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Secrets Hanibush. Unless useful it has to be obligatory tasteless??

the secret of fine drinks Still quite recently was opened: A mat and Roybosa, but they already took to themselves admirers worldwide.

However it is worth to remember about others, less known, teas which in anything do not concede to widely known noble drinks. Our task - to tell you about them.

Hanibush is enough - the known grade of tea in America, but Europeans learned about it much later.

Many centuries ago the tribe of gottentot at the Cape of Good Hope opened for itself fine drink. Africans appreciated its taste and curative properties. Over time they began to use widely it in traditional medicine in the countries of South Africa.

Hanibush received the true popularity in the countries of Europe only in the last decade of the 20th century. At this time people began to give more attention to the health and were fond of various exotic.

Hanibush - tea drink which is got from leaves, flowers, stalks of a honey South African bush. On the useful properties hanibush it is related with roybosy. The red bush or roybos is a bush, and also the drink received by insisting of leaves and particles of branches of this bush in hot water. Hanibush comprises a large amount of the vital vitamins and minerals as well as roybos. However its most delicate honey aroma which combines parts of a smell of fruit and flowers will not give way to any known tea.

In a dry form represents bright it is red - brown short needles with a glossy surface, almost flavourless.

On color reminds black tea. It is sweet, but in too time, at it there is easy sourness that speaks about richness of tastes.

Hanibush (in translation from English means honey bush ) on scientific Cyclopia spp is called.

the Most widespread type of Hanibush - Cyclopia Intermedia.

Big plus of drink is that it is very useful to health of the person. It does not contain caffeine, and it is suitable for those who are not recommended to drink usual tea.

It is used for regulation of a high blood pressure, at treatment of atherosclerosis, diabetes, diseases of a liver, allergies and cataracts. Honey drink contains a lot of necessary our to an organism of substances: iron, sodium, manganese, magnesium, potassium, calcium, zinc, phosphorus and copper.

If to take this drink every day, then an opportunity to catch a cold in the coldest season decreases. And if you are already chilled, drink infusion of a hanibush - this drink very well helps at cough. It is especially useful hanibush to women - it improves a lactation (production of milk) at nursing mothers, and also reduces feeling of hunger and burns fats.

Legends of its miracle properties arose at coast of South Africa. Tribes of gottentot believed that decoction from this drink could raise the dead nearly.

Hanibush does not comprise any harmful additives. Make drink as usual black tea: fill in with boiled water and insist within several minutes.

Drink Hanibush differently: hot or cold, some add milk, honey or sugar. It is possible to use and in pure form. If to mix the cooled drink with fruit juice, very tasty and useful nonalcoholic cocktail will turn out.

Try hanibush, and you will understand that curative properties can be combined with pleasant and magic fruktovo - honey taste and aroma.

Take pleasure already from the first drink.