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How not to repeat the same mistakes in the work?

often the staff of the companies asks Me a question: how to make own work as more effective, and heads of the companies: how to make work of their organization of more accurate, and the most important as to make the company spontaneous. I always answer: spontaneous the company make the mistakes made as a result of work.

More precisely, those correcting and warning actions which are carried out on the basis of the revealed violations. The correcting and warning actions are taken on the basis of the records made in magazines of discrepancies. The actions directed to improvements are a basis of creation of the spontaneous organization.

What is the correcting action?

What has to be result of the correcting action?

the Correcting action is, in fact, some correction of the created, received or resulted any actions.

Any correcting action has to have two results. The first - finding of the reason of an event. The second - version of the solution of the problem and actually the decision as action.

As a rule, we are limited to achievement only of the second result that in principle contradicts existence of system and does not allow the organization to be spontaneous. Stopping on performance of only second action, having executed it, we extinguish the fire, obvious languages of its flame and when we find the reason of an event and we choose the warning actions - we extinguish also the center of ignition, at the same time, we prevent similar ignitions in other places.

How to fill in the magazine of discrepancies? by

the Employee of the company, the representative on the correcting action, having determined the reason, describes it in the section of the " form; The Found discrepancy then describes in what way this problem was solved. If the employee pays attention also to the additional, allocated to them, warning actions - it means that work is carried out in full. The form is filed in the magazine of discrepancies.

How to check efficiency of the correcting actions? the Majority of the correcting actions will be executed by

for the formal reply . It is heavy to destroy or to lose the numbered form which is in the folder, and here is as blind much simpler to write something therefore comprehensive check of everything written from the leading auditor and the staff of service of quality is important.

Check of the correcting action is carried out by the leading auditor. If there is no such position - the HR manager, and in the small companies - the director. It needs to define whether were reached two described above result, that is whether the reason was established and whether the problem was solved. If not to reach one of results, a mark in a window " is given; unsatisfactorily and the form comes back to the responsible person.

the Leading auditor has the right to point out to the person which took the correcting action, need for carrying out additional actions which were not defined.

What is the warning action? you remember

that correction of mistakes costs money? You have to remember also that not all errors can be corrected.

of the Problem, as we know, arise suddenly when did not wait for them. The introduced control, and also the created effective process of the warning actions has to function so that to provide confidence that problems are warned, but do not come to light after emergence.

It is necessary to define specific actions which need to be undertaken or planned for an exception of the main reasons capable to cause emergence of undesirable consequences. These actions have to be sufficient to prevent emergence of a problem in the future.

As well as who checks efficiency of the warning actions?

After introduction of the planned actions for correction of discrepancies should carry out an assessment of their efficiency. On the basis of personal experience I can tell that it is necessary to involve group of employees to check of efficiency of the taken action and in common to carry out the careful analysis. Something, undoubtedly, this work reminds risk analysis and management of them, however, if it is about insignificant preventions, is capable to carry out an assessment of efficiency as the leading auditor or the employee of service of quality, and the head of the company.

In what time and by whom discrepancies, what date of definition of the correcting or warning action have to be considered?

In this case is recommended to recognize from the fact that the written-down discrepancies have to be under management. In your company there have to be established periods of consideration of discrepancies by the leading auditor or representative of service of quality, and also the persons capable and authorized on carrying out the correcting and warning actions.

If I answer this question so: Discrepancies have to be considered in day of emergence of the record it will look as ideal, but not feasible option. Therefore I always recommend to use rational approach to establishment of terms. If in one case for the solution of a question there are enough 10 minutes, then correction of another will require not one week.

It is impossible to call uniform term, no more than a month by default is determined. Any sane person depending on degree of importance which is simple for establishing can determine optimum and real term. Degree of importance and influence of this discrepancy both on this, and on adjacent processes means.

At the beginning of work on introduction of magazines of discrepancies it is recommended to make check once a week, then time in 2 weeks, then once a month - at the beginning of the current month to make check of records for previous.

What occurs if not to apply the correcting and warning actions?

the Company will incur losses from - for constant corrections of the same mistakes.

Everything that is described above, can be applied both at the level of the company, and at the level of department, besides, some elements can be introduced in own work. It is the effective tool, use it and achieve big results.