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should be Begun with the famous statement: We know about the Universe much more, than that at us under legs. If to compare Earth to apple, then, we still not up to the end studied a peel . The name of article is chosen not incidentally. Earth as oven allocates very big (for the planet) amount of heat - 4 on 10 in 10 - y to degree erg in a second [1] that 24 Gigabytes of watts are equal to power, and this heat goes to space. Process is equilibrium. And this the oven burns not much a little - 3 billion years, at the same time arise one more interesting effect. The earth extends, according to the theory of tectonic plates confirmed with exact measurements.

Even long before opening of intra nuclear energy, was known in practice that with deepening under the earth - temperature grows (approximately by 1 degree on deepening meter). Scientific attempts to explain this phenomenon were insolvent. Chemical exothermic reactions settled necessary components long ago. At primary (during formation of the planet) compression the center (kernel) of the planet really heats up to several thousand degrees, but further there is also a cooling. Opening of chain reaction, intra nuclear energy, apparently, explained the nature of emergence of heat, but did not explain the reason of rotation of Earth at all.

It turns out that we not only sit, we live on an atomic bomb, or on the reactor of the NPP. However there is a number of questions which if it is possible to answer, with great reserve, separately, but at the same time - it is difficult

If to argue especially logically, we live naturally not on a bomb, and on a nuclear reactor. But someone has to operate a nuclear reactor. In the nature there are enough examples itself of regulation (generally the truth, in wildlife), the best analog itself of the regulated object emitting energy - there can be stars. Such analogy, however, leads to unfavourable conclusions (see below). There is a question. Under what circumstances chain reaction began?

Retreat with an explanation of some bases of creation of nuclear reactors. The first, it is necessary to accept an assumption that the element structure of radical breeds (age 3 - and one billion years) approximately corresponds to that which was at the time of compression and formation of the planet Earth. But the Uranium element is very rare on Earth, and without it chain reaction is impossible. The found fields of uranium suitable for development of its production a little they are also scattered chaotically, as well as has to be at formation of the planet. At the same time the maintenance of the Uranium element, in general, obviously is lower than 0,1% [1], and for bark even less than 3 on 10 in - 4 - y degrees of % [2]. And only isotope Uranium 235, contents it in the extracted Uranium of only 0,7% can be applied to emergence of chain reaction [3]. But on it problems do not come to an end. In order that reaction went in not fading mode, in already enriched Uranium 235 there should not be impurity of other possible elements. Extent of cleaning not less than 1 for 1000. And at the same time really operating reactors have other constructive elements (I will not eat in [4]).

We will consider that at a warming up and compression are inevitable both initial heterogeneity, and convergent fluctuations of matter. Besides, on weight, and in a kernel of Earth iron is most presented. And iron suppresses chain reaction. It is possible to present a number of objections, but for the lack of the place we will consider them separately.

Can draw an analogy of Earth to a star as two space heatallocating object. A difference in type of nuclear reactions, disintegration or synthesis. But at stars, to start synthesis only one element - hydrogen is necessary. However, it as a result burns out and there is an explosion. Radioactive long-living elements are necessary for chain reaction. But here the contradiction, is necessary not too large number of these elements - differently, at the time of the beginning of chain reaction Earth will just blow up. And not too small - then the terrestrial kernel would already cool down. But, anyway, at full disintegration of the radioactive element supporting chain reaction there would be a serious cataclysm to possible destruction of the planet, or cooling of a kernel.

Actually from this uncertainty there is also a desire to understand from what unaccounted power source heat constantly arrives moreover and Earth rotates. It is considered that Earth rotates because it has a liquid (metal) kernel and a magnetic field. But own magnetic field, is not the reason for rotation yet. The external magnetic field which began rotation is necessary, and supports its long time, despite braking by tidal forces.

Interested me evolutions of the Universes. The hypothesis was developed. It is too volume for this publication. One of its consequences is existence of gratuitous energy which arises due to expansion of the Universe. And after a while brought me a series of the old articles which are printed out from files in the Internet [6]. The reason for which it is necessary to unite these articles is very simple. Now it is possible to try to imagine how there was a process of formation of Earth. It is now supposed what Earth, even at the beginning of formation of the proto planet (the contracting gas-and-dust ring) got in cloud remained after explosion of a supernew star. Thus, Earth got heavy and transuranium elements. Further at gravitational compression (in a thermal emission took part and natural radioactive decay of short-lived transuranium elements) temperature of the central region of the planet increased. Rotation of the planet then already happened, and its initial speed, probably, it will be possible to calculate. When the central region reached iron melting temperature above, movement of heavier elements to already obrazovyvayushchemusya to a planet kernel began. Rotation speed, respectively increased. In one of works [6] for a moment, sliped that rotation of Earth can speak Brown`s effect and Serl`s effect. Really, the kernel, perhaps, is non-uniform [1] as there are jumps of density upon transition from magma to a kernel from 5,7 to 9,3, and the following jump from 11,1 to 17. If to assume that the internal ellipsoid of a kernel rotates, then existence rotating volume " is not excluded; " cyclones; in external kernel it is possible even to assume their number. In a section it will resemble experimental installations.

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