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From where vegetarians undertake or we will fight with myths

- Thanks, - I told, - but I do not eat the cape, I already half a year the vegetarian.

the Girlfriend for a second with astonishment became silent, then thoughtfully looked round the table laid for tea drinking. And though on it remarkable amber cheese, several types of salads and a vase with apples flaunted, something prevented it to feel the satisfied hospitable hostess.

- Well you, - suddenly was it, is a low-fat ham, dietary. try.

Whether a story about the died pets and inhabitants of grandfather`s farms created to vegetarianism a sad karma, whether meat in our culinary culture so highly got and strong caught a pedestal, but vegetarianism fashionable in the West at us most often passes under the status eccentricity .

The first that the friend or the acquaintance who learned about the new principle of your life suspects - that the reason an illness and the following step you to it tell all the terrible diagnosis. Therefore be not surprised if the sobesedenik becomes silent and will a little turn pale - the main thing that held on to the following phrase. When it turns out that all of you are still healthy, and change of views was not the result of the future transition to the world other, your friend will address the imagination and as it still is in perplexity and alarm, the imagination will give it a heart-breaking hypothesis - will colourfully draw visit on a slaughter or a scene of death of a favourite dwarfish pig of Queshi. Hurry up to assure him that Kesha is healthy and that in finishing shops of local meat-processing plant the destiny did not bring you. Here bewilderment of your friend will reach a limit and the last assumption will come to its mind - you lost all savings, work, business, the apartment, lost inheritance of the American uncle and to eat you have simply nothing - here and passed on a grass from - for an acute financial crisis. Alas, here and vigorous beliefs in the return can not work - the person will simply decide that you out of pride do not confess. Try to calm him, softly refuse the offered money, give to drink tea - friends should be protected from stresses.

The enormous force of a habit the matter is that here such myths about vegetarians exist in consciousness of people. The kitchen became for us such indestructible tradition that to change its bases it seems to us something catastrophic that cannot occur just like that. And it is not difficult for one person at all.

It is not easy to follow diets fashionable now when each piece is painted on molecules, it is not simple to accustom to kitchen of others country where for a dessert serve larvae of flies in caramel - but to change the personal habit - quite perhaps, and at all certain tragic circumstances for this purpose are not necessary. My history is simple and usual: a few years ago to meat I was disaccustomed by the Lent. I observed it at own will, and only 1 time (I not an otonosha of to orthodox tradition), but except some spiritual mobilization of mass of interesting knowledge a post brought me clarity of taste. I understood what products I really missed and without what my diet will become much better. It turned out that resignation waits for meat. We left it quietly, without doubts, scenes, failures and fluctuations. Much later there were thoughts of humanity and inhumanity, destruction of the seas, hunger from - for shortages of grain which goes on a forage to cattle etc. Iron as argument in favor of partial or full vegetarianism for many serve even telecasts: on an equal basis with paranormal investigations and a reality - shows are popular releases about quality of food products and frauds in the grocery market now - how they make meat products that sometimes find in them at examination etc. And even without having been influenced by these consequences " yet; manipulations with products, the person feels need to secure himself, to eliminate risk.

A way to vegetarianism all pass differently, it always the independent decision which is made most often at mature age, having considered own feelings and possible consequences. Vegetarianism - the choice, but not consequences of shock, an allergy or poverty. Be not afraid for vegetarians - with them everything is all right!