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How to celebrate the International Women`s Day?

Here also there came remarkable date - on March 8! Dear women, with the International Women`s Day you!

If to address history of this holiday, then the first that we can remember this name of the beautiful woman - Klara Tsetkin. We are obliged to it by Women`s Day. In 1910 in Copenhagen it proclaimed idea to annually celebrate the Day of the female proletariat which initially had purely political character - granted to women electoral rights. In Russia women acquired this right in March, 1917. Years later about political coloring of a holiday nobody remembers any more.

Interestingly celebrate on March 8 in the different countries. For example, in Germany, the International Women`s Day is usual day of work. Instead of March 8 they congratulate women on a May Mother`s Day. Also the situation is and with France, on March 8 only communists and other left-wing parties celebrate there. Lithuania does not celebrate this day after disintegration of the Soviet Union. Italians celebrate the International Women`s Day as well as we. Though in Italy this day remains to workers, men allow the companions to have a good time - to go the women`s companies to cafe, restaurants, to a man`s striptease which, by the way, this day absolutely free.

And how the situation is at us? As we want that this day our close people did us pleasant compliments, gave armfuls of flowers, smothered us in the embraces, kissed and carried on hands. However you should not count that quite so this day and will pass. Only do not think that I am a pessimist and I do not believe in what our favourite people to us will not make pleasant on this especially Women`s Day. At all not, everything that happens is simple let, it will not be planned in our thoughts as sometimes the reality disperses from them. Let better this day we will be overtaken unawares, let on your face there will be a pleasant surprise.

In what a fine half of mankind can be engaged at that time until men dear to us run in search of gifts, to turn at a plate or to look for theater tickets on the ballet. Of course, it is possible to be filled up on a sofa in front of the TV and to watch all festive telecasts. However it seems to me, the most pleasant occupation which can carry away us is personal care. And not just manicure, a pedicure, an epilation and what can lighten mood.

What is so strongly loved by children and adults? Of course, chocolate! So afford a lot of chocolate this day! In - the first, it is possible to eat a little it. As the small quantity will not be reflected in a figure, afford pleasant weakness, and your mood right there will reach euphoria. In - the second, use chocolate cosmetics. You can make a chocolate mask for hair, or a chocolate face pack, and it is possible to make a chocolate bathtub. You were not tempted yet?

Then know that chocolate taste and aroma restore emotional balance, reduce irritability, calm, give feeling of internal comfort. Contained in cocoa - beans magnesium improves memory, strengthens immunity, does you more protected from stresses. Chocolate strengthens vessels and normalizes pressure. It wakes up erotic feelings and promotes production of women`s hormones. Chocolate is a well of various vitamins: B1, B2, PP, pro-vitamin A, minerals: sodium, copper, iron, potassium, calcium, theobromine, feniletilamin, magnesium, vegetable proteins and phytosterols.

The chocolate cosmetics happens in the form of means for skin, hair, nails. These complexes tone up and protect skin, give it elasticity, I make active a cellular metabolism, promote a detoxication. Beauty shops carry out chocolate anti-cellulite wrappings. Chocolate promotes thinning of subcutaneous fat therefore he perfectly copes with cellulitis.

Also chocolate promotes strengthening of nails and hair. Chocolate shampoos give to hair healthy gloss and strengthen them. Masks on the basis of cocoa tighten skin, giving it smoothness. Cream with cocoa - nectar and extract of cocoa, humidify and protect skin. It is also possible to use chocolate body scrubs and persons. All these procedures, besides cosmetic effect, will surely bring you remarkable mood. Therefore do not miss an opportunity to indulge themselves once again with chocolate!

Pleasant to you on March 8! Also I wish you, dear women, chocolate mood!