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To drink for a sugrev?

If the shiver suddenly scolded, be not anxious, it Yes it is not important that it. Simply: do not allow itself to freeze! Ways of warming the set exists, beginning from a hot-water bottle artificial and finishing with a hot-water bottle in the form of hot embraces of darling.

But now I want to talk about drink which not only will present pleasant, delicate aroma, but also will make everything that your dearest dear was satisfied and it is warmed.

So, meet its majesty mulled wine !

Of course, drink is familiar to much if not all. And its main components are known. It is cinnamon, a carnation and wine. But there are thousands of recipes of mulled wine which come to our houses and stomachs from the different countries.

Color of wine, habitual for many, on the basis of which do mulled wine, of course, red. However in Germany mulled wine from white wine with absolutely light aroma of spices enjoys wide popularity: on one bottle of wine simply add everything one gvozdichka.

But let`s return to the samovars. What ingredients to add to wine, depends on what wine we will take as a basis. So, add a lemon or a lime to sweet, and in dry - orange.

But progress, besides, and here does not stand still. And already for preparation of mulled wine it is not obligatory to run on shops in search of all ingredients. Now practically in any food there are ready mixes of spices for preparation of this remarkable drink. And it is very convenient: only and del - threw a bag in hot wine, it allowed to be drawn minutes ten, and drink is ready.

Of course, at such advanced approach the magic of preparation disappears, but it is a little reflected in taste of drink also result all the same remarkable. And also at such way of preparation in a glass do not float and do not get into a mouth of a part of ingredients that is, in my opinion, plus.

I want to suggest you to be warmed by such mulled wine. Mulled wine with orange

On 250 ml of red dry wine you take

1 orange, 1 tea spoon of cardamom, 2 asterisks of an anisetree, a piece of fresh ginger and 50 ml of the " liqueur; " Cointreau;.

For preparation of this drink it is necessary to clean orange, then to squeeze out of it juice. In a stewpan to pour in wine and juice, then to attach to the cheerful company the ginger piece cut lengthways, the orange dried peel, and also cardamom and an anisetree cut by stripes. To put a stewpan on average fire and to warm up, without bringing to boiling. To allow to stand 1 minute, to add " Cointreau; and to mix everything. To give, having decorated with orange segments.

Besides mulled wine there are also other, not less, interesting, hot drinks. So, for example, British prepare by

for a grog which main ingredients are: rum, sugar, medical, lemon and pounded caramel. And Turks are famous for the burning dense salep : adding the pounded roots of a mountain orchid and cinnamon to hot drink.

And Norwegians love glyokk which recipe I want to offer you also.


and 150 ml of vodka will be necessary for

On 1 bottle of red wine 2 sticks of cinnamon, 8 carnations, 12 grains of cardamom, 25 g of icing sugar, 50 g of raisin and 50 g of almonds.

It is necessary to take all ingredients, except for raisin and almonds, to mix them and to allow to be drawn hours 10 - 12 in a big pan. Then to put a pan on fire and to switch off, without bringing to boiling. To pour through a sieve the turned-out drink in a jug, and from a jug in glasses. And only already add the raisin and almonds which remained still uninvolved to glasses. By rules, they are got from glasses spoons. Gingersnap will become the last stroke to such flavoring cocktail.

Pleasant an ispitiya also do not freeze!