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We - an essence of what we eat?

Each person has to pay special attention to what he eats. First of all it first of all affects its moral and physical state. Not without reason one wise woman told that the mirror is directly connected with a pan as we - an essence of what we eat. Show me the person who would not like to indulge himself hot, fat, sweet or farinaceous dishes. I will not believe for anything! However it is necessary to consider that from such food skin becomes fat. Well and the main enemies of human beauty there were, of course, alcoholic beverages and cigarettes at any time.

To be healthy and beautiful, each person has to have a various food allowance. On condition of obligatory availability in it of milk, vegetables and fruit. If face skin fat and problem, then it is very useful to use in food not such and tasty camomile decoction or pansies.

To support the beauty in a constant fine state, experts recommend the unique recipe. If every morning to eat magic salad, in a month reflection in a mirror will sharply change to the best! - they claim. Literally tearing off from heart, I share with you its recipe.

Take three tablespoons of porridge, fill in them with a half of a glass of milk, add a spoon of honey and put for the night. In the morning, before food, rub on a large grater couple small apples mix them with oat flakes. For bigger effect I recommend to add a few crushed nuts and couple of drops of a fresh lemon there. If you have an opportunity, then instead of apple can use any fruit and berries.

Of course, everyone can buy madly expensive means for care of skin, limes on purchase of similar production not one thousand rubles provided that it can not yield the necessary result. Therefore if you want to look perfectly at any time, strictly monitor existence in your diet of vegetables, fresh meat, eggs, nuts, milk, cottage cheese, fish, various grain and greens. Do not arrange yourself lunches from the difficult multilevel dishes consisting of mad quantity of different components, much it will be more useful to eat so many products in a separate look, and it is whenever possible as little as possible to try to mix of them. If you are guided by this simple rule, the stomach will work very well, and excess of nutrients will never settle in your problem zones.

One of the most terrible destroyers of a beautiful figure and healthy complexion is sugar. Yes, it. Sweets at times can be replaced with great success with dried fruits - honor taste same, and results, be sure, will not keep themselves waiting long. Besides sweet it is necessary to know about products which frequent use will very negatively affect your state of health always. So, this fat meat, smoked and fried products, ice cream, mushrooms, herring. It will be much more useful to eat the easy and easily digested food.

Care of the beauty and a sound body first of all needs to be begun with food. Let this simple rule will be your main motto in fight against extra kilos.