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Than the plastic window is better and how to prolong the term of its service?

If told existence of plastic windows about prestige earlier, then now practically any is able to afford to improve the image of the apartment by replacement of an old wooden frame by a new plastic window. In new buildings such windows - a commonplace.

The biggest plus of such windows - in their protection of your dwelling against street noise. And if they are equipped also climate - control, then need to open a window, and respectively will disappear, ubiquitous dust will remain outside of your apartment.

Climate - control represents the special valve which is built in a frame or system of valves by means of which there is an automatic adjustment of inflow of fresh air from the outside. Having such device, you will forget about drafts as to inhale pure (or not really) air, you should not open windows wide open now. Air in enough will arrive through openings. In case on the street it is frosty and you do not want to let in cold air the house, then just block the valve.

Still climate - control will be useful in a warm season when a hot topic of fight against insects, in particular, mosquitoes and flies. Openings in a frame will not attract them, and you will cease to decorate your window mosquito grid.

Only you remember that to supply your plastic window with such option as climate - control, perhaps only at once as on already mounted windows similar devices are not put.

Care of plastic windows

Producers of plastic windows claim that service life of their child is estimated decades, but it is difficult to check it as in Russia such windows appeared rather recently. But even if promise long life to your new subject of an interior, you - that know that good and correct leaving all the same will not prevent.

So, any plastic window consists of four components: profile, accessories, double-glazed window and rubber sealant.

To purify glass, it is not necessary to resort to any aggressive chemical compounds, like solvents or caustic alkalis. Here quite Fairy will approach the kind and checked by time means specially intended for washing of windows, or, for example, for washing of ware such as (only do not forget the last to part with water). If the window is very polluted, then you should not delete dirt by means of sharp or firm objects as you risk it simply - naprosto to scratch. In this case: all will wipe patience and work .

As for a profile, here too it is necessary to be careful. Applying the powder or grinding means, you risk to spoil a surface, having got in an award deep scratches which will be hammered with dirt subsequently that will give them not really presentable look.

For no-failure and not creaking operation of metal handles and loops it is recommended to process them universal greasing at least once a year. It is not necessary to invent anything, will approach also popular with motorists of WD - 40.

And here to keep elasticity of rubber sealants most for a long time, time in half a year is necessary to you approximately to clear them of the collected dirt. Do not use for this purpose soap water. Take a damp rag and process accurately special means containing silicone greasing or glycerin. If due leaving is not, then laying can crack and they should be replaced. And it is already additional expenses: cost of laying, works on their installation plus expert`s call.

For reference: replacement of one rubber sealant will cost somewhere 150 rubles - and it without the cost of departure of the master.

As well as behind many other home decoration, it is also necessary to look after plastic windows, clearing and washing them. And then they will serve to you good and long service.