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What tool to choose for training of the child in music?

you decided that all - is necessary for your beloved child music education. Charm! Remained only small pleasure - on what he will learn to play? It is good if the child since the childhood dreamed to become same as Bashmet or with the bewitched look listened to a trombone, or with a happy look beat with small handles house piano keys. And if is not present? I will make several recommendations.

First of all, you have to know about load of the child . If he dreams to become the great pianist, then it should work not less than two hours. Every day! And is farther more. That is the child during this time will sit on a chair. If it is a wind instrument - that no more than an hour a day. As the musician constantly actively should breathe, from a pereuserdstvovaniye the head can sometimes begin to spin.

On medical indications. If your child has asthma or trouble breathing, then there is nothing better than wind department - a flute, a saxophone, a pipe, a clarinet, a french horn - anything! Here your child will be suggested to be begun to be studied first on small wooden or plastic the block - a flute. This stage is uniform for all wind instruments. Here elements of musical notation, a melody are comprehended and that the most important - develops breath ! I know many cases when the illness receded under persistence and diligence of the child through a two-three of years of occupations. Here always (except for a french horn - sometimes) it is necessary to stand and hold a correct posture. It will be vigilantly watched by the teacher.

If there are problems with oporno - the motive device and coordination of movements then it is better percussion instruments. Here will teach not only to beat with sticks on a drum, but also the obligatory program includes a xylophone. You remember such small instrumentik is on sale for children? It pass - the copy. Here it is the huge tool from wooden crossbeams which it is necessary to strike slightly. It is necessary to move constantly hands, to watch a rhythm and the movements that just sticks were not hooked the friend for the friend.

First of all you will have with your child interview at teachers. The child will be given several elementary tasks to define whether it has a hearing, feeling of a rhythm. That is, he will turn away, the teacher will play different notes on a piano and to ask the child to sing them. Then will strum a certain simple rhythm and the child will have to miss it in palms. Nothing difficult, but after such small listening the teacher will tell you about inclinations of your child, about whether he has ear for music. I want to warn to the narration that the opinion of the teacher is not the ultimate truth - all this very relatively.

I know it on myself - when I after two years of individual occupations was sent to music school where I was told that I persistently do not feel a rhythm and not really good hearing. As a result I perfectly took examinations and played the most difficult works.

Surely pay attention to the teacher as the personality. Get acquainted with it, communicate. He will spend a lot of time with your child and has to be the good psychologist and the teacher. Sit on occupations with other children, look at teaching methods. There are cases when teachers strike a bargain, tick a rhythm on the child`s head, shout at it if something is impossible to it. It not a formula of chemistry which needs just to be learned - here is necessary for you something the bigger.

It is natural when you educate the child, you do it for 99% not under style, and with expectations for your child. What plan views of professional activity can be for the child who gets primary music education?

The child can study at music school on reduced and according to the long program. Everything depends on a set. There are semiletka, there are five-years periods. The first option is better - because not so strong loading - the program almost same, only lasts longer on time. It will be simpler for the child. If you do not want that the child spent too much time, then it is possible to choose the reduced option, but it, as a rule, not the most successful in respect of further growth.

Do not forget that at music school there is a lot of of facultative actions - orchestras, vocal ensembles. They participate in various competitions, go abroad with performances. Many gifted young musicians get grants of the government of Moscow, eminent musicians. Some receive on three at once - four grants - the sum as a result rather big, and young people very much are proud of the achievements.

During final year before such children there is a natural question of how to be and whom to be farther . And here already, of course, to solve to the child. If he does not see the life without music if it all the time of training constantly selected melodies, amazingly plays an accordion and all neighbors say about how your daughter charm plays a piano, then you need to talk seriously to the child about his further life.

Of course, there are people holding the opinion that you will not earn by music on bread that needs something more serious not to remain hungry on the street and not to play in transition. It is not necessary to threaten the child with such terrible pictures - it is necessary to weigh everything pros and cons. If the child is not very talented, did not win competitions, he was not especially praised at school - then there is no sense to go on a musical path further. In seven years of training the child can already quite reveal as talent - naturally, in hands of attentive teachers who in it found this talent.

If he is a mediocre musician, then it is hardly worth expecting unprecedented progress. In music one persistence you will not break through. Let he will be better to play the guitar at university remarkably and to sing in KVN, than will feel all life that he not the best and it is not a genius. Though, of course, many singers of our platform began the career in high school ensembles - Vladimir Markin, Vyacheslav Butusov and many others. Therefore nobody knows, how exactly there will be a destiny and life of your child that it is useful to him in life and that is not present. If is intended to become it the great musician, then the talent all the same will find a way out and all learn about it.

Be happy and play fine music!