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What professions will be demanded in crisis times? Part 2

For those who did not find for themselves anything suitable in the first part I offer some more interesting professions.

As note all recruitment agencies, demand for experts of the sphere of IT even crisis lowered slightly and salaries at them changed not so strongly as, for example, at bank workers. And in full years of a salary grew in sector of IT most quicker.

Of course, all experts already set the teeth on edge IT " sectors; in this place grinned: council to go to IT sounds even is more indistinct, than council to go to medicine with all range of her employees: from a tetechka in registry of district clinic to the privately practicing surgeon. IT - experts are both system administrators, and programmers, and owners of " offices; I will relieve your computer of the " viruses; both teachers of informatics, and assemblers of the personal computer, and creators of the websites, and... Well, very much - there is a lot of concrete specialties, and also their types and subspecies.

Among them there are both vacancies of yesterday with rather low wage, and vacancies of tomorrow on which... do not learn anywhere. And it, alas, is the main feature of IT - the newest it is necessary not only to look for all, but also to master most, and it is necessary to do it constantly (if, of course, there is a wish to receive not simply normal and really high salary). But one of success bases - good base - can be received in good higher education institution at four - (or five - and sometimes and six-year-old) training. That is courses and - la become the programmer for 1 year can lead to success very few people.

One more so indistinct and many-sided sphere - work with children . Only it is not necessary to imagine nurses in municipal kindergarten with a salary in 2 - 3 thousand rubles at once. People who can really pay good money for care of the child become more and more busy and cannot wait in line in the state garden and quality of its work them does not arrange. And therefore prefer to pay for private kindergarten. To which good tutors are too important to pay them small money. Yes, the salary of the tutor even of private kindergarten is much less than salary, for example, directors of advertizing department, but on children begin to save far not so quickly, as on advertizing. More precisely, children are in general the last on what try to save, so, and the salary of the tutor is subject to crises much less. Besides, the state cares for its preservation - enters so poorly new kindergartens that even in private kindergartens we have a turn and preliminary record. Only it is necessary to remember that the good tutor has to have at least three things - love of children, pedagogical education and experience.

And if there is also that, both another and the third, but it is terrible to take responsibility for 15 children at once? It is possible to open home kindergarten on 5 - 6 kids. A problem in education - it not pedagogical, but medical? Then you will be is glad to be seen as the nurse. Though to the nurse, especially the nurse in a rich family, it is necessary to have a lot of step... But also bonuses at it very good: if the child is carried take to have a rest to the resort - the nurse with themselves if the nurse is ill - at the family doctor the employer can quite pay its treatment (still, is so quieter for the child)...

You like to communicate with children is more senior? Then you will suit the teacher`s professions more (naturally, at private schools), or the tutor.

And if it seems to you that supervision for foreign child of 10 hours in days (if not all 24) - all this is heavy, even at all to it love, then there are also swimming instructors, both massage therapists, and teachers of " schools; we train since the birth ... Only it is necessary to consider that those who give, so to say, additional dosadikovsky education very strongly depend on influence of fashion. Today all mummies amicably teach the child to read still before he learned to speak. Tomorrow, on the contrary, all solve at first - to teach to speak, but in three languages at once. The day after tomorrow the children`s yoga and all language exercises can become fashionable to leave far behind a board. And then suddenly suddenly it becomes clear that swimming from the very first day - the fact that by all means it is necessary for the child for happy life.

But the most surprising that often the people who lost work in crisis and engaged in something absolutely not profitable, at first sight, but very close, favourite and, succeeded. It would seem who in crisis needs actors, photographers, artists, florists and stylists? But very many, gone for dream, as a result found both material prosperity, and favourite work. So the most important at choice of profession - that it was to you on heart, and then, perhaps, you will even tell today`s crisis thanks .