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Why to dismiss employees and how to do it?

in a number of the companies at establishing order dismiss employees who met all requirements of the company earlier. Why?

In - the first, introduction of a control system (in other words - formalization of business or establishing order) means replacement not less than 30% of present structure. It is practice. The system, for example, allows to eliminate everything left works, and on these left many for certain also lived. Unless introduction of system with such deal will be pleasant to someone? They show resistance for self-defense.

In our company at the time of development at a staff of 16 people it was necessary to dismiss practically all key employees and several privates, to make new appointments. We felt effect of injection of fresh brains and result of farewell with old. We were satisfied.

The owner of the company whom I advised concerning creation of system in several days after the beginning of introduction approached me and reported that one of employees told: From - for this system all will run up and he at the same time joyfully answered: Here and well . However nobody left. He began to dismiss. Also was satisfied with result.

Whether it is necessary to dismiss? I Will hit

question with a question: You need such employees? The good employee who did not leave itself will be in the detailed analysis not such good at all. Analyse. Think. Why in principle there are dismissals in what their nature what reason? In it the answer, and you will understand that everything is normal.

You dismiss old employees and gather new. Now the best. Now you already know what you want from them. You have an opportunity to compare to how was. Each time we take to the same position everything the best and best employee. Each time we become more exacting because experience is saved up.

At existence of system absolutely the concept of responsibility of the employee as performer differently is considered. Now it is not enough to provide reports on the done work, now it is necessary to take the responsibility for everything including negative results.

And then we are forced to dismiss the employee as we begin to trace documentary fruits of his works which are incommensurably small in comparison with costs of it contents .

With what dismissals are still connected?

One of the reasons for dismissal - obvious lag of personnel from the ship flying a flag with a name of your company. Not all are in time behind this ship. Spontaneous formation of a control system and organizational structure at the stage family the way existing and making obvious success in the beginning of activity of the company does not allow employees to take the new form of work. Speed of development of the employee can appear much lower than the speed of development of the company and it is necessary to leave the employee. The lagging behind employees it is visible. This lag is noticed by colleagues, you notice.

Some employees, understanding that do not pull the simply submit applications for dismissal and such outcome of events and the most successful for the company. You should not spend time for such employee, trying to train it and to remake it is not necessary to correct the mistakes made by it, but, unfortunately, independent decision-making happens extremely seldom and much more often such employee is waited by compulsory dismissal.

Whether it is worth being afraid of dismissals and mass transitions of your employees to competitors?

cannot Change all your employees and it is not necessary. At the time of creation of system is defined who is who, work becomes transparent and it allows any head to draw the conclusions. You should not be afraid of transition of your personnel to competitors. If they were not successful at you if they showed resistance and could not work within system, they will not be successful also at competitors. It is checked.

As I already mentioned, lack of system does not allow to involve new experts, does not allow to achieve from work personnel wholeheartedly. Current employees have two options: or to accept system and to work in it, or not to accept and leave the company. The employee who did not accept system, did not understand need of introduction of changes cannot be that expert ready to give all companies - to the competitor.

I repeatedly and from shares of a joke and shares of plausibility called competitors, offering the employees who are nowadays working for me. Most of such employees if all of them passed into the competing company would carry away with themselves a chaos particle, at least that which was created and sacredly was preserved by them.

Whether it is possible to construct system and at the same time to keep former collective?

Probably, no. Will not do without dismissal of employees, without discovery of new vacancies, without the fact that many waited for career development, and at introduction of changes took other people from external environment. Others waited for salary increase, but at an exception of shamanism and it did not occur. The system allows the head to pass into real system of an assessment of activity of the company in general and each employee in particular, and it is pleasant to nobody.

How there is a dismissal and expansion of staff at creation of system? If we already told

about dismissals and their reasons, then unsystematic expansion of staff is connected in most cases with growth of the company, without seeing in it any mistake. The matter is that in the absence of system each employee has a large number of work which he, as they say, does not pull because of excessive load.

What is done by the head? He knows (as a rule, not based on real indicators) that the employee works well (where well is not estimated indicator), in his opinion, works wholeheartedly. The head, without sufficient analysis, answers a question why the employee does not cope, and takes in department of one more. Now the same number of work carries out several employees. In the absence of accurate system of the assessment of results connected with the analysis of working hours we will is constantly groundless to broaden staff, promoting still bigger relaxation of employees. You do not cope - you will receive the assistant. Such assistants also heads of departments who refer to absence of the planned results in a type of shortage of personnel demand.

When in the company the system works, there is an accurate distribution of duties and in view of transparency control of all operations which are carried out by the employee is applied. Now the employee should perform much more work, giving all the best on full, we also waited for it, employing him.

However information given above is related to expansion of staff in department in which employees do not cope with work. Let`s analyse and we will establish one more reason of possible expansion - it is already objective reason, is what is demanded by system. If the centralized delivery is necessary - we take the driver if earlier the same function was carried out by one person - we redistribute and, perhaps, we create a new position.

It is impossible to create new positions indefinitely. It is impossible to split up process, leading up results of everyone to it is insignificant significant within the general activity. It is impossible to allocate functions and to distribute everyone to the specific performer. But all divisions and combination need to be made, being guided by the purpose - transparency and control.

Not to lose control over personnel and its quantity, record all established posts. You need to answer yourself a question: whether it will allow to make work of the company of more transparent and to receive intermediate results. At the time of creation of system exercise control over each new employee, each new position and department.

It is obvious that the employee within the operating system can be dismissed in one day . How it occurs and whether it is necessary to do it?

the System really allows to dismiss people, as they say, in one day . All transfer of affairs to the new employee will be carried out automatically, certainly, if the employee worked within the system existing in your company.

In parallel it would be desirable to answer an obvious question which at you surely will arise - about two weeks. Two weeks which the employee has to work seldom in what cases are justified in respect of productivity, simply speaking - in respect of benefit which will be brought by the employee for this term. As a rule, this obvious and frank prosizhivaniye which does not lead to anything. As a result you receive much more bad negative consequences from performance of such works. Sometimes two weeks are a downloading of the database, draining information and other not absolutely correct actions from now former employee therefore we are based on dismissal in one day .

At dismissal we undertake to pay to the employee these two weeks proceeding from his average monthly earnings. The employee will receive the money exactly in two weeks at one but : if after this term not will emerge its violations and any defects in work which are able to allow us to make deduction of all sum or its part.

What advantages of such approach? In - the first, the company treats the employee honestly within the law, and in the opinion of the employee (even that which thought that treat him unfairly) much less rage. The employee has an opportunity within these two weeks quietly to find new work. In - the second, we repeatedly received additional data from such dismissed employee, the databases made, but practices which are not transferred earlier were transferred to them. The company receives much more advantages, than shortcomings.

As you can see, it is necessary to dismiss employees, and it is possible to do it competently.