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Bureau of good offices or How to exchange the abilities for the necessary things?

Some kind person thought up barter. There was it many centuries ago when there were no hard coins and the rustling attracting pieces of paper with the image of governors and soldiers.

Presently to remember such advantage for everyone - almost on the verge of the opening pulling on the Nobel Prize. Each of us something is able, at everyone in the house is a lot of things to it unnecessary. To it unnecessary! But for someone long ago the desirable. Here - that also comes to the rescue sharpness and the Internet.

Once popular group Murzilka International opened Point of an exchange of remarkable things. Grateful listeners began to exchange what popadya - from wheels on a car to mittens and jam. It was to the taste to the people. Within Autoradio opened Bureau of good offices. The address - aradio. ru/.

On pages of the website Autoradio suggests to exchange the abilities and abilities, to help each other. The hard time, is time to roll up sleeves and to turn the dreams into reality. In exchange giving in what became skilled.

At you the read library becomes dusty long ago? It is necessary to someone! In exchange to you will suggest to bake cake or to train in language. Will connect a pullover, will present (oh, no, will exchange!) domestic doggie or guinea pig. For certain you looked for something long ago, hotly dreamed of something. And here - at once there are so much offers! And not just from users of the immense Internet, and from the real entertainment stars.

The well-known couple of Senchukov - Big fishes chose an exchange for the star offers from several hundred. You judge. They exchanged two tickets for the anniversary concert for hats and mittens. The young Muscovite suggested to connect them for all family.

Romantic night on the personal Big fish yacht - Senchukova for two (without presence of stars!) the originator of a family tree won.

A new album and DVD - disks with Natalya Senchukova`s autograph together with a uniform of the karateka of Federation of karate the Sieve - ryu which president is the singer were sent to Kazan in exchange for a linen Ukrainian shirt with an embroidery.

In interview Autoradio Victor Rybin explained such choice with warm-heartedness and necessity of all these gifts for their family.

Every Friday on the air of a star sum up the results and make the choice from those offers which were left by visitors on the website to air. Offer and you are the.

All exchange processes in Bureau of good offices are absolutely free. On that they and kind. Registration is simple, here only the problem of the choice will rise from first minutes. Offer that you are able and you can give for nothing. Oops! I a lot of things am able. It will be how interesting to someone? More safely! For certain long ago wait for your offer. To understand that is wanted by listeners Autoradio it is interesting to wander on this Bureau, to read offers and inquiries. For certain there will be the one to whom your skills and abilities will be to the taste.

The girl is able to do the websites and long ago dreams to change image. It`s cool! Right there receives the counter offer. The popular image maker needs the solid website long ago. The happy programmer also used its services.

People find each other easily and simply. Someone to someone repaired the computer and trained to work at it. In exchange at this expert in a bathroom the beautiful tile lies now.

The teacher of English trains in language the wife of the bricklayer who builds her giving at this time. The masseur conducts a course of medical massage in an exchange for repair of the car.

To someone paint a portrait in exchange for skillfully baked wedding cake. Someone looks after animals in exchange for the balance sheet.

For an exchange of the services Autoradio awards everyone branded t-shirts. Magnificent action of kind hearts. The advantage is obvious. No, of what everyone exchanged remains in profit it is not a question. In it sense, mission of the opened Bureau. Deep motives it is even more symbolical. The person lifts own authority, strengthens a self-assessment. When your ability was useful to someone - whether this not most sweet! People find friends. Study something and transfer the skills to everyone. You are necessary to someone, someone waits for your offers. People meet

does not approve the Project of Bureau of good offices only the commercial and licensed offers. Too it is correct. For what have to pay for, - have to pay. Autoradio sent me confirmation of activation of my account with such prevention: You Remember, Autoradio never, under no circumstances demands money or other material values from the listeners. Be careful of fakes! There is nothing to Add! Our answer to crisis.

Barter - always an event. Small magic. A delight storm from surprise. And long gentle memories of advantage acquired and an unrealizability aura

We are smiths of the desires. And real wizards. Let`s wave without looking?!