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About me and for me. Part 2

At the person, thoughts are concrete, and them later there are his actions. There is also a proverb: - “ After death the doctor! “ It is necessary to Think to “ that “ but not in which case not “ after “. It is not necessary to run away from the arisen problem, it is necessary to correct immediately it, on the basis of the available information, personal, life experience, to do in this or that situation right thing.

“ The Master, all life at us only one situations! “

It is life lessons, all of us study as them. And I passed through it and you, we had various lessons both bad and very bad, and also and good. On the basis of the received life lessons we made the decision what so to live, it is impossible more. We found the favourite business, I teach people to operate the thoughts, I help them to gain knowledge, to show how to arrive in these or those situations, to teach them to operate the thoughts at the same time leaving them the choice, to decide what suits them and that is not present. I do not impose them the will. And your favourite business: to compose verses, to write books. So?

“ Completely the Master agrees with you, - “ But I yet not the wizard, I study so far, “ - as spoke, one hero from the movie: - “ Cinderella “.

Here also study! To study never late, and it is necessary. It is possible to sit in a bog and to shout: - “ As to me it is bad! “ at the same time without making any attempts from it “ to get out “. And if to it there “ well “ let sits further. Each person lives the opportunities, that is future, he needs to learn to know that it is necessary for him. Nobody it violently fortunately nobody will drag

. Ourselves create the life, the thoughts, and how we act then, it is reasonable or not, we receive: - “ One will reap what he’ll sow! “ The Good will turn back good, and angrily, the evil.

of People almost always looks for extreme: - “ I drink because! “ At it always, someone is guilty of its troubles created by him. And decision simple: - “ Begin with yourself! “ Think how you live, it is correct or not?

to It need to learn to accept yourself and others with what they are treats people as you would like that others concerned you. It is necessary to change first of all, itself. Generally all people have identical problems: material, do not appreciate at work, problems with children, with health etc. are rude in transport. Not to say that people bad, and to learn to change the thoughts. Precisely know that he wants in the life what needs to be done for this purpose? He with it will be helped by his determination, aspirations, desires, the gained knowledge. Reading, you them already receive the book, “ pass them through yourself “ that is comprehend, trust in the forces and at you everything will turn out. Of course, do not think that it will occur quickly, remember a proverb-: “ More haste, less speed! “ Change

yourself, the thoughts and the people surrounding you, will change in the best " too; party “ first of all your children who at you will study to imitate you, will grow with confidence, as at them everything will turn out in life. And they will not be reserved, will share with you, the problems, pleasures, progress.

“ The Master, and it is possible to learn about " in more detail; reserve “ children? In what it is shown and why occurs? “

First of all, to parents it is necessary to know that “ isolation “ and “ stealthiness “ are different concepts and they are not necessary “ to confuse “. Not isolation, but stealthiness of the acts and actions, children make not houses, and on the street, school, in the yard etc. Generally, outdoors, when they are without parental supervision. Why does that happen? Yes, because all problems of your children come from your education. And you did not know that when you do not agree with your child, you order it to make, you only in your opinion and do not suffer the slightest deviations from the order. And he perfectly knows, without having made what you told it, will be surely punished. What to be surprised here to? And if you learn nothing, all “ will escape to it punishment “. the child begins to understand

I that it is better to tell you a lie, or not all truth. It has a duality in all that he speaks to you, in his behavior, in the relation with relatives etc. of

Mistrust of the child is that having addressed you he counted on your help, support. And you began to shout at it and to punish, - “ What you will seed … “.

“ Yes, the deeper you go into something, the bigger the problem get. We live without knowing it, and then we are surprised: - “ And from where at you it undertakes? We unless taught you to it? “

Again, from here a conclusion which needs to be reminded constantly: - “ At first, help yourself, and then you will help people. You will not help yourself, you will not help people! “ It is necessary to speak About it, repeatedly. Correctly you told

: - “ Than farther in the wood … “. Most of people knows about it, but does not try to apply them in the life. Constantly remember the past: - “ Here we, lived … " earlier;. There will pass several years, and he will tell the same about the present which will be again past.

“ The Master, and why he has a past, is better than the present? “

All because the past and the future are the present, and without them not perhaps future.

of People lives the facts, and it is the past, and it is necessary to live the opportunities. You sit before me it is the fact, and an opportunity to arrive at you appeared, yesterday, the day before yesterday, it is not important when, but you had an opportunity and not to arrive. Correctly? - “ Yes “. - And so it is not necessary to live the facts, and it is necessary to live opportunities, i.e. future. To parents in education of the children, it is necessary to use the opportunities, “ to find “ time for them. It is simple, intelligible, interesting to explain them everything, to help to solve to children the problems arising at them. One person tells

“ beautifully “ in a complicated manner, convincing others what it is clever. And another, speaks simply, asks questions, itself answers them, convinces people, of correctness of the thoughts. But whether will help “ beautiful “ the word to open truth? It turns out that one tells cleverly, and another it is intelligible and clear. Of course, it will be more clear and more useful to children, to listen to the second person.

We underestimate the children, and we create them problems even without thinking of it, and then we are surprised: - “ Why they such, grow? “ Yes it is so sincere that it is possible to think, you see them for the first time.

With words, it is necessary to handle with care, each word makes the value, the sense. It is possible to offend by the word, the word it is possible to ennoble.

Not for nothing say that the person over the years loses health, the beauty, working capacity, only nonsense does not leave it.

Aspire fortunately, keep the health, beauty, forces for creativity, believe in the dream and at you surely everything will turn out! you remember

I that the more you will have information, the less you make mistakes in education of the children. The wrong education of the child in the childhood to be reflected in all his future life. You create the future for the children! The person consists of cages, and his life from trifles. Therefore, in education there are no trifles!

“ The understanding of that, what are you doing? " Is necessary;

Of course, without it in life nothing can be made in any business. As it is possible, to begin some business without understanding, without having answered itself questions: - “ How?, That is necessary for this purpose?, What way?, And if so, and if so?, In what book it is possible to find? “ etc.

Is people who, doing something, perfectly understand crudity of the actions, but continue to do it, hoping on: - “ Perhaps … “. Such people consider that in the course of their activity, everything is formed by itself. They are deeply mistaken, it never happens. I will remind that one not solved problem “ pulls “ following. Century experience, shows, one unreasoned decision which continues to embody

of people, worsens over time, and not vice versa. He does not understand that he him can “ to direct “ material, household, or other reason that the person makes. He begins to understand and comprehend only when failure as a result follows.

“ The Master, still exists planning of the future, it is interesting only how it is correct to make it? “.

You know that there is a weather forecast which weather forecasters can make

forward for tomorrow, for a week, for a month etc. the Person can also predict the future life. Only cancelled options, the person does not take into account, and suitable it and those which he wishes, leaves in the memory. Then those options which suit it it embodies in the life. The forecast cannot disappear because this future of the person. Exerts impact on it, life: change of a situation, the arising problems,

etc., from his mood, attention, desire, a state, etc.

Probability of one forecasts increases, others falls, and the third disappear at all. The forecast of people makes on the basis of the knowledge, life experience, abilities, information etc. On this basis there is a unity of the past and future and continuous interchange between them.

He already knows today that he will do tomorrow, in a week, next year plans to buy the apartment etc. of

“ The Master, I noticed that many children whom mothers take to you that you to them helped to solve their problems are very timid. Many consider that it is good, it is better and better, than to be impudent. And your opinion? “

We will discuss this problem now and that shyness is a problem, you will understand. Of course, shyness, most often happens at children, than at adults. Most of adults “ got rid “ from it, are those which understood that shyness, is fear of people and understood its consequences.