punishment weapon. Uncontrollably steel blades of armored brigades strained to be in action, with whistle mines " left; katyushas relentless air bombs fell. All this left from - under welding installations of the great Russian engineer. Only at one of tank plants 2400 km of welded seams were made. And, in the city in which the first Russian engine was created there is nowadays a monument to the thirty-thousand Soviet tank - so much they were made here, in Nizhny Tagil, dressed from a thread and very clean tankoshveyny master Patton.

Posledny Bridge, it difficult most

Ancient Greeks told

about human life top. At everyone it in the time. At Eugeny Patton the top of life came his last years. And to it the ninth ten went already! But he spent the day and spent the night at the leleemy child - the unique bridge, the first in Europe, completely on welding. Its length of 1543 meters, and it will be longer than the Khreshchatyk.

its width is 21 meters. The weight of its steel structures - 10 thousand tons! This bridge of a name of the creator also until now maintains crowds of cars on the back which is tired out in 55 years, without uniform overhaul!

the Creator did not live everything a trifle - three months, only one fall, up to end of the creation.

Veliky Bridge - the Master`s life. He began in the spring in French riviera of Nice, and it is tired out lay down at the end, spent summer - on the light coast of Dnieper.