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How to meet New year?

it was possible not to worry for celebration of New year about 20 - 25 years ago: search of products replaced any extreme, a smell fresh-caught tangerine - exotic, Russian salad - a set of unexpected products.

wants something new and interesting Now. Shops kill with the abundance. A cannon, a fu - a gra and a scallop - not just words from the movie about James Bond, and the real products lying on show-windows of supermarkets. Even, if I do not buy them they for me will not be unattainable. I saw them and did not buy, can already tried - were not pleasant, or they very expensive, and their look confuses me. I will better eat native bananas which are cheaper than some apples which too unexpectedly materialized from animated cartoons about monkeys. you will not surprise with

That is a table any more.

TV Perhaps, but the same actor as Alyonushka, Marfa, the Snow Queen, Thumbelina on one channel, on another - songs about the main thing, with the same person. I not against emergence of new faces of a platform even if they differ only in color of the lower New Year`s linen. Every year I can not endure

about oversight of such masterpieces as The Twist of fate or with light " steam; Strong nutlet first, second and third volume, Home Alone in two volumes and so on.

But . There is a wish for romanticism which missed for February 14, the holiday too opened recently as a hobby, on March 8 and summer holiday took place not as took place in a dream when the head peacefully was based upon a pillow.

is New year a chance, to begin life in a new way.

What it is possible to make that the meeting of New year was the first step in new life:

1. It is obligatory to leave. To the grandmother, to the aunt, the uncle, to the unfamiliar aunt and the uncle. Not important, the main thing to leave.

Is good if there is an opportunity to go to the exotic country. And under blows of the native heart which did not forget time of a native belt in 12 - 00 though on an ulichka the sun, the sea softly caresses your heels, and sand crunches in the teeth from unexpected wind. You give a toast for the coming New year of life, year of a pig.

It is possible to go to ski. If not to ride, then to admire winter landscapes of hilly regions of the world. Ukraine does not concede on beauty of the nature, and the western Ukraine will strike with the riches.

the Sea winter landscape infrequently comes to us in a dream, but it can decorate our life too. To take a walk in the Crimean coast, to breathe sea air, to look at a heavy sea. To go to Vorontsov Palace and not to hurry to return on the beach, and with delight to plunge into the atmosphere and culture of the beginning of the last century.

A it is possible just to go in 11 - 00 of the apartment to the embankment in the hometown and to remember that before it did not do or how long it did not stop at least for a second and just waited when it punches 12 - 00.

2. It is obligatory to make not as was last year.

If was the company - meet with darling together. If were together - invite crowd, cheerful mad friends. If the tradition to meet New year in the same company, please. But, not in which case you do not say that we will meet as always. Not as always, there passed year all changed for the whole 365 days. Look at the friends in a different way, the New Year`s Eve will become another.

Is tradition to go to a bath on New Year`s Eve? Super!!! And how apropos to Boors? Same tradition, and national suits others. Now you will be able to tell that year of a pig met under the Turkish music and incendiary belly dance.

3. To think up to itself tradition. It is some kind of control for the necessary mood. Then it is possible to modify, be played with it. But if it is - it speaks about some stability which we look for, about confidence in tomorrow. Traditions keep the whole people, being a basis why not to create such frame in the small world.

4. To invite Father Frost. Not to give itself gifts, not to choose it for hours, and to make request. Let someone will choose and will bring in a bag. The child in a suit business exchange or the businesswoman will open eyes from surprise and surprise. Father Frost will come to you and only to you.

And in general, just you remember that it is a childhood holiday. Of this day, or of this night always you wait for the fairy tale. So let this dream that the fairy tale will come and will always live in our heart.