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Why in the Bermuda Triangle strange things are created?

the Mysterious place of the Bermuda Triangle in which suffer crashes and completely disappear the ships, planes and people, long ago found the ominous popularity. The very first mentions of strange waters of those places were made by Columbus, in his logbook.

The set of the made assumptions, both scientific, and fantastic character, did not give the concrete answer to the events in a triangle of the Devil. Nevertheless, there is a number of the versions which are brought closer to reality which in clear up mysterious events of this damned place many.

The relief of a bottom of the Bermuda Triangle is studied very well: in this place of Atlantic there passes the geological fault of huge depth; shelves, a continental slope, deep passages are located. A large number of warm and cold currents meet and move in opposite directions, creating whirlwinds. In this area trade winds constantly blow, often there are storm, a tornado and cyclones.

Emergence of the wandering waves in the Bermuda Triangle is connected with its difficult relief and influence of sea currents.

Huge waves reach height of 20 - 30 meters and more. They appear suddenly, without the reasons, at a light breeze and small nervousness. The wave - the murderer is described by eyewitnesses as quickly coming water wall of huge height. It is capable to ruin any modern vessel which to it will turn up since force of blow of such wave exceeds all limits put in initial calculations. It is initially supposed that the vessel should not collide a wave more than 15 meters high.

Stay cases within a triangle of sea vessels without crew - a difficult riddle for thoughts. Everything indicated that life by the ship was more than a minute ago, and, nevertheless, somewhere all got to In 1850. Near New - Port at a mass congestion of public on a bank waves threw out a sailing vessel Seabord . The ship was absolutely serviceable, and in kitchen the lunch still prepared. On the vessel there was no live soul though in air the smell of a tobacco smoke " was caught;... .

Phenomenon sea " voices; clears up a picture of such mystical disappearances.

By a sea " Voice; scientists nicknamed infrasonic fluctuation which appears at nervousness of the ocean and amplifies with increase in amplitude of waves and wind force. Impact of an infrasound on a live organism, depending on intensity, leads to disorders of a brain, nervous system, a blindness, and frequency in 7 hertz is deadly to the person.

Infrasound speed considerably advances the speed of the hurricane which generated it. Therefore it can be felt in a fine, sunny weather when nothing portends trouble. And sea " voice; demonstrates that the storm on approach and can burst only in several hours.

So, perhaps, people in a condition of panic fear and horror left a vessel board, without understanding the reason. They just wanted to run carelessly anywhere, even to the high sea.

Bermuda Triangle not the only godforsaken place: at the same width it is located to Mora Dyavola in Japan. Both places are considered as an abnormal magnetic zone.

Temperature differences and deep tidal and drain streams cause the magnetic storms creating a radio noise. Under certain conditions from - for such the phenomena occurs spatially - temporary distortion. Cases when planes landed an estimated time much earlier are frequent.

The well-known five of the American fighters " got to such trap over time ; Evendzherov . Having compared the amount of time and volume of fuel which was available for pilots during this educational flight researchers came to a surprising conclusion: so far on the earth there passed hour of time - in white fog of the Bermuda Triangle where there were planes - passed around three! In these three hours of own time they also flew by bigger distance, than planned and expected - further, for the Gulf of Mexico where nobody expected them to find. And they, without having believed the eyes, began to adhere to an initial course on the West, departing is farther and farther from the land, and were forced to splash down Above-mentioned versions logically explain to

the known cases of loss and death sea and aircrafts and the people who were there. There are also supporters of theories with alien beings and to that similar fantastic assumptions. Interest in a phenomenon of this ominous place does not die away for many years and involves more and more researchers.

Despite tens of new theories arising during all researches, the secret of the Bermuda Triangle nevertheless is up to the end not solved. And who knows whether it will manage to the person to distinguish all powers of darkness of the nature?