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How it is simple and correct to live.

famous Nikolay Ivanovich Kozlov had a new book Simple correct life . In this book he suggests not just to read books, and to write out certain postulates and to build in them the life. Only such reading brings not only pleasant, but also useful effect.

I find thought correct and true as books how to become written by millionaires millions, and units (and here an interesting question became millionaires: whether they read similar books?) .

And decided to begin useful book extracts with the subsequent embedding in life with this concrete book of N. I. Kozlov.

So that I took from the book, and I will build in further the life.

The correct life according to Kozlov is life with quiet, joyful and clever care.

Quiet because fussy concern runs to a redoing of the same business several times, joyful because so it is more useful to health also clever because silly care - it is all the same that to pull immature carrot from the earth that she grew up quicker.

It is necessary to take care at first of himself, then of the future, then of those who a row (the family, a circle of contacts), and then, that who will come later.

And at once offhand as I can build in it life. To make the list of affairs which I can make 5, 10, 15 free minutes. The list of affairs which are directed to care of me, of my future, of the family. Those who later, I do not consider yet as I still did not deal with the first three circles.

Further in the book Kozlov develops the following provisions:

Do not fight against shortcomings - multiply advantages.

For a start it is quite good to know the advantages and as they work for you.

I here solved, to wave a hand on the uncommunicativeness, not economy, absence feelings of " collective; and the fact that not to become me stepfordsky wife .

I will be engaged more in what is pleasant to me and that well turns out: to write articles and books, to organize family leisure and all house on cleaning and cooking.

The size of our income is arithmetic-mean from the income of an environment.

To make the list of people with whom I regularly communicate and to analyse where this communication conducts and why it is necessary to me. Not to do sharp movements as it is necessary to communicate with some owing to the related relations.

The person is that he over and over again chooses to do.

A way to success - you do simple actions every day (for example, charging and receive a magnificent figure);

A way to failure - do simple actions every day (for example, you smoke and get short wind and, perhaps, lung cancer).

As I will apply: as before every day to do one small short step (the main thing - to do!) to the purposes.

The plan is a throw in the future. No comments.

Life wheel.

Draw the Wheel of the life with division into sectors: Work, the Family etc. (all names of sectors is what your everyday life consists of). Break each sector from the center of a circle to the periphery into pieces from 1 from 10. Note the satisfaction in each sector on this scale (from 1 to 10) and make 3 important decisions, thus:

Looking at the wheel lives, I think, costs to me:

1. to exchange the apartment for big.

2. to go to Italy.

3. to buy one more apartment under delivery.

I wrote down the answers as the smallest indicators of satisfaction on a life Wheel at me at the moment on sectors: The house, Space (it became close, there is not enough place for a privacy), Money (there are no passive sources of the income), Health (for my health for all year annual travel in new places is vital - it is checked on own skin. Did not go one year and long, tiresomely was ill).

There are three strategy of achievement of the purpose:

1. to eat an elephant on pieces (favourite strategy). To break large business into small pieces and to eat daily on one.

2. square of resources: people, MTB (it is material - technical base), time and money. The lack of one resource can be filled by another. For example, if there is money, there is no time itself can order the website if there is time, but there is no money, it is possible to read literature and to make the website most.

3. floating " tank;. Strategy is called on Astrov`s project, the prisoner of Stalin camps who wrote the letter to Stalin that he can invent the floating tank. Stalin gave a green light, and Astrov wrote to chiefs of all camps that to him directed the necessary experts. Told experts: I do not understand tanks, but I am able to direct, I will provide conditions and the " tools;. As a result for the invention of the tank Astrov got the Stalin award. Sense of strategy: to bring together under the management the necessary people for the project embodiment. How to apply strategy specifically in my conditions, did not understand yet.

Different strategy of the movement to the purpose are also described: chicken (runs, creates a lot of noise, it is confused and senseless), a parrot (it is a lot of philosophical reflections and few cases), but also others.

I defined the strategy as a working horse (moves slowly, with big breaks for rest, to the small purposes, often sighing: ah there were once also we trotters ) the husband defined my strategy as Beaver (planned, estimated a square of resources and purposefully advances the plan in life).

And I want to be the Albatross - the important person which easily soars (has more true a rest on wind streams), catches a fair wind and on its stream dives into the place where most of all fish. I want to live easily, catching wind. I think how to learn it.

When planning day it is always necessary to find the place for:

Frogs - difficult and unpleasant business which there is a wish to do least of all.

For a start will not prevent to make the list of frogs (at me two frogs hang since December, 2008);

Cleaning - what the attention over and over again is distracted by (not glued wall-paper, search of working tools, documents).

As I to the necessary tools defined the places for a long time, I had only prevention. For prevention I once a month sort the table.

A feat - great and difficult cause for which performance you will respect yourself especially. For someone the feat is just to do exercises. For me a feat to call mother, and 5 minutes to talk from her, without being broken on shout.

In the analysis of day it is good to use a method of 5 fingers.

Here I give the option modified for itself and the families.

A thumb of B - CHEERFULNESS PHYSICAL - that I made for the health.

A forefinger At - PROGRESS: AFFAIRS AND MONEY - my progress in affairs that I made for the money and affairs;

A middle finger With - the STATE OF MIND - that I made as a hobby, for pleasure;

A ring finger of B - RELATIVES AND the FAMILY - that I made for relatives, a family, at home, of the immediate environment;

The M little finger - THOUGHTS of DAY - that I learned new in a day as I can apply it.

We will squeeze fingers and we will receive the Fist To - CONCENTRATION ON the PURPOSE - that I made for achievement of the purposes.

We began to gather a family and to analyze the day, applying the rule of a hand. Cheerfully and informatively it turns out, especially, when we show a middle finger - a state of mind.

Still Kozlov writes that the sense life is:

1. To be the Master;

2. It is finer to do life to

3. To do the part even if all it seems senseless. The earth, perhaps, through several billion years will also not be, but so far we live, it is necessary to live effectively, vigorously and joyfully.

So that it is necessary to become the Expert, it is better to do life and just to do.

Here such opinion on simple and correct life.