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Ethnic cuisine of Finland: what can be seen on a dining table of a mummy - trolls?

of Mumi - trolls - characters of the book of the Finnish writer to Tuva Jansson. The surprising atmosphere reigns in their house in the Valley. Here with open arms will accept any whoever came, will seat at the table, will put to bed, will leave to live for ever . Mumi is the father and Mumi - mother only put new beds yes expanded a dining table . What can be seen on a hospitable Finnish table?

Fish - the main and integral part. Mumi - mother baked her, fried, smoked, prepared on a grill, extinguished in milk, did of it soups, mousses, snack, salads. A full variety in a daily diet.

Meat dishes are obvious influence of neighbors from Europe. The same Carlson with meat meatballs. But only in Finland you will be able to taste meat from venison to bear`s flesh.

Potatoes - one of the main vegetables of the northern country are usually served by . Especially love the mashed potatoes made by means of the fattest, but the most tasty cream. Other vegetables are widespread much less.

Soups prepare only for holidays. It went still from time immemorial when there was no Mumi`s a Valley - trolls. When Finland was in the power of Sweden, and under its influence in the country was cold table . Therefore such typical soups belong to the category of important dishes.

And here the pastries came from Russia and though having strongly changed, nevertheless took the place on this table. Grain, porridges, pies, pies, pancakes, fritters, rye crispbread which we can meet on shelves of the Russian shops. And the best-known Finnish pie - kalakukko, a Christmas delicacy from the fresh rye test, with a fish and bacon stuffing.

And, of course, practically dairy products add to all dishes , they can be tried both with fish, and with any soup. Oil, cottage cheese, cream, yogurts, milk And it is yet not the complete list of production made on one of dairy farms of Europe.

The uncountable amount of berries grows in the northern woods of Finland and Mumi`s Valley - trolls . They are brought together practically all summer. Cloudberries, bilberry, strawberry, wild strawberry are added as to desserts, kissels, jams, jam, mousses, jelly, and to a set of cosmetic production. Sweet teeth in Finland quickly will understand where their happiness. Children like to regale on a liquorice - the toffees made of a solodkovy root. They, to put it mildly, have taste specific, but Finns just it is crazy about them.

Several words about present cuisine of Finland. The most popular soft drink is of coffee . Finland is considered the first country on its consumption. You will be able to find the coffee machine for coffee pauses in the middle of the day in each office. Tea is drunk a little, but it is filled with kissels and fruit drinks all from the same berries.

Finns are called, as a rule, by the drinking nation. And not for nothing they deserved such reputation. The most widespread alcoholic drink at them vodka is considered . Likely, as well as in Russia, it is used for sugreva . The second drink at them low-alcoholic beer which well goes with friends or in a sauna in the evenings is considered. The Finnish government monopolized the alcoholic market, from - for what the prices of alcohol rather high, but at the same time even the cheapest drinks have high quality.

In general Finns respect domestic producer and try to get only environmentally friendly products. Before buying something in shop, they long and scrupulously study a label, checking an expiration date and structure. But the real violence of paints blossoms in the grocery markets. Where mountains of strawberry, bilberry and kilograms of fresh fish lie. All this is offered to be tried. Who will not want to be late in such place?

Whatever wind brought you to Finland, try everything. Such nourishing, tasty and simple in Russia just you will not find. But the main thing - to keep a figure, we are beings quite real, and from mashed potatoes, pies and other food we can easily recover...