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I will give for nothing. Where to save in crisis?

in this life need to be paid For everything. This slogan was thought up, probably, by masochists. Moral and physical. Our task - to find places where it is possible to save considerably. Having received at the same time the most real advantage.

We become researchers and we turn the looks towards many network companies selling cosmetics. Faberlik, Oriflame, Mary Kay and to them similar. You do not wrinkle a nose. I do not love the network companies, but often at their offices offer services of a day and evening make-up absolutely free of charge. For them it is a peculiar advertizing, for us - a possibility of free receiving consultation of the professional and excellent mood from own beauty and obvious advantage.

In many educational institutions trainees need models. You will be cut, will dye a hair, will make manicure and a pedicure, medical massage. It is necessary to grind to graduates of these institutions on someone the skill. Not only beginners need such models. Advanced training courses and training centers for professionals, exhibitions and the master - classes - everything are necessary volunteers. In a couple of hours will make the real model of you! Also you will get on the first pages of covers of fashionable magazines if carries. The main thing to watch closely the press - where there takes place the new competition?

In each of the offered options there are nuances. If in usual beauty shop the master is simply obliged to fulfill your requirements, then as model to you can make a pile or the hairstyle which is not transferring your internal image at all. People study, it will be undoubted longer, than at the professional, besides your claims will be listened by nobody. But you knew what you went on One more minus - all these services are provided usually in working hours when you are engaged at a primary place of employment.

We go further. We look for a freebie in food supermarkets. Today practically in each of them daily there take place some promotion actions, tastings, distribution of samplers. So-called sampling. The Trayvertayzing is slightly another, it is already in detail told about it. Anyway the advantage of such actions is obvious to all. The producer always needs advertizing, the client has an opportunity to decide on the further choice not to buy a pig in a poke.

On the Internet there is a set of the " resources; I Will give for nothing . Bureau of good offices - an impecunious exchange - one more free of charge, one more opportunity to find something necessary.

In my city of such resources it appeared a little. Special forums suggest to give in a good charge not only animals and plants, but also computers, old furniture, a piano, books and magazines. If in your city of such website not yet - it is a high time to create most. Than not idea of business!

We will think of spiritual. Today practically each museum has days of free visits in the schedule. I remember the surprise when incidentally got in such day to the Hermitage. At first struck a huge number of visitors. When learned the reason, understood why so many foreigners were this day in one of the main museums of the country. Essential economy of the budget.

It is possible to receive free training. To learn practically everything. To languages, knitting, cookery, any needlework. Open free lessons are at any school and on any courses. In my city free of charge train not only to languages, but also national traditions in some museums.

And who did not hear about free cleaning of carpets, furniture, a parquet? Usually such services are provided by firms selling expensive a miracle - technicians. Really, after such house dry-cleaner everything in the house shines. I regularly summon them on testing . For them - advertizing, for me - obvious plus.

Trial occupations at dancing school, fitness - the center or a gym also practice today many centers. In the big city so it is possible to be trained in everything absolutely free of charge.

Do not hurry to pay for everything! Always it is possible to find something free in life.