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How to be protected from pickpockets?

Recently nearly an every day I meet people at whom thieves stole a wallet or a valuable bagatelle. It seems that around us in real time there are scenes from movies about post-war years. Shchipach in the cities came for hunting. Steal everywhere and constantly.

The woman comes into the trolleybus, she is pushed by the guy who loudly and impudently laughs, swings hands, roughly snaps at remarks. All road the attention of passengers is riveted on it, and at this time other thieves cut bags and get into pockets. There is a woman at the stop and notices that the purse is stolen from it. Tears, despair and understanding that nobody will help.

Constant crews of thieves work at routes of chock-full trolleybuses and buses. They come to a route, as for work. They are known by sight by drivers, but are silent. Schemes of a robbery old and checked by time. Steal a purse from men even from inside pockets of jackets.

Both professional thieves, and beginners work. The beginner works impudently and if he was noticed, begins to row, be pushed with the first and even climbs to fight. And can shirnut sharpening or cut with an edge. These are very dangerous people, and it is necessary to be with them very careful. For work it is necessary to go - from it not to get to anywhere and therefore an exit one - to try to protect itself. Money for journey prepare

before you enter transport

you do not keep the money in one wallet. Put the small sum in a pocket that, paying journey, you did not begin to count all money, choosing the necessary note. You should not speak about your money loudly. I made such experiment. Having entered the bus, asked ten rubles for the friend, having referred to the fact that I have large notes and the driver will have no delivery.

I twisted all road the head and represented the disappointed eyes of the thief. I watched behavior of other passengers, calculating which of them came for hunting.

All were some identical. Especially nobody was allocated, and we descended at a stop with feeling of some defeat. Decided to come in cafeteria to drink coffee and to discuss current situation. And already in cafe it became clear that my pocket is cut, and the wallet disappeared. Here so behaved professional shchipach. And I prompted to it where there can be money.

do not put wallets in a hip-pocket

of the Man often put wallets in a hip-pocket of trousers, considering that their buttocks are so sensitive that at once will feel hands of the thief. In vain, for a shchipach it is a children`s toy. Usually beginning are engaged in such wallets. They study as such to thieves` art.

you Hold a bag before yourself

If you see that in transport the performance distracting attention of passengers is played be on the lookout - it, perhaps, began works of pickpockets.

you Hold bags, man purses before yourself, be attentive and you do not become the actor of the concert played on your eyes.

Deceive the thief

Keep in mind

that anyone can be the thief: guy, girl, man, woman, grandfather, grandmother... The attentiveness you can prevent actions of the beginning thief and therefore, having seen the person at whom eyes run or if somebody too strongly leans against you, play a sketch from own statement: address through all salon, it seems, the girlfriend that she waited, and you will approach her now. Or call by phone and tell that forgot a purse on a table, and ask to hide it in a table. Invent something special, author`s. The backpack which hangs on your back is in general entertainment for a beginner. So, money for ice cream. Hangs before eyes - why not to look what there is.

you Hurry slowly

I finally. Take for the rule: it is necessary to hurry slowly! Think that it is more important for you: to leave a little earlier the house and, without being pushed, to reach to the place of work or to sleep superfluous for half an hour, and then to swallow of validol and to mourn the lost money and documents.

And the main thing - are not silent! The voice of the people has to be loud! Silently we will not get rid of this trouble and therefore you become, eventually, not indifferent residents of our beautiful cities.