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What to prepare from lentil? History, advantage and taste of

In our consciousness it is not connected with luxury and a culinary delicacy, at names of dishes with it often there are words monastic or fast . But its everything - should be tried, without waiting for that rainy day because lentil - unfairly forgotten at us, but a product remarkable in every respect.

Small flat beans it is usually gray - green or brown color contain vitamins of group A and B, rich with iron, zinc and phosphorus. Huge plus of lentil is a record protein content and folic acid (that does it by the real treasure for vegetarians).

This culture came to us from Hugo - east Asia and conquered the world: from Egypt (where baked bread from lentil) to India, from Italy (here cook sausages with lentil) to Germany (the lentil dish on a New Year`s table promises happiness and prosperity in new year). Lentil took excellent positions once and in Russia: till 1917 Russia was the leader in its production.

Which - that this culture made also for science: to Latin name of lentil - Ervum lens or Lens esculenta Moench - are obliged by the name optical lenses, a form - that at them lentil .

Before preparation it is necessary to touch lentil - to separate the spoiled beans and small stones. If haricot needs to give several hours or night that to swim for a while and to give harmful substances, lentil can even be not presoaked or reduced this procedure before symbolical half an hour. Beans quickly cook, become gentle and find velvet nut taste.

By the way, with the beans which are filled in with water throw 4 - 5 buds of a carnation into a pan - spice will give part of the aroma still here, at a preparatory stage, and then will remarkably reveal during cooking. And actually it is possible to cook lentil not only in water: use mushroom broth, mix of water and a small amount of wine. Before the end of cooking it is possible to add a lemon juice spoon.

The most different sauces will approach lentil: sharp tomato, vinegar, mustard. It can be filled with oil and a lemon, to make friends with mint. There is the simplest salad: weld lentil in the added some salt water, in a mortar pound mint and mix with olive oil. Add to lentil the onions cut by half rings, a basil and pour over all mint dressing.

The lentil soup immortalized in the Bible can be made very quickly: weld lentil for now it prepares, fry the bulbs cut in cubes and polished carrots on vegetable oil 2, add to a pan to beans. It is possible to season a dish with a tomato and any herbs on your taste, for example, traditional bay leaf. Interesting ensemble with lentil in this soup mushrooms can make, for example, champignons: they need to be cleared, sliced and roasted together with onions and carrots.

And where the first, there and the second: let`s call this dish Flat cakes on - Egyptian . Boil 1,5 - 2 glasses of lentil, knead a fork, salt, season with pepper and a nutmeg, add a handful of grated cheese (or the egg white of one egg beaten in strong foam), it is possible to add a little fried onions. Flat cakes needed to be roasted on vegetable oil.

It is simple to prepare and with appetite to eat - all this about lentil. In a post it will replace meat, on holidays or everyday life will just load with energy.