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New toy for children and adults or That it Mukla ? Only began to write

how the Word disapprovingly began to squeak. Found a mistake. It did not like the word mukla . It and is unsurprising, such word will mislead not only to technician, but also the person.

Barbie and dolls of firm Bratts became outdated. Barbie - the girl from 80 - x: blonde, career, success, Ken nearby. Bratz is America 90 - x: mad hairdresses, R`n`B style. But they had a competitor Mukla who interested not only children, but also their parents. To have in the house Mukla - the last peep of the Moscow glamour. Young women from Rublyovka chase in search of a new toy on shops and are ready to queue that to get it.

Mooqla is a work of Polina Voloshina. Now this business - not children`s game. In a month it and its collective do 150 dolls worth more than $400. These dolls began to sell at the end of 2006.

Dolls do of plastic. Hands and legs at them on hinges. They slightly more Barbie, but look more live. Their height is 40 cm, weight is 1 kg. Stylish, are dressed up in expensive clothes and are similar on models - same thin, emaciated. Girls have a porcelain skin and a sad face, extinct looks, chubby lips. Persons of dolls remind some the children suffering from an oligofreniya. And someone sees a sexual swelling of beauties on their faces.

Name Mukla the designer Artemy Lebedev offered. He is also engaged in development of the website and corporate style. Mukla are also on sale on its Internet - shop.

On the website stories about these dolls which were thought up by the writer Linor Goralik together with Polina Voloshina are published. According to their plan, mukla are fourteen-year-old daughters of rich parents who were sent to study in the closed college in the center of Europe. At the same time young pupils differ in strange behavior. Each girl has the name and the history which predetermines mood of the heroine. Here one of stories:

Name: Laura Lerua. Age: 14 years. Laura has problems with perception of reality. The girl some time was conducted by the psychologist, however it did not lead to noticeable changes. Last year Laura began to wear reflecting clothes. When took away things from her, she shouted that it is burned down by space radiation, and fell into a hysterics. Besides, every night Laura came to a roof of a mansion and saw off till some hours there. According to stories of the sister, she waits for an UFO which has to take away it back to the real parents. After a while the behavior of the girl drew attention of a yellow press. At night it was photographed on a roof; in a press - service of its Highness squall of letters and calls about a sincere illness of the daughter collapsed. Journalists began to investigate medical history of a family and found out some unpleasant details. After that Laura was sent to our school. Its room is on the last floor of the building. In the room the hatch for an exit to a roof is equipped. Do not close the hatch on the lock at all and do not block pass to a ladder! From notes of the cool tutor in the magazine for governesses . (www. mooqla. ru) At the moment Polina Voloshina writes

diaries of girls and posts online them.

In peak to stories about Harry Potter it is planned to publish the book about school in Millver - Oaks and her inhabitants. In plans to shoot film, to print comics, to sell under the Mooqla brand clothes and accessories for the real girls etc.

I have a desire to develop a brand, to make it the Russian analog of Pikachu. In due time except Japanese nobody knew about Pikachu, and then with Pokemons the whole world " ached; - Polina Voloshina admitted.

However it is only plans. But already now the girls buying mukol try to correspond to this image. As it became clear, muklam call now and women with silicone persons.