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How circumstances under the influence of people change?

my previous material about people and circumstances was called on the contrary: whether people under the influence of circumstances change. Change, we found out it, and, mostly, not to the best. Now we investigate circumstances. The fact that people change the world - it is clear, otherwise would not be to do sense of anything at all and there would be a world if it was unchangeable? No, of course not. Would be born and died because the movement is life, and the stop - the train does not go further, the request to release cars.

People change the world always, is free or involuntarily what they would not do. Being born, we change life of the parents, dying - life of the relatives. Seemingly voluntarily nothing was made, and it is already so much changes! It dread to think.

Circumstances. This word means the situation developing at present, as cards dropped out, characters settled down, there were stars (interestingly that a basis for circumstances the verb " is; to stand ) . Circumstances are influenced by all. Time, the place, weather conditions, the previous events. And people, of course. Many film scripts and books, by the way, are based on this idea, to take at least the movie Butterfly Effect and also some plots of series Doctor Kto .

Everyone at least once had this intolerable feeling of inevitability of an event. I remember very accurately as I face the teacher drawing in my record book the first and only well . Time was condensed, and this hand with a pen infinitely long reaches for a line and begins to write the record book can be pulled out from hands, still it is possible to be in time! But just you stand rooted to the ground and you cannot make anything. You hear, Mr. Anderson? It is an inevitability sound - the agent Smith distraught Neo says. Here so it developed. My teacher became, on the one hand, the person who delivered me three points, but on the other hand - the hero of this article. And its influence on my destiny, maybe, and slightly, but left rather accurate mark about student`s years.

People change circumstances in two ways - action and inaction. It would be possible to tell at first that only our actions have values, but inaction - very important detail. Inaction in a critical situation - is even punished under the law! And it is very correct. Because it is the simplest - to do nothing, thinking what will manage. But is not present. Will not manage. That is necessary for a final victory of the evil? Only to do nothing, neither bad, nor good. And this concept - nonresistance to the evil that is refusal of fight against it, - me it is strange. How it is possible not to try to fight, influence? Let not with terrible awful global evil but with an unpleasant situation.

Here I slide in reasonings on the good and evil a little, at the same time accurately I realize that as I have no philosophical education, I will not be able to describe properly that there is a good and evil and where can have their criteria and as one act two polarity at once. All this is difficult and abstract.

For me obviously to one - that the correct act forces your own soul to become purer. You feel it at the physical level. And when you do something bad, on the contrary, you are soiled Also you cannot sleep peacefully. Also you are tormented because you cannot return back to cancel the actions.

Irrespective of the fact how our actions will affect circumstances, it is impossible to be passive. It is necessary to remain the person and not to be afraid to make acts. To do, speak - generally, to influence the world. It is better, of course, after careful consideration. Because, eventually, the acts, affairs, we will be remembered to people.

On it it would be possible to finish, but often people ask and what I can make? I all such weak and unfortunate, and love nobody me, and handles are able nothing, and in general hnyk - hnyk I give installation. Do something by the hands . Any small pillow for needles, a frame for a photo, a knitted scarf which you created with own hand, already increase a karma on an edinichka. Make something and present to the one who needs it. You change this world and and to the best a little. It is better, than to be online and to do nothing.