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How to make friends with Morpheus?

Here approach midnight, and a dream as sober as a judge. And from understanding that this night, as well as many previous, will be sleepless it becomes feel ill at ease. Persuading of: give - be engaged, it is not slept yet, something useful - any more does not help. Several nights taken with useful affairs, but deprived of a dream deprived of the last - forces and adequate perception of reality. And the understanding that to fight against lack of a dream - vital need comes for this.

In 1896 one American doctor, having had heard plenty of the complaints which are not sleeping decided to put the following experiment. It took group of volunteers and deprived of them a dream. Just did not allow them to fall asleep also all. In three days the first result was received: the positive thinking at experimental came to naught, concentration of attention also was on zero, and about assimilation of new information of the speech did not go at all. In five days of voluntary torture at many hallucinations began. And after eleven sleepless nights, the mentality of experimental fell into full decay, and the dream merged with a reality.

The result is expected, and some from nowadays well should not sleep sometimes as voluntarily, and against it. If the sleep debt occurs for the first reason, then only one council here: protect health and think of consequences. And here if sleeplessness became the constant companion in night contrary to our desire, then it is worth sounding the alarm. Though, it is sure, your organism already itself sounds alarm, presenting on a silver platter all consequences of such wakefulnesses.

Perniciously affecting our nervous system, appearance, at last, sleeplessness constitutes big danger, and it is necessary to fight against it. The only thing, let`s not grab at once saving somnolent pills which much in vain divorced, and we will try to agree with sleeplessness by other, more natural methods.

So, here several ways which should be adopted in that case if you nightly embrace a favourite pillow and are wrapped up in a plush plaid, and there is no dream everything.

1. Even if there is no dream, eyes need all the same to be closed. Calm breath, having made it equal and deep. At the same time it is necessary to breathe through a nose. Then serially try to relax one muscle for another (begin with front, and finish with feet). You lie in such weakened state some time and try to think of pleasant. Thoughts of work and the forthcoming affairs have to remain outside a berth.

2. Very much grass bathtubs help. Take a linen sack, put in it a tea spoon of berries of a juniper, on two tablespoons of mint, a marjoram and a lavender. Tie a sack and lower in hot water. After water temperature in a bathroom will cool down to 40 degrees, safely get into it and lie down in it 15 - 20 minutes. Then straight in a bed.

3. Long ago the known and really helping way which I cannot but mention is a warm milk with honey. Before going to bed warm up milk not to the burning state, put a tea spoon of honey in a mug and in a quiet situation drink this gift of the nature. This curative drink will help to calm nerves, and also will provide an organism with calcium which lack increases excitability of cells of a brain.

4. And still it is possible to use reception of yogis which consists in imposing to the tired brain of the calming rhythm. Along with the pleasant weakening melody walking now in your head apply index and average fingers to a temple (at the upper edge of an auricle), grope pulse and slowly consider its blows.

5. There is one more way which differs in the simplicity. Just cast away a blanket under which you already managed to curl up, and begin to freeze. Having waited when on a body goosebumps run, throw with a blanket back, and you will feel how your bed becomes infinitely cozy, and without noticing that, let in Morpheus the embraces.

And I only began to use this method. Advised me it at the honey fair which was recently taking place in Moscow (Arena). Before going to rest, it is necessary to drink grams 50 - 100 meads of room temperature, and say that the dream will always arrive on time and last to an alarm clock call. Two days already follow this advice and, really, is filled up easier.

Take care and good luck!