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What is Fairtrade? Russia, effect of a boomerang

the Described scheme - purchase at the producer, the honest price and sale in the special center - the scheme of work of activists of the international initiative Fair trade or Fair Trade . Remember this phrase.

There are some indispensable conditions which are met always if the product receives marking of Fair goods.

Availability of participation in transactions; transparency of transactions; independence of dealers; the honest price of goods in a local context covering both prime cost, and costs of development of a community, and deposits to environment protection; observance of human rights, including - the rights of children; safe working conditions.

There are and a lot of various certified organizations united among themselves in big system, the organizations extending Fair goods:

FLO - the International Organization of Marking of goods of fair trade;

IFAT - the International Association of Fair Trade;

NEWS - the Network of the European Ethnic Shops (Vorldshopov);

EFTA - the European Organization of Fair Trade.

Ten years ago these four associations formed federation of FINE - for the best coordination of an initiative.

In Europe and America in supermarkets there are special departments or regiments with marked by FT - goods, there are retail networks of Fair trade. The " shop also treated such network; Wereldwinkel which at the beginning of article was visited by our remarkable friend Yost.

Now about why there are no goods in Russia. Because, in - the first, we never and had representations neither of fair trade, nor of a situation in the world. In - the second, the offer did not create demand. We in backward Russia are far from progress, from reality, are busy with pseudo-problems and we think a little so far of how everything is interconnected in this world. That injustice concerns also us.

Let I will describe a little inhumane and consumer position now, but from it it is somehow more obvious that the situation should be changed. If we do not think of slaves to plantations over which directly in operating time spray pesticides, then as a result we eat the bananas soaked with chemicals. If to us to spit that tea is collected by five-year-old children - slaves - that in our cup is ready a high-quality poison instead of ancient drink. If does not interest us that the Chinese woman who sewed our shirt was humiliated, forced, beat - the poisoned dye surely gets into our organism. And if to us to spit that a toy from Mila`s Hepp the child - the slave who burned down during one fire, typical for barred shops, made - that poisonous chemicals will come out plastic of dishonest firm and will poison our kid.

The small group of people from Moscow decided to change habits of buyers of the country. As it was made slightly earlier by young people of Europe and America - telling people about Fair trade and bringing goods with marking of Fairtrade to the countries. Here for whom bought Yost`s goods.

Yost sat down aboard the plane on September 25 and arrived to the Vnukovo airport. In the evening of the same day the Russian activists of the movement Fairtrade gathered in one Moscow apartment - they came for products and leaflets. And a little bit to talk about purchase and distribution of goods of a vrossiya. Drank " tea; Max Havelar (very famous ethic brand) also baked slivovo - apple pie.

Fortunately, fayrtreydy video activists became interested (the former journalists of the Moscow TV channels, and nowadays independent journalists) - that is why in the Internet - networks the first Russian-speaking video about goods fayrtreyd already appeared. It is possible to find it to the address lubava. info/video/FairTraderu. wmv.

In general, deliveries fayrtreyd - goods to Russia happen regularly - various foreign social activists, generally antiglobalists - but these are always small parties, for the. For example, sapatistsky coffee once extended to a hardcore - concerts. (Zapatistas are participants national - liberation movement of the Mexican peasants. And antiglobalists are followers of Zapatistas, speakers against world domination of global multinational corporations and torgovo - the government organizations.)

And what, I do not have the slightest chance to touch Fair goods if I am not familiar with any underground sellers, you ask? About is not present, the main principle fayrtreyd - all - availability. Make the order in the Internet - shop of Fair suppliers, and you will help poor people with the far-away country.

Some goods with Fair marking can already be found in Russia - in Marks &Spencer and TopShop shops. Goods with marking are found in shops of Moscow, Arkhangelsk, Saratov, Bryansk You can become the activist of an initiative too and be engaged in promoting of honest trade in Russia.

We hope that every year the idea will find new adherents, and together we will a little change this strange mad world.